23 thoughts on “How to develop your Canvas course in 7 steps

  1. Actually thank you more…! I created a powerpoint tutorial from your video in hopes of landing a job to train an entire junior college on canvas! I used the powerpoint for the interview. Out of all the tutorials I used for my 17 hour crash course while learning the program, I chose YOUR video to use as a tool to present my learning with! I'll let you know if "we" got the job!! LOL!!

  2. Great tutorial–much needed. Thanks! BTW, the link at the end doesn't take me to the PDF you show at the beginning (the course planner). I went to the URL but couldn't find it anywhere.

  3. idbyGeorge….I can't wait to try this.  I hope this isn't too confusing for some of my teachers.  Canvas  is new to me…I'm learning it and then training my teachers.  Loving it so far…but your tutorial is awesome!

  4. This is such a great tutorial! Thank you. I am relatively new to Canvas and preparing for teaching 3 classes this semester and after surfing other videos hands down yours was the best.

  5. The link to the PDF Course Schedule Builder doesn't work anymore. Any chance you could post another link? I'm new to Canvas and would really like that PDF for organizing my new course

  6. Buena noche desde Colombia. Necesito una ayuda. ¡ deseo crear un espacio en el curso para que en una tarea los estudiantes puedan adjuntar archivos. ¿como se se habita esto en canvas LMS?

  7. Thank you so much for.posting this. I got my first adjunct teaching contact and I will be teaching online. Although, I have a designer I wanted to be savvy enough to impress her and my department 😂

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