How to finance your studies for MSc in Management –  (internship, scholarship, apprenticeship)

How to finance your studies for MSc in Management – (internship, scholarship, apprenticeship)

The apprenticeship program is a very good way of financing your
education and also gathering requisite work experience. At ESSEC, the apprenticeship
program is your entire tuition fee is paid for by a specific company where
you do your “apprentissage” and along with that the company pays you a
monthly salary for twenty four months. So it’s like a part-time work/study
contract. The benefits of apprenticeship, first of all, you get an
experience. It is a two year contract, so you get a lot of experience.
Secondly, you do it in really good companies that will later give you the opportunity to get a
job maybe in those companies or a have a good CV (résumé) for other companies. And it also pays for your tuition fees.
It gives you an alternative to get a really good degree and working
at the same time. Getting experience for me was very good. I am working as
an apprentice at Sodexho, where I work for three days and study for two days.
This pays my tuition fees and I also get monthly stipend
so there is nothing like it. Apprenticeship is a really nice
program because you you get the whole of your tuition fees
paid by the company. You are paid a monthly salary and then you work
at the company for two years so you gain a lot of experience with them. To finance my studies and my
living expenses I applied for a for “Ile-de-France Master’s Scholarship”
which is meant for international students. And it is a scholarship among many
others like EIFFEL scholarships and scholarships given by ESSEC. I received
a scholarship from the US Alumni. This scholarship is specifically
for students coming from Canada or the USA. Basically students who
would like some financial assistance could write a one page essay
describing what they want to do at ESSEC and what they want to do in their
careers. The US Alumni decides which students will receive a
scholarship. I am a recipient of the EIFFEL scholarship. It’s actually given by the French
government. EGIDE is the organization which is responsible for
this scholarship. I applied, once i got the information about admission, I actually did the admission procedure. The procedure is handled by ESSEC itself, I can not directly apply for the
scholarship. But the handled my file. I sent the
professional project and the different documents that they felt necessary.
ESSEC applied on my behalf and I ultimately got the scholarship. It’s a pretty good scholarship. It covers
all your expenses for a period of twenty-four months. And it pays around thirteen hundred Euros
a month. So basically it takes care of all the expenses
that you’re going pay in the two years. It doesn’t take into account the academic expenses, but other than that, living
expenses, housing and everything. Plus there are the different facilities: you get your tickets when coming from
home, and also residence facilities. So you get all those
facilities as a part of that scholarship.

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