How to get a scholarship in Germany

My name is Mawluda, I’m from Afghanistan. My name is Nicholas Asiedu. Hi everyone! My name is Raquel Fuentes. I am from Honduras I’m here to tell you about scholarships for international students in Germany. There are many institutions supporting us and the selection criteria are really diferent. For example, some are based on your academic performance, others are based on your needs, or even your social engagement. If you want to search for scholarships, start by searching on the DAAD website ( The DAAD itself offers many scholarships for international students. Even better, they have a database of scholarships from other organisations for international students. The second thing you can do is check the websites of the universities which you are going to choose from. There, you will find information about scholarships administered by the universities. For example, look for information about the Deutschlandstipendium. You should also check the scholarships available in your home country. If you want to study abroad, probably there are other options that the DAAD doesn’t know about. To conclude, I would like to give you some tips from my personal experience: First, start early with your research and your application! That way, you will have enough time to carefully read all the application instructions and also enough time to gather all the required documentation. If you have more questions regarding the requirements, the universities, or the programmes themselves, don’t hesitate to contact the DAAD office in your home country. In case there’s no DAAD office in your home country, you could also contact the German embassy. Sometimes, they are informed about these programmes and you can contact them. And finally, I would like to tell you: don’t miss out the chance! There are many opportunities out there for you. You just need to put in all your effort, work with passion, and most importantly, believe in yourself! At the end, the opportunity could be yours!

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