How to Get College Scholarships: AXA Achievement Scholarship Awards

How to Get College Scholarships: AXA Achievement Scholarship Awards

Want to know how you can earn a 10-15 thousand
dollars to help pay for college?  I know you do!  So stay tuned to learn how! Hey there…It’s Dr. Bernstein, the founder
and president of Get Yourself Into College, and today I’m sharing with you 4 important
details about the AXA Achievement Scholarship program.     Okay…let’s get started. . . . #1  Every year, AXA awards a one-time scholarship
of $10,000 to one high school senior from each state.  Then, from these 52 state winners,
they select ten of them as national winners.  These students “earn an additional one-time
scholarship of $15,000.”  So these 10 students are each awarded a $25,000 scholarship.   #2  Even though technically speaking the
AXA Achievement Scholarship applications are due on December 1st, they stop accepting applications
as soon as they’ve received the “first 10,000 applications”–those are the only ones they
consider.  So even if you’ve done something more amazing than these 10,000 applicants,
you won’t be considered if you’re not one of these first 10,000.  In other words, these
awards are highly competitive and the application isn’t one of those you can leave to the last
minute.  Get on their email list right now, so you’re among the 1st to know when the application
becomes available in September.  I’ve included the link in the description box beneath this
video.  #3  When you visit AXA’s website, give yourself
some time to explore it.   Get a clear sense of what matters to them–what they’re looking
for in applicants.  Let me give you a little sneak peek of what you’ll find:  AXA emphasizes
that they are looking for “ethnically and economically diverse” achievers who “share
these qualities: ambition and drive; determination to set and reach goals; respect for self,
family and community; [and] ability to succeed in college.”   In other words, even though ethnicity and
financial need are
not the prime considerations, AXA does take these issues into account.  
  Also, if you read the scholarship description
carefully, you’ll notice that they “encourage” applications from “students who have made
an outstanding achievement to reducing risk in areas such as financial, environmental,
health and/or emergency preparedness or an achievement around empowering society to better
face risk.”   You’ll notice that some previous winners have done
things like start “a literacy and leadership program for elementary school children” and
develop a “multi-faceted anti-bullying campaign.”     #4  I want you to feel inspired by the profiles
of their previous winners–and use that inspiration to start taking action on your own interests.
 Head over to my blog, where I describe how–even if you’re a high school freshman,
sophomore, or junior, you can use the details about AXA’s scholarship program as a catalyst for
creating your own projects so that you’re ready when it’s your turn to apply for this–or
other scholarships! And while you’re visiting, make sure you sign
up to get free access to two sessions from within my online Get Yourself Into College
program. That’s it for now!  Bye!

3 thoughts on “How to Get College Scholarships: AXA Achievement Scholarship Awards

  1. Great info! Thanks Dr. Bersnstein for the info….who would have thought that they would only accept the first 10,000! Looks like once again, the early bird gets the worm!!

  2. just found out today she was awarded a $2500.00 Scholarship from AXA achievement. I told you I would let you know:)

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