How to Get Started with WUNDERLIST

How to Get Started with WUNDERLIST

Hey everyone. In today’s video, I wanted to talk about wonder list which is one of my favorite apps that I use every single day and it’s a checklist to -do app, so if you’re trying to keep track of things to do both personally and professionally, Wunderlist is the one app that I recommend more than any other and I’ve been using it for maybe two years now and I use it every single day. I have tasks for daily, I have tasks for monthly, and I have an overall year plan like almost like a road map that I have in a different folder. So I want to show you how to get Wunderlist, how to set it up and how to organize it to get the best performance out of the app every single day and you could sync it between your devices, so you could be on the go on your phone and then jump into the computer and vice versa and have it all synced up across all the platforms that use all the different devices that use. So let’s jump into the computer I’ll show you the download process and the setup process right now. Now if it’s your first time here I make tech tutorials and app tutorials, just like this one five times a week so please consider subscribing. So to get Wunderlist go ahead and check out I’ll have a link in the description to the website and it’s available for all these platforms, so if you’re on a Mac in this case I’m on a Mac it will work on a Mac iPhone. It actually is automatically linked between my Mac and my iPhone between the devices once I log in so everything I do on the Mac happens on the iPhone, happens on the iPad, but if you’re on the Android or window phones same scenario. So go ahead and download it so when I press download here It’ll take me to view it in the App Store and since I’ve already been using this app I already have it downloaded, so let me go ahead and press open, but if you don’t have it yet just go ahead and go through the usual download process. Let me go ahead and minimize these so once you download Wunderlist and open it up the app on a desktop looks like this. So you’ll have to go ahead and either create a free account or sign in. Since I’ve already been using this for a long time I’m gonna go ahead and sign into my account and once you’re signed into the app it will look something like this obviously this part of the app will be blank for you, but I’ve been using it for the last couple years, so I have a lot built up here on the side but I’m gonna show you how to create tasks, how to organize them, how to create folders and basically the way I’ve been using and I just want to show you how I get the most out of this app so once you’re on this app, over here is where your login information is and you could just go ahead and press sync and if you have this downloaded and other devices it will sync. Now you don’t have to do this all the time. It actually does it in the background, and it works really fast so when I add a new task here I usually see it a second later on my other devices. So I really haven’t had to do a sync now on this app because it does it automatically, and you could sign up to become a pro member which just gives you some other options some unlimited file storage some unlimited subtasks and things like that that you don’t have in the free version. It’s about five bucks a month. I’m not gonna do that right now. You could change your background here, so if you wanted a different background You could easily change that here, but let’s say we’ll just go with this background. I’ll show you the most important part Which is creating a task. So right here add a to-do list So your to-do list could be go to gym, that could be a to-do list and you could just press ENTER and once you press enter that task has been added to whatever box you have checked on here, so this is my inbox. This is where I created that and I’ll show you a couple of other settings with that if I click it you’ll give me all the options on the side, so I could set a due date, so let’s say this is due today and I could repeat it every single day so if I wanted to go to the gym every single day I could give myself a daily reminder, press done, and you could set that reminder to be at a specific time 6:00 p.m. You create a sub task under that task so for the gym, you could have sub tasks like do cardio. That could be a sub task under this big task so now if I click this I could see those under that main to do. So this is a great way to organize it more like a roadmap so. So let’s say you didn’t want a task that you created go ahead and select it and you could easily delete this by just pressing the garbage can down here so if I press the garbage can it will go away delete to do that’s fine. I’ll click this one one more time. You could also add notes to the task you could add comments to the task and you could add it to your favorites, so if you click the star it makes it a priority. You’ll be right up on top of the to-do list and if you click it here, it’ll make it go away. So I’m just gonna go ahead and remove this daily reminder here and once you’re done with the task all you go to do is press checkmark and it’ll show up under the complete to do and it’ll look like this at any time if you accidentally press that you could go ahead and press it again, and you’ll skip it. Now let me go to a different folder here, so this wasn’t my inbox here I’ll go to daily tasks and If I click on any of these tasks here for example this one creates a tech video five times a week, I could go ahead and share that with someone else so I could add other people as my members to my task list. These are, this is my personal account, so I don’t do this but this is a great way to collaborate with people on tasks that you have due, so you could create this for work and create folders. Now that’s how you create a task and share it and create to-dos for yourself. Now let me show you how to organize this by folders. So on the side here all these are basically ways I organize my tasks, so I could have daily tasks. These are have set to be due every single day of the week. I could have tasks for a quarter, so these for q1 2018 I had a lot of tasks, and you could do monthly tasks, weekly tasks. However. You want to organize it. This is a great way to organize a time for 2017 for example I used to do a lot of daily tasks, so I used to put the date, wake up, put the things I had to get done that day and organize it this way and for example on this day It looks like I did 30 things that I completed that day and I organized them once 2017 was done into that folder for this channel for the YouTube channel I have a lot of videos that I’m gonna record so I made a to-do list, so let me show you how to make this folder. Down here press the plus sign and go ahead and list a name, so you want a new list. Let’s call this videos to make. I’m gonna go ahead and press okay. I don’t need to list any members, but you could do that right up front create the list and once that list is created You could go ahead and right click or command click on here and create a folder so I’m gonna go ahead and create a folder and I’ll name that folder so now that to do is within that folder so I could go ahead and extend it out so now for how Finiti if I had all my Tasks, which I do here. I could go ahead and see all the different things so all the different YouTube channels I have here are their own lists all within that main primary folder, and you could always grab things I’ve put it into different folders Just like that and bring them out to really get this organized and at any time you could go ahead and right-click and rename It and ungroup a folder so that way it just came out of the folder And if I want to delete this task I could again right-click or come and click and just delete it And it will just go away, so that’s the way I organize my tasks into folders and sometimes I’ll put them in the inbox where I need to get them down right away I’ll put them on my to do for today’s list I’ll put up the daily task list that I built so there’s a lot of different way to Organize this and get the most out of it. Let me just show you one last thing if you come up to Wonder list preferences or on a PC I believe it’s under file preferences go ahead and look under notification And you could set it up to get a desktop notification so on a Mac Those are the ones that pop up on my desktop, or you could get an email notification That’s the email you used to sign up for this account so if you use Gmail or Facebook That’s the email I attached to that that’ll be the email it will send in notifications, too So since I’m on my desktop a good amount of time I actually have email turn off, so I don’t need to get an email from wonder list But this is a great option to keep track of what you need to get done And when you need to get it done anyway I hope this was helpful for you using checklist just like this have been one of the most productive things I’ve done in the last couple of years that really have excelled my youtube growth and things in my business and personal life So I hope you could really utilize this app if you like this video Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel. I post tutorials Just like this one five times a week on this channel, so I hope to see you on the next video Thank you so much for watching this one

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  1. Thank you so much for watching. Don't forget to click subscribe for daily, easy to follow tech tutorials just like this one!

  2. Thank you for this video, you speak very clear. Sadly, Wunderlist is going to shut down, because Microsoft bought Wunderlist and is trying to make their own version which is called: Microsoft To do. What are your alternatives when Wunderlist is down?

  3. This is not truly for beginners. You never explained how to move tasks from the task list to the more specific lists on the side. To my way of thinking this should have been the very first thing you explained.

  4. We are looking at using this for our business. What ideas do you have to scale this to an office setting? Is it difficult or overwhelming to have a small office of 5 piling "to-do's" into this app on a daily basis?

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