How to Get Your First Client, for Freelance Instructional Designers and eLearning Developers

How to Get Your First Client, for Freelance Instructional Designers and eLearning Developers

what’s up everybody Kim to here from
Belvista studios and in this video I’m going to show you how to get your
first paying client and I say paying client because if you’re not paid
they’re not a client and also if you’re out there doing your thing and not
getting paid it’s just a hobby so I’ve got three tips for you they’re the exact
tips that I took to grow Bell Vista Studios into what it is today my first
tip for you is that basically you got to tell every single person you know what
you’re trying to achieve and what your dreams are in our industry it’s a lot
about trust so telling people that this is what
you’re about to do this is what you’re doing although they may not seem like
your first client or someone that may need your services it doesn’t mean that
they don’t know someone that they can pass on when it comes up in a barbecue
or work meeting or anywhere in conversation that that person is looking
for someone they want to be helpful and they’re going to connect you guys my
first client came from my boyfriend who was a personal trainer at the time and
through conversations with his clients they naturally come up and say well what
does your girlfriend do and one of them happen to need aligning services and
that’s how I got my very first client they’re also still a very valued client
to this day my second tip for you is that you need to go to events you need
to participate in webinars you need to go to conferences you need to go to
meetups and basically you need to have an intent for each of these things that
you go and spend your time doing and intend to set you up to be in the right
state to participate and add value so for example my intense might be to be
curious to make a friend or to add value to at least one person and I pretty much
cycle through them depending on how I’m feeling within myself
at the event that I’m going to do sometimes I’m feeling up for chatting to
heaps of people and therefore I want to begin that curious mode and learn from
other people and other times I’m feeling I don’t know not as self-confident or
I’m just feeling low in the day of energy I don’t want to talk to heaps of
people and then my intent is to make one friend or to add value to one person
just takes the pressure off and I’m also there to actually do something that
makes an impact and makes a difference for myself but also for others I met two
of my best friends from having that one intent of making friend at a conference
a couple of years ago I also got my first client as a freelancer from
reconnecting at a meetup that I went to and that I previously had met at a
conference a couple of years ago I had resigned I went to a meet-up two days
after resigning that person was there I told them applying number one and what I
was about to do and the next couple of days after that person got in contact
and said hey I’ve got a contract do you want to give it a go that was my first
freelance so – my best friends came from going to events and also I got my first
freelancing contract as well which is awesome and that’s been a really good
friendship as well throughout my years in business now you need to think about
something here nobody likes someone that just hands out a business card in an
event they also don’t like when people sell themselves and that’s all they dare
to do it’s really annoying so think about the things that you hate in other
people when you’re at networking events and make sure you don’t do that it’s as
simple as that instead add value to someone and also
have an unselfish intent there my tips for number two on going to industry
events my third tip for you rinse and repeat business building is a continuous
cycle and you need to do one and two of my tips
over and over and over again and business build every single day that you
can because you’re always going to be looking for more money you’re always
going to be looking for the next project and you don’t know when they’re going to
come about so rinse and repeat keep on doing it it’s a continuous cycle it
never stops I hope this is added value to you if you’ve got tips and experience
that you want to share add them into the comments thanks for watching the video
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  1. At the beginning of the year I was at an ID conference in Brisbane. A room full of Instructional Designers and learning specialists. A tip that really works was the jacket you had on. 'belvista STUDIOS' stood out to me so in some ways branding yourself drew interest. My ID's and I wanted me to know more which was why we approached you. So you are 100% correct people do not want a business card handed out to their face however that jacket was actually a selling point in that whole room. Great video keep them up

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