How to Play Piano Melodies in E : Learning Seventh & Eighth Measures of a Piano Melody in E Major

So now we take a look at our next two measures
and we have A major, going down to D major, so A major for a measure, four full measures,
and D major for a full measure here. And, if we take a look at, or if you do a search
for A major and D major, both those chords will come up for A major, D major chord. But,
if we start right here, there we have a 7 going down, or no, we have a 5 going down
to a 3. Notice it has that little squiggly line which is called a “gliss” and that just
means you hit all the notes in between. So you’re just kind of going, just sliding down
chromatically. So, when we play that with the chord changes, we have this. Very pretty.
5…3…So we’ll play those whole last four measures. It kind of hangs there. And we’ll
go on to our last four measures in just a minute.

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