Ido Portal – Move or Die – PART 1/2 | London Real

Ido Portal – Move or Die – PART 1/2 | London Real

this week on London real we have the
movement artist and teacher ido portal principles much higher than
techniques they produced techniques instantly yea so movement is not to be captured you try to hug it
it disappears dancer BJJ guy they share so many
similarities but they don’t realize it so they sit at separate tables what is the
prerequisite to attending an event or coming to learn and one of my students
came up with owning a body you told me last time when you find a good teacher
than you should just learn from them regardless of what they have to teach
you I want wisdom I want something else you know data data information
knowledge wisdom London real presents ido portal move or die if you are going to be
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to meet someone who’s truly special someone who really causes a paradigm
shift in the way I look at life and this week that men is you know puts out and
he is a movement experts and teacher from Israel I had the pleasure of
meeting him a year ago but after I filmed this episode I spent two days
with him at one of his movement experiences in London and I was rolling
around the floor like a lizard I was ripping my skin open on the on the Rings
I was at 1 points walking around a room with sixty people
in silence and then we engage in almost a silent fighting with each other and it
was one of the strangest experience I’ve ever had where I communicated with
someone through my body my body language and it was something amazing and quite
beautiful about it and come Monday morning I really I started looking at
everything I was doing very differently why do I go to the gym and lift weights
why do I punched the heavy bag in the same way and it was almost like having a
mild psychedelic awakening and iMessage ito and said you know i think im
starting to get it because you know has developed a devoted his entire life to
the study of movement and if you’re expecting the next hour and a half two
hours to be an explanation in detail of ito’s method then you’ve come to the
wrong place because ito doesn’t really break it down for like that he makes you
work for it he makes you research and really try things out for yourself in
order to learn and that’s the way he teaches in so if you’re gonna watch this
is probably just the beginning of your journey when it comes to this piece but
I believe it was a special man hope he’s going to be in my life for for years to
come I have a lot to learn from him and hopefully I can teach you a few things
as well so please sit back and relax and enjoy this episode is definitely one of
my favorite and hopefully just one in a series that I will take with you know
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hope to see you there and now I will leave you with a very
unique man indeed and want to watch that is mister ito puts out London real set design by Timothy Dalton this is London real I’m Brian rose my
guest today is ito ports how was a movement teacher from Haifa Israel who
has studied capoeira martial arts gymnastics yoga circus dance and more in
a pursuit of a movement culture that represents a paradigm shift in
physicality moving us away from culprits in movements like fitness as well as
from the separation between health aesthetics performance and art you have
a worldwide following you are here in the UK to teach a two-day movement
experience this weekend which all be attending very excited about that
millions of people have watched your videos on YouTube showing your movement
describing your philosophy and hundreds of thousands of watched us talk last
time you were here on the show you don’t welcome back to London real thank you
very good to be here it’s nice to have you here my girlfriend reminded me
recently that I think I had an interview after episode last year and someone
asked me if there was one guest on your show that you have to spend the rest of
your life with on an island who would it be and I forgot what I said but
apparently was you so I am honored man had some amazing people here so that
speaks volumes you know it’s great to have you back and
it’s it’s it’s fascinating for me to always see kind of where you are and I
think probably a lot’s changed you in last year but I was wondering you know
you travel around the world and you been to China Australia the USA Europe and
I’m curious when you’re on the plane and there’s that person sitting next to you
and and after a few minutes they turn to you and say you know what do you do what
do you usually reply I i directly say I talked about the movement I start with
explaining because it’s gonna take awhile so I just started as soon as
possible and that of course pool some other questions and you know requests
for titles and definitions may be more comprehensible and that starts the conversation from
there you can you can describe a little bit yeah you said last time we were here
you said from the outside it’s hard to tell what we’re doing and number are you
talking about one of the seminars you really do that weekend and how people
come in thinking they’re gonna learn one thing and they come away with something
and i was just wondering from the outside from what I see what is it that
you’re doing and yes we we are I i’m the business of taking certain terminologies
and pulling them out of specialized fields and teaching people from other
fields in other areas to use those terminologies and to be long or to
associate or sometimes to disassociate from certain things since the movement
umbrella so big and it’s relevant to anyone you know sometimes people ask us
what it what is the prerequisite to attending an event or coming to learn
and one of my students came up with owning a body so it’s all relevant for
everyone it’s more about the cheap people whites relevant for them as well
unless trying to find out whether it’s relevant or not it’s always relevant as
long as you live in a body you are you should be occupied with movement to a
certain extent and if you’re not it’s going to come up on its own like other things in our lives but
movement and the bodies is pretty big you are you said you went out search
teams to learn about movement when you were younger and you found out that they
weren’t actually teaching you about movement they were teaching you
disciplines and was wondering what you meant by that it’s between key they work
teaching movement but they were not teaching me the movement they were
teaching me movement through disciplinary point of view in the
isolated specific waste to look at certain movements but
nobody was talking in general terms now class is over and you find yourself
still in a body but without any instruction without any understanding of
where to take the house how do I take this into my life ok I’m doing the class and doing a BJJ
class I’m doing some track and field or or I play basketball but I don’t stop
being a mover and a human being and i dont stop being in a body when class is
over when the practice is over when the game is over so the movement approaches
talking about that later appeared that way over 15 years okay not only that I
was pure I was then known for the purity of the people of the pure you know I was
my nickname was the missionary I was I was the one you know promoting the
religion of Kupwara I was I was the most radical one inside the club of radicals
so I wanted more and it was first just different some some some different
aspects I want you know to climb the wall to go to the rock climbing wall I
want to experience with touching the floor with my knees I spent 15 years of
my life avoiding touching the floor or touching my butt to the floor was like
almost painful almost painful experience because it means you fell down and dirty
or close you fell down you don’t touch these areas to the floor and it’s a
taboo so yeah it was just like different things and then I started to dive into
all of these things and trust I just allowed myself to do that together we
started to bring in all these knowledge and ideas and understandings and try to
inject them back into work to promote and contribute to this amazing world
that I i believe was one of the best you know realities 22 experience into
practice in the best tribes and families but little by little was just like I
said it was too much it was it could not contain it the container
was too small for for this amount of ideas and information and liquid was
over spilling out and then I thought for a while with that until I realized I
needed different container this container it contains coupling itself
and that’s why I don’t feel like every listed in many ways I just you know it’s
it’s a little bit like saying yay you’re you’re not human know it’s a bigger container I was
always human I was always movie I just did it in Isle of Capri where an
experience that but there is more that I love to do and it does not take away
from it does not stop this practice and many other practices and so what was
next in the new journey of movement in the beginning it was a lot of research
into weight lifting and strength work to start to try to produce tools that are
tools for developing couple myself and my students I had hundreds of students
and I was the first one to basically take a kind of books witnessed kind of
books and combine it with me it’s still rare it’s still revolution revolutionary
many ways around the world to do such a thing and I was like doing cross
training my my my students were sprinting and doing weightlifting
Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics work and that started researching to
gymnastics and that started researching to your guide and into awareness ballet
and into dance and improvisation and movable just like when did you realize
okay this is an 80 Porto movement when did you realize okay this is something
that’s gonna my name is gonna be on there like you said either way it was
going to be your name and when did you realize that this is something that is
me actually I did not realize it completely
it happened to me i i always talked about movement and I remember vividly
like their early years what I was just like constantly saying you know onto
commercial like just saying we’re doing just movement and i actually kept doing
that until today but my students started to ask what are you doing to each other
asking each other like what are we doing what people say we’re doing movement and
then what kind of what is that ito’s stuff and then I said ok maybe
it’s the least of the worst maybe it’s better to put some name on it to take it
but still maintain the purity of the movement approach and call it movement
practice vs Khali getting some new name and that’s what happened just people
made the choice for me eventually they started to say it don’t portal method
Patel movement message the portal management practice and even even then
they started to use the word message was not completely satisfied with that
because the message is just one small thing inside of it the perspective is more powerful and
it’s a movement perspective and later and movement culture that gathered
around it the message is just serving that bigger
thing is part of you hesitant to describe the the movement in words
because it’s changing all the time or you feel like if you write it all down
in words of what we are then you can actually be what it is words are not too good container for these IDs yeah I i’m not
hesitant I’m reluctant it’s it’s it’s not good enough its movement is a cloud and it’s
something that you cannot find its limit it it’s it’s a form floating around and yeah it’s it’s not something that we can
define so easily what I do is I use what I called my slice and dice approach I
slice it and I’d I sit through multiple perspectives until I get the most tiny
piece out of the slicing and dicing that I can observe and look at but even that
of course missus you know it’s just an attempt to make the cloud somehow a
little bit to know something about it works of problematic like I said we
change words we abused them you know if you’re going to use movement for
something else and you you have a huge following you abused my work and I have
to change my word because I don’t want to be connected to that look at what
happens to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu all of a sudden there was a separation Machado
graces they did what did you want to be long anymore just under these big title
of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu people to keep their word which they say they in the
beginning used and yeah used it in their eyes or used it in other eyes yes it is
not to be captured you try to haggadah disappears you look at it to you zooming
into much disappears you have to respect that you have to be humble about it and
you have to embrace the concept for your eyes a little bit peripheral vision let it exists let us feed you work with
it a smarter way and there’s been so many attempts to try to define it but
they’re all failing miserably so I put my hands for that I am just trying to
write a description in the beginning for you do it took me a long time and you
know when you say you’ve done an attempt to kind of put some words in it but I
can tell you could tell that you don’t want to and that makes sense but from
the outside what we see are we see YouTube videos and we see not only yours
talking and moving in their amazing to watch but I also see a lot of your students doing I think you
called basic practice which are right it seems to me a certain number of moves
that are to anyone on train very impressive to watch it very simple and
that is that a way you used to kind of introduce people to what you do or is
that a good way of describing what you do not really didn’t think so yeah that
debate it’s not a basic practice these are just basic patterns specific basic
bottles to the goal of getting stronger for example there this it’s like one at
them out of this hole cloud and that’s a choice that I made to collect the
Spartans and to put them together they make sense to me and I view them as very
basic clean air waste manipulate the body but there is no basics no movement
they 641 what are you doing you don’t even know what you’re doing so
how can you come up with basics for that the regional basics the reason some
basics that you choose for your kind of movement practice your genuine unique
movement practice and since people did not make that choice themselves or were
unwilling or unable lack of knowledge lack of whatever I came up with some
things and I introduce people to those things but I still keep it very very
real saying those are not a success you know everything basics in relation to this practice not
a movement some movement practice yeah and it’s very easy to support
people around the world in their quest to do for example strength training or
mobility work so we start there and create something and from there you know
they’re becoming stronger they’re becoming more more by then we can start
to play and then we can start to moving to more advanced stuff we meet them
usually by that point in time in person and we start some real stuff going so
the only thing is just basic basic layer preparing you for some movements late
the wrong it will not prepare you for everything because there is no basis for
everything talk to me about the the tribe aspects you know if you don’t tell
part of that influence from the capital where about ground it sounds like all
the magic happens when you get people together because you really get people
to improvise and feel and you know move without thinking about moving this out
is that what you’re trying to get people to do yet it’s a big part of it yeah
it’s not the tribal video portal it’s the movement culture it’s a tribe of
movement it will exist without me and after me and you know in many ways it
existed before me but maybe I was there to shine some light and say hey we
belong together we are more similar than different dancer BJJ guy they share so
many similarities but they don’t realize so they sit in separate tables and I was
the person coming in said going to the floor has a look at these patterns have
a look it’s almost the same it’s almost see the goal is different but so many
different learning opportunities here so that’s that’s the movement culture and
that’s the tribe gathers around it and it’s definitely my cap with a background
put a lot of putting my head like the importance of community and tripe and
practicing together and sharing it together in collective collective
knowledge collective brains collective everything you know it
happens with you like it or not it starts you know super important when you
want to build something together the personal practice is many times cannot
lead very deep we have collective knowledge it’s a huge jumping jumping
point it’s somebody who denies that it’s pretty hard to keep these days you have
to embrace it so as a culture we produce body of knowledge and we research it
together and we dive into it we influence each other and for some people
are more different points in this game doing different roles but without the
culture it’s and everything you’ve built is built on collective knowledge yes yes
to everything that anybody built you know I believe there is very little new
stuff these days you know genuinely new song from spirituality to but not in the
combinations that we’re coming up with today and you know like even the
technologies are just like you take this technology technology to get a wall but
really inventing the wheel again very hard thing to do he said the human world
were were the original generalists right where the general civil animals and
humans and and yet so many of us go to specialize and we accomplished so many
great things as being specialists but as a specialist you almost Rob yourself the
beauty of being human is my kind of summarizing some of the things you say
accurately yeah definitely yeah we we we started to
value specialists we we we were able to save lives we were able to grow our
population in the incredible things creating things because of specialists
and specialization so it became promoted became the right thing to do you know
what your mother want you to do become a doctor we paid a certain price leaving a
more diverse flexible healthy life you know it’s a little bit like also in
movement very similar concept where many people come to me and say you’re
training so many hours a day are trained 68 10 hours a day so this is not healthy
anymore you’re destroying your body well if you look at it through the eyes
of the specialist definitely if I’m doing BJJ 48 hours a day for sure but
the variety of practice that I do is so divided all across these joints in all
across different qualities softness hearts and complexity in simplicity and
all these things coming together that it allows me to do a lot more and to leave
many different sensations feelings emotions mind states so this is the
generalist perspective and general East may be misleading word a little bit it
becomes again abused and lately I’ve heard I read that
eases by dancer I really loved it he sent it to me and I really really was
influenced by what he was saying there and it’s basically talking about then
certainly saying you know nowadays to be a generally Spencer cannot be doesn’t
exist because there are so many types of dances so what actually we became and
that corrected it in my mind we became a fingerprint from specialists
to general east to our own unique self to our collection of things because we
cannot be everything it’s not like I can be the hunter the shaman and the weather
and the builder now as a result many titles you can’t be everything but you
choose what you want to do what you want to be for example you have a very unique
combination of things you’re interviewing people but you also blinks
all these weird other things that usually traditionally someone who does
interviews such a journalist does not so that’s a very unique fingerprint Brian
but that’s what I’m moving towards with myself and with my students is exporting
them to alot of general practices but then saying one day ok it’s time to
choose ok so there is a choice to make there is a choice to make because there
is so much there is still much above and beyond what what one person can take but
you’ll be surprised at how much we can you talk about movement there in last
year can you remember that one day where you had in your mind the bed the best
day of movement and could you describe what it was like you know you said
they’re soft movements as hard movements of movies that make you feel this way I
feel that way could you walk me through what might that they might look like I
can definitely not remember one day because there are so many and I’m it’s a
point of my food leave as many such days and definitely I remember many such
occasions and it’s all about awareness it’s about being aware being present and
still be quiet and allowing it happens you know bruce Lee again it does jumps it keeps its soft hard those of
the best days it’s just the sensation and all the time does come happiness
underlying this knowing that everything will be ok you know you can get injured
in those days it’s very hard you have to really do something extreme your and
we’re sensing and and it’s not about one thing it’s not about drinking coffee
taking a stimulant and lifting heavy weights but you lose all of your
sensitivity or or your heartbeat is to hire you can sit down and talk clearly
it’s about being good everything it’s about being in a zero point that is the
same distance from all these things around you I’m exactly in the center
that allows me to touch everything in a very accessible way because I had very
strong days ahead very more Biol days some days are very flexible days the
body’s very flexible but yeah movement perspective to be good in
everything it means that you’re standing in neutral point and a day like that
will will you will you go to the beach intrusive you go to the park and these
are you always movie value always quiet dinner hanging or we plan that day when
you have eight or ten hours of movement where would you do that or do you always
think I’m gonna have a ring and there’s going to be some rings associated with
that Outlook outdoors because first because I love to be outdoors because
it’s a very movement promoting clean and second because I don’t find a lot of
good indoor supporting inspiring places to practice movement there are some
other places but nothing really perfect yeah it’s every day every day I’m out
there you know I don’t even have you know like christie’s you know I i’ve had
a rest day nineteen eighty-four really do any more rested its like my
rest a sore still a lot of movement in some forms or another but it’s not a
training session it’s not about like training now I’m stopping its all
throughout the day so in the end of the day you know in front of the computer
working or whatever I’ll be on the floor you know with the computer between my
legs and then I’ll squatting I’ll nearly all change positions and then you know
I’ll stand up in a little bit so I’ll do some spinal waves or some movement and
mobilize certain areas just be aware of this when I called dip dip moved
approved cessation deprived of movement you know it’s like I’m hungry I need to
eat but people are not realizing that oh I need to move now because if I don’t
move now in a few more hours going to become a problem and a few more years to
become irreversible problem so learning to recognize that and constantly shaking
things up and takes a lot of time to build this awareness you know like maybe
your back right now he’s screaming for certain movements but you’re not you
don’t have the terminology you cannot recognize the sensations maybe your
shoulder is is classified as we speak but you really need to hand but yeah you
don’t you have to educate people about it last time you were here you look
around this place and you said Brian need a place to hang I get really
anxious if I don’t train for 48 hours I mean I i I can notice it in myself after
so many years and when I was younger I just didn’t notice and I would just take
it out emotion people but a lot of people know that is now I need to go to
the gym for an hour and give him my personal trainer and then get back to
work or maybe they even might play a game of football in the weekend and then go back to that position you
try to defeat that mentality is that right yeah it doesn’t have to be that way it’s
ok to do that you know to leave that but it doesn’t have to be that way and I
want to open people’s eyes towards other alternatives owning owning the body taking
responsibility stop handing the keys to someone else to
drive that car around because ownership you know like buying the vehicle is part
of ownership you cannot operated it’s not really your car you understand what
i’m saying is this car sits down there and you’re waiting for your driver to
take you around was like you own the car you might have
paid for it it’s not yours so the body is very similar to that and we like to
hand the keys and we don’t have time for it and whatever we can’t afford it and
it’s just it creates so much suffering it create so many problems later down
the path and you’re switching practices and you know you’re getting older you
know you’re thirty or forty now you’re sweeter practices because when I was 30
I did BJJ but now my body I i’m for Danny to the different thing when you’re
fifty year doing yoga on this and that actually you can always Taylor yourself
a perfect see for yourself fingerprint exactly what you want but
takes education takes knowledge and that’s what you have to start and it’s
not about doing a workout you know it’s about leaving physical
lifestyle respecting the body that you leaving constantly addressing it being
aware of it just as much as we address the psyche and there it’s very very
immediate like I’m unhappy something starts to happen here but the body is
constantly unhappy and we ignore it we ignore it we have another cheeseburger
you know down this road and we don’t move in until it’s way too late you know
and some people do the same thing with the psyche can ignore signals and abused
it yeah the weekend warriors trying to
resolve you know years and years of stuff with a single dosage because they
don’t want to devote the time to end the sinking to that problem they just want
the quick fix and microwaved meal but it’s never the same quality it’s never
the same thing it doesn’t hit us by the time it does it can be too late and that
then you’ll be praying for all gods in existence that you will receive back ten
percent of what you had a moment after you know it’s when you look at the
fitness industry in america that’s where I’m from I always look over their first
is that is that makes you optimistic or less so if you look at the way it’s
changed in the last couple of years are we going the opposite way of where we
should when it comes to the way we look at his Kalady no no it makes me
optimistic yeah I we are moving towards more movement more and more movement and
yes sometimes we we overdo it will be diving to certain things but definitely
we are moving towards more and more people are moving more than before in
the fitness industry cross feed function you know getting be bigger you know
white-collar any huge in Asia see a lot of it this is good stuff people are
moving more instead of sitting on some picnic machine you know calisthenics the
street work out all do you know this kind of phenomenon is great people are
moving more it’s not movement it’s just some movement but it’s better moving us
toward that direction and people need to climb up the ladder of means to reach
the higher mean it’s not you cannot jump from global gene to movement it’s too
much it’s overwhelming if you don’t understand what the fuck was that guy
you know even talking about but when you go from global gene functional training CrossFit training
into some gymnastics training and then you’re starting to see the similarities
and you’re starting to see the bigger picture and then you start to rate
yourself with something like maybe more practice and it’s pretty hard to come up
with a bigger dog when it relates to the body that’s why I chose it is this the
biggest one out that’s the biggest 180 stuff so tomorrow morning I’m walking in
and I’m gonna be in your your seminar for two days and in true to form you
sent me an email and you said Brian its full days it has challenging moments and
long hours so if you do it do it all know half ass visits and he made me
smile with that and I would expect nothing less what can I expect to happen to me
tomorrow is the shipment paradigm and maybe just think think differently or
but I know it’s also very intense so without divulging what should I expect yeah paradigm shift you you are really you’re familiar with
my ideas and but it’s about to put it into context and that’s that’s very
beneficial paradigm shift meeting some demons meeting some difficult moments
not too many some will come some less meeting some injuries discovering like
there is a hold or hear that he’s locked inside my house like my right knee right
it’s a voiding movement because it’s worried about an injury and that’s
changed the way I have moved to hold my whole life that’s more day kind of like
the that’s a very common kind of chiropractors kind of you know breakdown
but I’m talking more about you can’t do a whole Ayers you cannot practice
beautiful practices because certain things have been neglected yeah it’s not
approachable its closed-door you like most people they don’t have you know all
this reality you know that robots and couple right thing right and the reason
I don’t have fear from that you know I can go there this provides so many options for
example you see people likely remember that moment where wreaks on his being
flipped over and you still see nowadays you to see people like general movement
perspective and understanding in the door is not locked you honestly no
problem it’s familiar it’s not and the options in the freedom that comes with
it and then the other side is realizing all this stuff is locked and actually
I’m missing a lot of freedom I wasn’t aware so that is probably the thing and
there would be a lot of shifting mindset this is something I talked about there
is no one might say you’re coming into work hard you’ll be destroyed your
coming in to be sensitive to realizing things you’ll be destroyed you need to be able to shift my sets
from moment to moment because the subjects are so diverse I give you
something and by the time you get comfortable with this toy I take it away put another toy in your hand and that’s
that’s that brings it into the higher umbrella you have to jump into the
higher level which is movement the movement leader and understanding what
it so many things one moment I’ll request request certain sensitivities
and very isolated fragmented seeing in another moment to push you and you have
to do something really hard to the skin rips or whatever and you have to be able
to shift this mindset because you’re not a denser fighter you’re moving everything and
you’ve worked on this process for many years and perfected it and seen the
results and change it around until it’s something that works for you improved it perfected not yet tell me a
bit about the people around you know the the close circle and then the bigger
circle of the thousands of people that that really spend their time learning
that that fly around the world going your seminars like what what is what is
the culture like a culture of hard workers not the culture of talented
people first and foremost although many people would think from the outside but
they don’t realize what goes into it and they don’t realize the starting point
and they don’t realize how much hard work is there we have a few people but I
don’t need to take my shoes off to count them really very supportive community
being stripped down into the beginner mindset so many times would do that to
you Fedak you’re supportive you’re helping
others because you suck all the time because the toys are being switched
around so you cannot be used you never see you know lay back on the lawyers and
you know I’m a black belt now you know I reached the black but now the regional
bloc built here every week is different white belt so you’re just constantly
being very humble in your approach a cultural people who are not explored very young
but not very we have a huge following from the age of 30 up to the age of 50
and we have also people in their twenties and we have also people in
their sixties but yeah there is a big following their it’s a certain maturity
that I guess this climbing the ladder of means and ideas and certain maturity
that comes about these are some of the characteristics a lot of Essex I educate
a lot of people about being a student what does it mean to be student and a
lot of this is Marshall artist excited I grew up on it it’s very important for me
and I think it’s valuable if you want to be pushed by someone to areas and you
want to be helped by someone into areas that are completely concealed to you so
you have to lean back into it and allow the person to take you on a journey
because you don’t see where it’s going you have no idea especially in practice
you have no idea what’s going so you have to trust you have to respect and
honor that it’s a gift that you can never return you know I can never return the gift
that I received from my teachers it’s something that you would never be
answered you told me last time when you find a good teacher and you should just
learn from them regardless of what they have to teach you to believe in that
people don’t like to hear it but very true and I have had this many times
people and you know maybe the original the knee jerk reflex was like I don’t
even wanna learn this but something about that person something maybe maybe it can be
conceptualizing to this person is so special I admire him so much he must
know something more than what I’m seeing right now so I’m gonna go with what he
has to teach me here and I’m going to trust you get to meet those people
anymore I mean you’re running around the world teaching everybody look in detail how can you ever find your teachers I
make it a point I go and seek new teachers and I meet some of my old
teachers not all of them but some of them I’m good contact with it’s
important to to have teachers for me still travel all around the world and
looking for pieces of information sometimes it’s not about finding a
teacher it’s about finding pieces of information through some person but at
other times I am more interested in finding teachers it’s rare but it is
more than just information there is the information brokers and there is the
teachers something else not about I don’t I don’t just want the information
that you have I want wisdom I want something else you know data data
information and knowledge wisdom ok date I can find a long open my phone you know
informations a bit higher level already certain certain filters on the data then
you have knowledge what you know and then wisdom how to act on this legend
you know and it’s kind of some some of the definitions are intersecting you
said something about information in the past and on on my TED talk that I gave
my said researchers procrastination in disguise and you want said information
is toxic and it’s addictive we run after it we have this thirst for it but it’s
certain point it turns on you it paralyzes you would freeze you and it
doesn’t allow you to apply and learn and it’s no longer a contributing factor for
your development do you still believe yeah yeah I’m more and more the more
time passes the more I believe in that because of the crazy misinformation to
watch the rest of this fascinating interview click on the link below and go
to London real Academy dot com there you can sign in with your social media log
in and watch the rest of the episode for free along with all of our episodes on
London real my webinar and all of our premium content all
located over at London’s Royal Academy dot com so click on the link below
you’ll be directed there and you can watch the rest of this fascinating
interview and I’ll see you there to find information
many years everybody say right

100 thoughts on “Ido Portal – Move or Die – PART 1/2 | London Real

  1. Awesome interview !….It reminds me of Bruce Lee when he said,

    "Ultimately, martial art means honestly expressing yourself…

    it is easy for me to put on a show and be cocky,

    or I could show you some really fancy movement…

    But to express oneself honestly, not lying to oneself,

    and to express myself honestly…

    Now that, my friend is very hard to do''.

  2. This quote by Bruce Lee, some's up the whole interview ,“ All types of knowledge ultimately lead to self-knowledge. So, therefore, these people are asking me to teach them, not so much how to defend themselves or how to do somebody in. Rather, they want to learn to express themselves through some movement, be it anger, be it determination or whatever. So, in other words, they're paying me to show them,in combative form, the art of expressing the human body. “

  3. QUALITAAAAAAAAAAAAY, Ido is legend, my new mentor. peopld look at me mad when im training.but u know that this guy is the real deal. inspired is an understatement

  4. So if I just start moving myself doing wherever and learning movements from many disciplines then listening to my body in order to answer his necessities could that matches ido's perspective of movement?

  5. "Vegans are too weak and low energy to train with me." – Ido Portal

    Vegan (Nate Diaz) beats Meat Eater (Conor).

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  7. Never underestimate diet when it comes to health and fitness. Nate and Nick Diaz are both vegan, and the strongest man in the world is also vegan
    Ido Portal refuses to teach movement to vegans because he says a vegan diet is unhealthy. How ignorant is that.

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    I have yet to see this guy do anything other than capoeira movements and/or strength and conditioning exercises.

  10. Great job helping Gunny on his movement with the Maya fight, really showed there. Also when you helped Conor move into Nate's fist, that was great.

    Gtfo of combat sports you're gonna get someone hurt.

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  12. Focus on martial arts instead of wasting your time on useless garbage that benefits you in no way whatsoever

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    That are the real generalists for me, u cant call a general of the army specialist because he knows only about miltary things.I think we need to change the definition of generalism and specialism
    The person whith multiple occupations is a type of generalism.
    (Sry for my english i suck at typing)

  17. sorry but he looks such an egotistic man … I don't doubt he's great with his body but his energy feels so heavy…

  18. Ido !
    His approach is like Meditation, it is like Life, flowing, without a start or end ..
    As a Yoga instructor and a Meditator, I am gonna meet this wisdom seeking man ..

  19. dk yoo also studys movement and kinetic energy flow in mma. you have to understand movement and build to the point that you can apply movement to whatever your art is. if you have the strength and flow movement it will be much easier to learn bjj for example.

  20. dk yoo also studys movement and kinetic energy flow in mma. you have to understand movement and build to the point that you can apply movement to whatever your art is. if you have the strength and flow movement it will be much easier to learn bjj for example.

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  22. I can't find song at 1:45 I know it's from djsadhu but the sound cloud isn't working. I went through all his tracks in band camp I can't find it. help please

  23. “Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement.”
    ― Alfred Adler

  24. What if we are generalists for the expertises sake? what if we can do lots of things so everyone can specialize in anything they want? And finally, who said we are generalists?

  25. Two things.
    #1 You can't talk about Ido until you meet him in person. Very similar to other people very deep in their fields such as Paul Chek, AJ Hickling, Wim Hof etc etc.
    #2 The reason people misunderstand Ido is because he's talking about using movement as a means to reach a state of mind which is no space, no place, no time. This state is very real, can be experienced and is described as enlightenment by MD David Perlmutter and Shaman Alberto Villoldo in the book "Power up your brain : The neuroscience of enlightenment" for those who are obsessed with book knowledge of things.
    People looking to lead others to the fabric of reality tend to be shunned, shot at it and crucified, good people. Let us remember this. It takes an incredibly high level of life knowledge not book knowledge in order to truly understand these types of individuals.

  26. Amazing to hear Ido. I was myself a capoeira for a long time and missioned the same ideology. So great to hear him speak so openly about coming to these conclusions. Very nice.

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  28. This guy is awesome and you're a great interviewer Brian. This whole subject and Ido's teachings are profound. Was wondering, for those not able to attend seminars or training from this one man, what can we do to come the closest to his teachings? What is accessible to the whole world without having to be in his presence? Apart from Capoeira I guess

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    Minute 34 his accent breaks.

  30. Clearly he can move very well but there's something a little too cultish about his whole 'thing.' Don't want to slog through all of the woo to get to the good bits.

  31. Hey man, i love your vids and your attitude. Thanks so much.
    I can't finde the part 2 of this video. I went to the link and it redirected me to de .tv site, and i searched for the video and didn't find it. Is it anywhere?

  32. I was excited about spending the weekend with Ido but he didn't show up. He just sent some assistants to do the weekend. That was a shitty thing to do to your followers. $700 for a weekend called The Ido Portal Experience. That's fucked. So while I still think he's the shit I think his integrity is fucked up and he's a shady-as-hell businessman. I could go into other shit that him and his team has done but I'll just leave it at that for now.

  33. Some of what he preaches is pure gold, but he's still a pseudo intellectual. Sometimes when he rants he don't know what the fuck he's talking about.

  34. Did Ido change his mind about not eating other creatures? The picture in front, makes him look like he's on trial

  35. London Real is like an uber-masculine surrogate dad. Something every guy needs from time to time but maybe not for too long (just weekend visits).

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    does he even Lift?
    can he even fight?
    answer is no to both

    so he is waste of space might as well just take him to the pound and put him down humainly

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  39. 1:00 " Information, knowledge, wisdom" yes, but only when it is a goal.
    Realize that you know nothing
    Are no thing
    Fluid, not a thing
    Time and space
    Yet you are
    Without knowing what or how
    You are
    Marinate in this
    And you disolve
    Your opponent is you
    And so you dance

  40. So he takes the essence of Capoeira, the African martial art, does his very best not to mention its Africanness by mentioning the songs a re sung in Portuguese, then names it after himself, this outlook is so typical of europeans. They never cease to amaze me, they do exactly what they've always done.

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