Illegal Immigrant Denied Student Loan

i read a story about a seventeen-year-old
girl by the name of glass castro and she’s an illegal immigrant okay her family fled
mexico she was from police ko %uh to come to america because of the job violence and
%uh crime that was going on in her part of town soloist she’s been in the united states since
the age of eight and %uh right now she’s about to graduate high school she has a four point
up only nine grade point average she got accepted to u_c_ berkeley achhi wants to major in political
science she can’t get loans because of the fact that
she is an illegal immigrant are you ready for me to shock the world i’m against her your soul rock while against it he’s an illegal immigrant %uh she was eight years old when she came
to the united states doing in newark okay and i’m not a republican i’ll offer four point oh nine worker at some obviously very bright girl works really hard
in this country the whole time i have i was here since i was a i have tremendous sympathy
for her but no if you’re here illegally you don’t get to get paid for college i don’t now by it i think you’re on mckay i’d like you know why i think you’re
wrong put things in perspective okay the united states awards losers okay it like the card
ashton sisters or like bristol paley right they’re willing to pay bristol pale and thirty
thousand dollars per speech but you can’t help liberal out with the loan so she can
go to school a girl whose busting her but tagalog to you u_c_-berkeley to major in political
science who is scholarly and who has a bright future as long as we get for the opportunity
to have that bright future you’re still against that okay that again but look i could lover more
an anti-dole i’m rooting for her quickly but looked a it’s if you’re here gives she’s saying
about multitude i have an illegal at bailey in here and i would like to stay
and i would like you to give me college-age now you got up all the rules you gotta follow
the laws so that if she that look issues although options she could
have gone to %uh a done private scholarships okay as someone else in the story mention
but they did great as she did go to a community college now which sucks because she saw a
bright as she got into birthday alarm to go to berkeley or you know what you know to berkeley get
that %uh just loans and then pay it back later all
these options second i when she was a citizen so if you have to go through any of that alright but if we send people you can break the law
and there are no consequences will then yeah of course and be politically comedy but
it’s not just about that but but this is one of the boys into a common goal you know what
they’re not a force in a lot of america so let’s just keep let’s just go in there
and then you know the get go into the scholarships
to go to college she had no control over her life when she
came to the united states you understand that right now is a lot of this is not in her control that something like if she
was someone in her thirties and she crossed the border illegally as you say hey give me
some money because i want to go to school that would be different but her family fled
mexico to come to the united states to escape violence or whatever was going on today got
to do it legally because she was eight what is she going to do her parents are here illegally she’s here
legally allowed to port that not visit this is what your takes me about this
story ok the main argument that republicans and those who are strong on immigration right
the main argument they make is our levi’s mexicans they’re coming to the united states
and all of this crime and we’re paying for them and they’re not contributing anything
just sidi this is a girl who is going to contribute to society she’s bright and she someone that
we want to having the united states the wire regal going to deny her financial aid so she
can better her future no but they say they usually don’t believe
it was republican arguments %uh i think immigration is great for the country and i think that
we should have more legal immigration we should increase those quotas furthermore i think
we should have a pathway to citizenship so people don’t have to go through this i’m not
saying i’m not arguing for the status quo okay and i’m sellin are you for the republican
positions and it is a great cases so when you look at
you go obviously johnnie most obvious thing in the world immigrants contribute tremendous amount of
this country arnelle i’m bernard i’d like to think
i contribute sometimes to the country right now having said that you’ve got to follow the law i can’t do it
right now eighty because then you say hey you know what if you’re gonna wait your turn
in your urine china or european wherever right you’re in venezuela urine posix donning you wanna wait your turn income
here legally don’t do it just come here illegally and then we’ll give you everything you want
anyone now that’s i can have that i’ve got it will block and i’m telling you i don’t want anybody interpreted
as i don’t like %uh her at all i think she’s great and %uh i wanna find a way to help our in if we set
up maybe people set up a private foundation to helper ticket chip in for a scholarship you know what i will contribute to that scholarship is i want artistic season obviously she’s
very bright but i don’t think that we can give out public
money to someone who’s not here legally liberty pour it

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