Is the Era of College Ending?

Is the Era of College Ending?

Let’s talk about college and politics and
economics because I did a story a couple of weeks ago about the future of the United States
in the context of so many of our systems seeming completely unsustainable. And when I did that story a couple of weeks
ago, we talked about inequality. We talked about the healthcare system which
causes countless medical bankruptcies every year and we also talked about education where
we were seeing and we continue to see the cost of college rising dramatically. Wages are relatively stagnant and this makes
college both less affordable and also less of a good investment relative to the wages
that one would expect and that’s what I want to dig into today. I want to ask you, might we be getting to
the end of the college era as we may end up calling it this era where of course you have
to go to college regardless of the cost to have a shot in the economy. I’ll explain. We’ve already talked about how the exploding
cost of college is far exceeding wage growth and we are seeing more and more people saddled
with student debt without an ability to ever pay it off because of the earnings of the
jobs that that college degree ultimately lands them in. And if college costs continue going up, it’s
a foregone conclusion that fewer and fewer people will be able to afford it. And by that I mean to be able to afford paying
off their student loans with the wages they can expect to earn. I also said in our segment of last week or
the week before that in the interests of Maine state, maintaining a profitable status quo
for the establishment and for corporations and for political elites, every once in a
while a bone can be thrown at people to prevent them from really protesting to change the
system. And that this has done to keep the system
just barely sustainable. Passably sustainable so that the perpetual,
uh, status quo remains. And interestingly enough, the premium in terms
of net worth for college graduates over non-college graduates is very quickly shrinking. Now I want to be clear here because this,
this is, this is important. There is a huge advantage in terms of income
for those with college degrees over those without college degrees. But the advantage in net worth has been shrinking
over time. And part of the reason is that with stagnant
wages, with people who go to college, having to pay off the student debt when the money
goes off to pay loans and student loan interest, rather than building your net worth, it has
a vicious cycle where you earn higher wages but more of the wages go to paying off student
loans because of the student loans. You end up having to charge a lot of your
day to day expenses to a credit card, which means you’re paying even more interest, which
further restricts your net worth. So you make significantly more money with
a college degree. But the premium in terms of the effect on
your net worth is becoming smaller and smaller. Now, in addition to this, we’ve also talked
about the political component to the whole college space right now, which is that convenient
for the American, right? They have been to some degree successfully
pushing the idea that college is merely liberal. Indoctrination colleges restrict conservative
speech and this has been priming a lot of conservatives to already be skeptical of college. So we may actually see a movement away from
the requirement of a college degree for more and more jobs that could reinforce a move
away from people going to college in the first place. And in fact there are lots of companies, even
some financial companies where more and more positions don’t require a college degree. So what’s going to happen? The left has to be careful because if as a
society, we move away from college education as a requirement for jobs. If the economy can’t support the student debt,
if college makes less sense over time because of what it costs, that’s one thing. But remember that Republican talking points
work way better on the uneducated. So if there is indeed a move away from college
education, it could be very, very bad for the American left. Since we know that unbalance, the more educated
someone is, the more likely they are to vote for a more progressive candidate. So I want to hear from you about this. Get in touch. What do you think will eventually happen with
the cost of college? Are we potentially starting to see a move
away from the college era? To call it something. Uh, and what do you predict as the political
future? If there is this move away from college, let
me know. Including via voicemail, which is where we are going next.

100 thoughts on “Is the Era of College Ending?

  1. There will never be an end to college as far as I am concerned. So I disagree on that point, but the rest I think is pretty spot on. I feel like at SOME point they will throw people a bone and either raise their wages a little bit (To better help pay those college bills with!) or they might lower the cost of college a little bit or some combination of small bone offering. Just as David said "They want to keep the system barely good enough to keep people from protesting."
    Besides: then at that point college will then just be for the wealthy, so that's a win-win for them. Keep us uneducated and let them have all the information.

  2. I really hope so. It has been devastating economically and socially. The obvious issue isnt student loans, its an over-saturation of degrees to skilled jobs.

    The american left is a shallow, corporate approved, consumerist left. Its based on iphones and trendy attire not criticial or free thinking. It needs to die.

  3. Nowadays the ROI is shyte it is just unfare for today's and future generations. But of course the whole job market changed like you say pushing people away from college.
    When I went to college 2 decades ago (4 year bachelors and then 3 years part-time masters) the entire thing cost me a fraction of my first annual salary after getting the masters.

  4. Requiring a Degree restricts people who don't want to go into the professions from getting into the workforce. It means that people who never got a chance to go, but are laid off in middle age can't get back into a job.

  5. Wouldn't this just accelerate America's decline? Without an educated workforce, innovation would be driven overseas. No one would have the necessary skills to exploit and capitalize on emerging technology.

    Trump is already crying about wind turbines and green tech being made in Germany and China. The GOP will throw a temper tantrum when America has to import everything because they defunded education to the point we can't keep up.

  6. In Canada, tuition is $3200 a year textbooks included. And if you are too poor to pay, you have automatic shcolarship and loan are at 0% interest.

  7. It’s simple. You won’t have a shot either way. Large portions of the population will be left out of any chance at success.

  8. There seems to be a shortage of people working in trades. The training is more affordable and seems to be a decent investment.

  9. Combining this with how they're trying to fuck up public schools and dumb down the education there, and we have a real ignorance problem coming. You think we're ignorant NOW? Hah buckle up, buddy.

  10. The problem in the USA is that for decades, 4-year colleges have been considered a necessary passage for young people leaving high school, even when their academic level is low. Maybe it's time to refocus on vocational schools and community colleges. Just one example: a well-trained, reliable electrician will make good money and be well established in the community. As for critical thinking, that is something that should be taught in middle school and in high school . Politicians, in the last 4 decades, have been ripping apart the public education system, dumbing down the curriculum.

  11. The Country should actively make education affordable but not free like in many other countries (basically for the US less military more edu).
    Even if a degree may not be required, this contradicts the general outlook of future jobs. In the industry 4.0 education becomes more crucial than ever!
    I hope that a lot of US students try to benefit from more affordable, great college programs abroad through the Internet (,, OpenUniversity etc.) forcing traditional US colleges into a healthy competition and eventually lower tuitions.

  12. I guess college is a thing of the past as well as s the United States staying r as no as a super power when over half our population wont even graduate with a college education!!! Yuk!! This is bad, very bad for our country when China and our other enemies are graduating highly educated young people!!! We will have high school diplomas or GED educated young people!!!

  13. Not really sure how a high school education can adequately inform someone on fields like chemistry, where there are quite a few areas of specialization. We would need to drastically expand high school curriculum to bypass the necessity of an undergraduate degree for similar fields, such as biology.

  14. And David makes the same mistake society has been making for a generation, equating going to college with being educated. The two literally have nothing to do with each other. Even more so in recent decades.

  15. Come on David I didn’t go to College and I’m very intelligent and educated! I don’t usually disagree with you but this time I do!

  16. I work in higher education. I absolutely think the age of colleges and universities are coming to an end. I think some professions (medical, legal, and engineering) will likely continue to get degrees. However, IT and programing now are primarily qualified through certificates. I think that many, if not most, professions will go this route.

  17. Hard to say if college is truly expensive to a unsustainable degree in all cases. You can manage it by going to a relatively cheap local college, getting your general education requirements done at a local community college, and staying at home. As long as you restrain yourself, you can come out with less than $20k in debt, which is not that bad.

  18. I think we need community colleges that offer bachelor's degrees. and/or decreased costs at state schools. Personally, I struggled to find a job in my field after colleges so I got a master's degree since at this point that seems to be to new bachelor's degree. In terms of the political aspect, we need critical thinking to be taught at an early age. I think critical thinking should be taught starting in elementary school. People should be well versed in logical fallacies and cognitive biases by the time they graduate high school.

  19. America is on a crisis point where there is just enough stupid uneducated people to vote for candidates that vote for policies that increase the amount of poor people.

    Thus there is a risk of education deathspiral where less and less and less people get higher education and school is even valued anymore. Newer innovations keep shifting into other countries and Government pushes more capialism in order to maintain ultra wealthy who want to make big money in low tax America.

    USA is quickly becoming 3rd world country like Africa where only a couple wealthy warlords own 99% of resources and live on massive mansions, while poor are fighting for scraps in slums.

    And it's the same racist white people who keep saying they are superior who fall victim to ending their own future class mobility.

    Really tragic.

  20. Market forces just might result in non-traditional education methods that are more economical.
    Technology, regulations, and methodologies would need to be revised to meet those needs.
    Society has always had to change with the times.

  21. I mean, it's just kind of an outdated concept. Especially in the age of cheap distribution of information we have with the internet. About the only colleges I see as being successful and/or necessary are ones that focus on a specific field (ie. lawyer, doctor, etc.)

  22. Bankruptcy reform. I believe this is what will ultimately happen. It wont go back to what it used to be. I suspect you will have to show a honest effort to repay over a period of time…say 10 years perhaps. But then show a financial inability to resolve all of ones debts. Just a thought

  23. Politically, if college education dries up, America becomes a third world country within a generation, and is successfully invaded, due to plummeting technology, within 2 or 3 generations, tops, with that accelerated if preceded by a civil war, which is also made more likely by retrograde educational opportunities.

  24. Didn't need college for success. Looked for certifications that held value, studied my ass off while working at a dead end job, using my hate for the job as motivation to get out, $400 and a passing score later, immediate $40K salary with benefits entry level job and employers charging at me from all directions. Blew all the college grads out of the water because I demonstrated applied skill. Never looked back.

    Still never finished my degree and get barraged by employers for every new cert and title change.

  25. I want to see if this posts  .    I 'm  old and all my job skills are obsolete . Time for universal basic income.

  26. Yeah I think it isn't and won't be all that important in many situations. I have SOME college but it was back in 1998. Almost none of that is even relevant today so what does it matter? That doesn't mean you have to stop learning of course, but I don't think you need a college degree since for most jobs you have to learn on the spot anyway.

  27. College is no longer a place for hire learning it's a place where you destroy free speech and make drones. Students debt is a crisis no one sees as a life debt.

  28. When the college era ends, the cronyism era begins. Who and how are professional positions going to get staffed, rhetorically asking.

  29. The state of the college system, and unchecked student loan system, has definitely made me rethink the value of college education. When I have my kids, I don't plan on pushing them to go to college. If they want to go, I'll do my best to try to mitigate the debt they rack up. If they don't want to go, I have no intention of making them feel like McDonalds or Walmart is their only hope for a future like my parents did.
    Thank you for making the point I tried to make to my Mom. What's the point of having a high paying job, if all of my income has to go to paying my debts? That's like being tricked in to a buy one get one 50% off. I had no intention of buying two, but if it's 50% off I"ll spend that extra money.
    Honestly I feel like America's new "middle class" are those not in debt. Because they're the only ones who can achieve a stable life style because they have disposable income. But that's another conversation for another time.

  30. David there's so much propaganda out there, much of which is generated by the federal government and for-profit and shape-shifting formally for-profit and now non-profit loan mill college traps and all based on the canard that college graduates "make more money." The marketing of expensive 'gotcha' school loans would make P.T. Barnum 'there's a sucker born every minute' proud. If anyone wants to go to college go to as one texter has suggested a community college. It's a good way to get your academic feet wet so to speak without being financially ruined by people, mostly boomers, who seem to have nothing but contempt for an entire generation of people trying to get a foot hold in life. Many boomers in the past went to college for free or at minimal cost. In the end save yourselves the heartache and go to college the cheapest way possible. No one cares where you went to school anyway. But PLEASE stay away from the for-profits. They are the worst kind of soft shoe shufflers. And Vote Blue in 2020 to ensure this catastrophe ends.

  31. Some good points here, I didn’t pay off my student loans until my early 30s, it was very difficult to build any kind of net worth before then. It takes many of today’s students a lot longer to pay them off.

  32. Trump has proven you don;t have to have an education to succeed. Any idiot with daddy's money can be anything he wants

  33. Quality of education has also hurt the institution of higher education. Many 'colleges' that are for profit have terrible instructors, offer very little in the way of teaching critical thinking, and those seeking higher education may literally get nothing of value for their money. I think this has harmed the idea of higher education even within those who are interested in improving their understanding of the world or wanting to learn more about what they're interested in or simply want a better job.

    This is anecdotal, but I went to a school (whose name I will not embarrass here) and when I started there, it was a pretty nice school and the instructors were very knowledgeable and emphasized not just filling your head full of facts but how to gather your own facts and make sense of them in the topic they were covering. In a year and a half, though, the school had been battling a class action lawsuit and began firing professors and replacing them with fresh out of school, cheaper, adjunct instructors who really were doing the job as a side gig. Half a year later, a the school was sold to an 'investment firm' which began, quite literally, selling off all of the lab equipment, firing more staff and immediately started pushing 'online classes' which, if you've ever taken one, are horrible and in no way an environment for learning anything. I personally was shoved into a history class online in which the instructor and textbook were extremely libertarian leaning. I dropped out of that class because of the fact I'd already had a history class with a good professor and could smell the BS instantly, especially with the jingoist point of view of the text book, which didn't look to be objective but instead to be of the quality of your average Prager U video. And this was what the school was offering up until it closed unexpectedly because yet another class action lawsuit had been brought against the school. IN THAT TIME, new students I met were literally saying, "College isn't worth it, these classes suck" and what not. And from their point of view, with this as their first experience, yeah, I can see their point.

    It's just really sad that the school I attended was a staple of the community, even as a private for profit college, for over 40 years and when it got sold to a national company in the mid 2000's, it gradually shifted toward lower quality education (I wonder what it was like quality wise before it was sold because, again, I saw a huge difference in just a single year) and after they'd mismanaged some student's money and had the lawsuit put upon them, it rapidly declined, almost like the owners were like just trying to escape the situation with as much money as they could carry with them to the escape car waiting outside.

    I'm sure similar situations have occurred elsewhere, or at least have had that tail end-level quality of education that my school did which, if that was my first experience with any higher education, I'd have probably said, 'College is worthless' too.

    Peace and be sure to understand that quality of education is directly influenced by the money put into the institution's staffing and facilities. If you go to a college and get nothing out of it, chances are it was just not a good college and the sooner you can identify that within the institution you attend, the quicker you dip out to a better college.

  34. I think college may go through an overhaul and start focusing more on specialized training and education, rather than having to take a ton of unnecessary classes to get their degree.

  35. Most people shouldn't even go to college. This while notion that everyone needs to go to college is a relatively new phenomenon. The fact is most majors in college are useless, and will leave you in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, without teaching you a skill to gain employment.

  36. I see college transitioning into a coming to age institution where young people gather and socialize together. Not necessarily learning but just to come together and do things. More Learning will be based online.

  37. When has there been a time where college wasn't in vogue? Calling it an era makes it sound like a fade or something? As a society, how would we continue to move forward without education? This isn't the beginning of the last century where people could work in factories and do okay financially. I know it would be beneficial to those who do not the public to be informed but for the overall welfare of our society, education is essential. If a movement like this were to begin, it should motivate colleges both public and private to want to lower their costs in order to make it more affordable to those who would not traditionally seek further education.

  38. College is not for everyone. That doesn’t mean they’re stupid or dumb. They could be very smart and intelligent. Keep in mind they’re are people who have college degrees who are idiots.

  39. I feel like college is never going away but it will have to make changes in order to maintain relevancy in our society. I have a college degree and am going back for another one. My first degree was expensive and leans towards the "useless" side while the degree I am going for now is cheaper and more "useful". I think colleges/this whole country need to stop treating education like a business or revenue stream.

  40. Once corporations and their MONEY when into them by the front door, education and honest research went out the back door…….kinda like congress and democracy….

  41. Federal government got involved in education. Crooks like Sanders and Warren are bought and paid for by the education wackos. Now they want to poor to pay fat professor salaries when you get a better education on YouTube.

  42. I periodically pass through my old college campus and the amount of money they have spent on new facilities is staggering. The cost of in-state tuition has more than tripled since I was in school almost 20 years ago. I can't even imagine how much the housing and meal plans have ballooned as well.

  43. Foreign students will fill the ranks of higher education schools and will ultimately use the knowledge to outperform the west. It appears the international students from China are filling enrolment at schools. Look at Edward Deming and TQM. The Japanese benefited from his theories and are no.1 at manufacturing processes… Meanwhile the west is racing to the bottom, and looking for cheapness to compete with low cost Asian imports. The west is embracing agenda 21 initiatives via internationalization of work.

  44. Hahaha! Clip change at the end, made me jump! (Hair again).
    You asked, I'll try to give my Marxist take. Capitalism has evolved, leftist have not. Capitalism has needs. The
    'STATE' fulfills those needs. They're really demands. People (the proletariat) do the work. Capitalism in China quietly moved to the next step in it's development. The physical states(we call governments) are transforming directly into corporations. This subtle change has reaped unheard of rewards for the STATE. Now the improved STATE directly controls the production of educated Proles only as needed. just another commodity. Technology allows for a tiny number of trained Proles to over see a vast number of workers. Ultimately,all operating under a nameless STATE without national Identity. Every evolutionary step in capitalism has been this way; change without visible change. Things get worse, everywhere, and no understandable cause. Understanding, or education is an enemy, an unintended consequence of CAPITAL. Now it can be reduced to a manageable number.

  45. Around 3:10 David dismisses the idea that college is "liberal indoctrination" as something only pushed by conservatives but later at around 4:10 he mentions that the better someone is educated the more likely they are to be progressive, basically proving the initial point. Am I missing something?

  46. College is not a guarantee of a job after and some colleges provide a better education than others. Plus you have to deal with politics and red tape and mismanagment issues in new ways if you are unlucky. Like my local college has retrained their advisors several times as students are overtaking and overpaying for extra classes they didn't need for their graduation, or their advisors don't know that if they don't get into a specific course their gery very first semester it will delay their graduation date beyond a normal time frame.

  47. College in my opinion is only useful for certain majors. Most engineering and accounting jobs still require you have a 4 year degree and I don't see them lowering the bar anytime soon.

  48. I recently completed an AA in political science I’m starting undergrad in the fall…it’ll cost between $23500-$25400

  49. I want this to be true because people deserve to not be played for their money. But college could be such a great tool for us to become better, more critical human-beings. Sucks the people controlling the decisions are destroying that for us.

  50. "Republican talking points work way better on the uneducated". No. David is lying. Democratic talking points do. Democrats promise the uneducated and poor "free stuff". The more people out there who are poor and uneducated, the more those promises appeal across the board.

  51. Good go to a trade school I never regret going to trade school. I spent 7k for a hvac and electrical course and I'm making bank I'm 24 years old and I have my own home in nc I moved out I pay my own Bills trade schools are the way to go I'm making almost 100k a year

  52. The problem with college is not the pursuit of higher education, but that it's become a racket, and students a product. What justifies 10, 20, 50 thousand dollars a semester for what truly amounts to little more than reading books? They know you have to read these books, so what justifies paying $400 for a text book? You give them thousands and thousands of dollars, and they still charge you to park on campus. College is now big business, with the university you attend often giving you a leg up on getting into a profitable field. Sure, Harvard is a good school; but if you're studying something like medicine, it's not like Harvard has different information about medicine or a larger periodic table than any other university. If you're studying to be a heart surgeon, does Harvard offer insights into the heart that other universities just don't have access to? Is it secret information? Knowledge should be attainable to all who wish to gain it. It's fair to have to demonstrate that you've learned that knowledge through testing, but it's not fair to put teenagers just starting in independence hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt just to START pursuing their vocation. Increasing your understanding of the universe, its physics, or the human brain, or architectural design, shouldn't be reserved for only the filthy rich, or those willing to become filthy poor to pursue it. It's not what's in the textbooks that's the problem with college, it's all the elitists making decisions on your behalf about what constitutes a "well rounded" education and then extorting you financially to obtain it.

  53. If less jobs have a college degree as a requirement, that seems like a good thing (provided the job doesn't actually need a college-level education). It shouldn't feel mandatory to go to college to get a good job. People shouldn't be looked down on for not having a college education.
    That being set, the anti-intellectualism of the american right is downright dangerous. They don't want education, they don't want their kids to get education, they don't want to make education affordable… yet they don't like foreigners. Okay, they claim to only dislike foreigners who are uneducated, but I guarantee you: once enough Norwegians have taken the most well-paying jobs and use their position to pursue their own (liberal; in fact, compared to the US extremely liberal) agendas, they will change their mind. Not that too many people will want to immigrate to the US, with the rightists in power.
    So ultimately this will hurt the US. Not enough home-grown educated people, not enough educated immigrants to make up for that… that will hurt the country in all kinds of ways. But since I am not American, I can just laugh at how they cripple themselves. Kinda reminds me of some islamic countries that outlaw anything but religious education and then keep praising the superiority of Islam, while everything they own has been imported and nobody is buying anything but their oil.

  54. I’m currently attending community college and some of my classes transfer to a 4 year college and effectively I only go for about 2-4 semesters towards the 4 year college which saved me thousands,I’m only paying $30 – $70 for each semester at community college compared to thousands of dollars in a 4 year college

  55. I hope college becomes less necessary in the eyes of society and jobs. I had to drop out, primarily for financial reasons, and now I'm 30, a father, employed full time, and I just don't have the time, money, or support to go back to school. So, my situation can never really improve in this world.

  56. College degrees are entry level now. It's very difficult to find anythinh that pays better than minimum wage without one, and even with one, pay isn't great.

  57. Why don't we have more on the job training. We are learning so many things that are irrelevant to the jobs we would like to have. Many time we don't even know what kind of career we WILL have. I have learned so much in school that is almost never used and never will be relevant to me. Most of it is such a wast of time and money. Why? I bet you would never guess what I'm doing now and how much school and college has done to get me here! Thank you so much to the "Education System" Good work! (It is so Broken).

  58. It is insane to forego college because of the cost of getting an education. The future of this nation and its eroding scientific primacy rests in maintaining a highly educated/trained population. If college tuition cannot be totally eliminated, (as per Bernie's plan), then it must be subsidized by the government as it's done in Spain and other European nations. Under no circumstances should we abandon formal education. To do so is to regress as a nation of progress and innovation.

  59. People have no interest in academia. Most dont want to read and there seems to be little curiosity except in celebrity and entertainment and buying some dreadful tech development. There is a blissful ignorance pushing us farther into the dark ages. I have never seen such a state of inertia & a dearth of creativity. I listen to the anchors and guests on cable news (CNN MSNBC) and i am mortified at the poor usage. I hear words used incorrectly. We have lived in the dark ages for a long time. When the internet is the only source of culture and we only live virtually, we are in trouble. Meanwhile, the population is living a high tech version of Dickens England watching the robber barons sack and pillage as they poison and destroy our world/ environment and we sit idle in sedentary escape. No, im sorry, we need education if for no other reason than to displace the pap and treacle we are sustained on

  60. Honestly, we need less college. Hear me out. I don't mean that college is bad, that it's indoctrination, that it's useless, far from it. I mean, there are a lot of necessary, society stabilizing, functional jobs that do not require college. They WAY outnumber the college requirement jobs. We need more technical training, more apprenticeships, more infrastructure type jobs to rebuild our nation. We need these jobs, and yet pay the people working them crap wages, so people look to college as a way to make enough money, yet then get dragged into this quagmire of loans and debt. Make college affordable, limit the people who can go (we don't need any more underwater basket-weaving type courses), improve access to technical schools, and pay people better andor tax the wealthy high enough to pay for a society that runs more smoothly.

  61. Left to the GOP only the children of the massively rich and massively corrupt will go to college – the rest of us will be nothing but worker drones, laboring to support the lives of the fascist overlords

  62. the issue with your theory of college ending has some pretty big holes when you look at the trends.
    1. jobs that don't require a college degree are dwindling in the face of automation and deportation.
    2. the millennial and other young generation's are the most educated generations in history, a trend that isn't slowing down despite the rising cost of college.
    3. the economic benefit of forgoing college still puts you at a disadvanatge considering 1 & 2 since whatever job you do have might not be they're in afew years and the only jobs that are expected to be here in 10 years require a degree.

  63. From my small circle in the world as a senior in high school in a small conservative town north of Jacksonville Florida, there seems to be no noticeable turn away from college. Everyone I know in my senior class have plans of going to college and many are getting scholarships. There’s probably 2 to 5 people who want to go straight into the work force as famers and whatnot. Others want to get there AA at the community college and then join the military. Others are just plain lazy. Personally, I’ve never understood why so many people have to take out student loans. If you work hard in school scholarships will be practically thrown at you. Maybe I’m lucky I don’t know, but I’m going to be paying barely anything for college. Maybe people take out a lot of student loans because they fucked around in high school and flunked all there courses. All I’m saying is the government shouldn’t be in the business of giving retarded lazy high school students free college. It lowers the quality of colleges and the work force when lazy people are given everything even if they spend all there time playing video games in their moms basement. People who work hard should be rewarded, people who don’t shouldn’t be, and that exactly how it works right now.

  64. I'd be surprised if the importance of a college degree diminished since businesses LOVE an indebted workforce. It gives them tremendous power over their workers. It's why big business as a whole isn't supportive of med-4-all, despite it being good for their bottom line, it'd give workers a certain security which big business can not tolerate.

  65. I worked NY State's educational system which included agricultural and technical colleges, teacher education colleges – 2 and 4 year, and colleges which specialized in preparing students to enter a variety of position in the "real world" I have not kept up with them but I think this kind of system should be available across the nation. This type of education fills a real need.

  66. The internet is becoming the main source of information for most. Hell most research in University now is done online. I took so many classes that I learned more studying online materials and watching YouTube. I think education will end up changing to accommodate the time

  67. The evolution is already underway and under-reported. See – Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, Georgetown and many other world-class universities offering certificates upon completion of individual course requirements. No "tuition" – the courses are entirely free but the certificates require completion of a test and a fee of $49-$150 generally. Batches of classes become "MicroMasters" etc.

  68. Income Driven Repayment and Public Service Loan Forgiveness will result in the government paying for the vast majority of student loans. As long as the Department of Education (and state governments) keep paying out, the system will keep making money. If the politics changed and government stopped paying for average people to go to college, foreigners and the rich would take all of the high-skill jobs (even more than they do now).

  69. if you want to get laid, go to colllege. if you want to learn something, go to a library. wise word from frank zappa

  70. There are 2 schools in my small state of NH that i am aware of that are struggling due to.low enrollment and they are taking anyone who breathes, which is causing all kinds of other problems, ie; more arrests for drinking and drug use,
    mental health issues, etc.

    My belief is our society is collapsing. Soon you will have the 1% and the rest will be in extreme poverty working as slaves for the 1%.

  71. No sorry I’m a 33 year old college drop out and I’m sorry but it’s impossible to find a decent job without a degree. Everything requires a college degree these days unless you’re joining something like the union in construction.

  72. When I was growing up I was always told that the only way to get anywhere in life was to go to university and get a degree. I went right after graduating high school and quickly realized that I didn't really know why I was there. I believe higher education only works for those who have a clear path in their minds of where they want to go and how to get there.

  73. I think smart people will always want to learn. So rather than a move away from college, I predict a brain drain where young will look for opportunities abroad for their education

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