Is time travel Possible for me? An Enlightened Being Answered Only Idiot Poeple Do Time Travel

Is time travel Possible for me? An Enlightened Being Answered Only Idiot Poeple Do Time Travel

From your lease of ancient times to popular movies like interstellar There are mean stories and some seemingly real instances about time travel this time travel really possible If yes, how can I make myself capable of them? You want to go back to the past or future she didn’t tell you These things have been misunderstood very badly because Science and mysticism is coming to you from Hollywood movies, unfortunately in this Culture we’ve had people whom we refer to as three colored nuns There are three dimensions of experience in your life There is something called as past which is a bank of memory within you There is something called as present Which is a living experience right now There is something called as future which is the power of our imagination So your life experience is happening between memory Present experience and imagination the problem with most people is These three things are not clearly distinguished in most human beings This is why Something that happened ten years ago. You can still suffer, isn’t it? Huh? Something that may happen day after tomorrow you already suffer What happened ten years ago or even ten days ago does it exist right now does it exist right now? You talk in terms with me or no, hello does it exist right now? What may happen day after tomorrow does it exist right now No, so if you suffer Something that does not exist Should we call you sane or insane? It’s a question don’t clap to this grace If if you are suffering something that does not exist. Is it sanity or insanity? How many people that you know, including yourself are insane like this they suffer things which don’t exist Nearly 99.99, isn’t it? Happening all the time. So these are all idiots who are doing time travel Time in the yogic sciences modern physics always grapples with these two dimensions time and space or Space and time. That’s how they refer to it In yoga we see we call this color The word color even in tunnel means time But caller also means emptiness Colleague Sam Ellis Franklin : Other Collier I reckon is holding on where am I Arkin? Carly Kala means darkness Darkness means nothing. Is there no light. No nothing. That is empty space Kala means time so we are using the same word for time and space We just have a distinction called kala and Mahakala There is time, which is caused by revolutions of physical dimensions of life when I say revolutions of physical dimensions Everything that’s physical is in a circular moment Whether it’s an atom or it’s a whole cosmos everything is in circular moment the planets the universe’s everything Everything that’s physical Essentially is in circular moment So this is kala the time that you know because of rotation of physical objects If the planet spins once we call it a day if the moon goes around We call it a month if the planet goes around the Sun we call it a year. This is the only way you know time So time that you know is only by cycles there is a time which is beyond physical nature, which is not because of circular motion of physical objects This we call as Mahakala Mahakala includes the space also Generally in modern physics the general understanding is because there is space because there is distance There is time you want to travel from point A to point B you need time, but In the yogic sciences from our experience, we see it like this because there is time there is a possibility of space It’s very beautifully put by Adi okey fifteen over fifteen thousand years ago When these seven sages his first disciples asked him. What is the nature of this cosmos? Where is it begin? Where does it end? How big is it? He laughed and he said your cosmos I can pack it into your mustard seed very efficient packing simple He said you sent our cosmos I can pack it in your mustard seed because It is only a consequence of time the space and the distance is only a consequence of time So we call people trickle AG Nani’s and we also call people As a colleague – that means timeless people People who are timeless timeless means what you’re sitting here right now If I make you sit here for another six hours No, it doesn’t take that much for you if I make you sit here for another two hours Sadhguru At least at least water Okay, drink water drink water meet guru That calls, okay go and come another two hours guru Okay, we give you that after that you don’t ask for mission Your body cycles of time, isn’t it You don’t have to look at the watch if you observe your bladder, you know, how much time? Yes, or no It’s keeping time so Your sense of time right now is only because of your physical identity If you can sit here without any sense of body, then you don’t know time you heard of people who sat for Hours on end days on end. I This happened to me at a certain point when I was Little older than you I was 25 I Just have in one place and suddenly I did not realize time I thought it’s 10 20 minutes about four and a half hours at passed and I was like glowing with ecstasy Then they started happening more often If I just sat in one place, and I think it’s two minutes Hours seven eight hours who’ve just passed away one day I sat down and I thought it’s maybe 25 30 minutes. I was sitting in a rural space around Mysore and When I opened my eyes the big crowd India being what it is the Garland’s around me people are trying to molest my feet Well the hell did you come from Then they say you’ve been sitting here for 13 days. I Thought it’s only twenty five thirty minutes Only when I tried to open my legs, I found my knees were locked up He took a lot of effort to straighten them, but in my experience, I thought it’s only 25-30 minutes But when I say this this may be a little difficult to grasp. But have you noticed on a particular day you are very joyful 24 hours poof went off like 10 minutes. Is that so another day you’re little depressed 24 hours feels like a lifetime Yes or no? time is a very relative experience people say How long a minute is depends on which side of the bathroom though? You are You go there and knock and they say hey just one minute wait One minute

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  1. It is meant in a different way,a Thought has on Energy and It can travel by the Speed off Light!Its Time Travel Named some Times!Its Creasy to go back to the Past,because it’s over for a long Time,but we all live as we ware 3or 5 Years old Kids,still hurt in Mamacara,everybody is stuck in there!Its a Feeling off hopelessnes and Powerless!Even us we now Grown up,the Feeling off not being Loved and a Shook-experience off Powerlessness,does not go away??As Kids we had to survive and had no Choice,but adapting to the Moment!

  2. Ho put the Music to Sathgurus Talk?So Unnecessary,it’s made as it wood be Entertainment,bad choice!How can you concentrate on his Talke??Bad Choice

  3. But the question still remains time travel possible..Are we able to move back from our present like u mentioned into the past(memory) or the future(our imagination)

  4. After hearing these what I had understand guys this man makes a illusion of every questions answer deflecting the question to a moral way not scientific I mean what on earth you can tell time travel is not possible its mean you are proving great scientist like Hawkings and einstine wrong I mean you know better about the which you didnt read also . Bitch people take so many years to come in a conclusion of such complex question and he was just giving his answer. Guys do hard work for years to study and understand astro physics and this sadhguru know better than them.

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