J.K. Rowling Promotes Fake News, YouTuber Loses Scholarship Over Video, and Venezuela In Chaos

J.K. Rowling Promotes Fake News, YouTuber Loses Scholarship Over Video, and Venezuela In Chaos

S’up You beautiful bastards Hope you’re having a fantastic Tuesday. Welcome back to the Philip Defranco show and let’s just jump into it. And the first thing we’re going to talk about today, one of the most requested stories of the day today And that is a story that revolves around Donald Dalahaye. Donald is or I guess rather was a kicker for the university of Central Florida. Now in addition to Donald being a college football player, he’s also a Youtuber, and that’s where the problem in this story starts. And the problem here is money. On Donald’s YouTube channel He makes money from advertisements. And that seems to violate NCAA Rules. NCAA by law 12.4.4 addresses athlete self-employment And it states an athlete may establish his or her own business, provided the student athletes name, photograph, appearance, or athletics reputation are not used to promote the business. And essentially the ad revenue He’s making from YouTube would make him ineligible to play in the NCAA so this story makes national headlines in June when Donald releases a video titled choosing between College football or Youtube they talk about it as simply. I have to make a choice here. They’re not gonna Let me make these videos he says “I feel like I’m on trial”, and after this video comes out there’s lot of outrage that Donald might be kicked from the Team and it also stirs up the debate around why college football players can’t make money. Many saying that’s bullshit. Colleges are making Billions and billions of dollars off of athletes they’re not paying the argument there is they are being paid in education scholarships. If I can insert my opinion here, I think that argument is bullshit. College football is a multi-billion dollar business. Espn is paying 7.3 billion dollars over 12 years this telecast for Bowl games to semi-final Bowl games in the National Championship games. Back in 2014 college football brought in 3.4 billion dollars in Revenue And we’ve got college football coaches like Nick Saban getting 11.1~5 million dollars this year. That makes Nick Saban, a public employee in the same classification as a worker in the DMV, the Highest-paid public official in the country. And just for Comparison’s sake the president of the United States the highest public official of them all makes just four hundred thousand dollars a year. And meanwhile, college football players get “paid” with Scholarships and if you look at the university of central Florida each semester that’s 22 to 23 thousand dollars and that just seems crazy to me That’s my opinion back to the story. So this video and story blow up back in june and looks like the UCF athletics association is trying to work with the NCAA and Daylahaye UCF comes up with this waiver that they submit to the NCAA that would allow Dalahaye to continue making money from his videos but he couldn’t quote: “reference his status as a student-athlete or depict his football skill or ability.” And if he did make videos where he reference being a student-athlete he would just have to demonetize those videos. That was submitted to the NCAA reportedly it was granted. And then it was reportedly that day Daylahaye would not agree to the terms of the waiver So he was then deemed ineligible for the 2017 season and because he could no longer play football he lost his scholarship in response to all of this Donald puts out a video called. I lost my full D1 scholarship because of my Youtube channel. He says there were terms that he just couldn’t agree with UCF released a statement saying Da La Haye chose not to accept the conditions of the waiver and has therefore been ruled ineligible to compete in NCAA sanctioned competition UCF athletics wishes him the best in his future endeavors. And the NCAA Released a statement saying, “Although Donald De La Haye has chosen not to compete any longer as a UCF student-athlete he could have continued playing football For the university and earn money from non-athletic YouTube videos based on a waiver the NCAA granted July 14th. De La Haye decided Not to separate his athletically related videos from non-athletic ones he could monetize which was outlined in the waiver for him to maintain eligibility Contrary to misconceptions making a youtube video, even making money off of it, is not a violation of an NCAA rule And I do have to say I’m torn on this story the restrictions put in place on players, I do find ridiculous. But it also appears that the NCAA and UCF offered him a good Solution over A football career over a free ride to college he’s choosing his Youtube channel which when it’s not surrounded by Controversy can sometimes just get 20,000 views. Sometimes on his more viral videos 300,000 views they just wouldn’t be able to monetize some of them That’s a win in my eyes, and it’s a far bigger give than I thought the NCAa would have given. Well You’re thinking about dollars and cents the true value for you in this position is audience well You wouldn’t able to monetize videos while you’re showcasing that you were a student Athlete and all the stuff where you’re on the field and you’re meeting people and you’re going through the stuff You’d post that grow an audience from that and then in a video where you say you want to inspire people you want to talk? About just people living their lives limit eyes that you were offered a win here and once again I say this thinking that the NcAa rules are stupid talk to a ton of other athletes in the past about this and they have explained how how Incredibly ridiculous the rules are and how controlling organizations all that said? It’ll be interesting to see what happens here if you feel like Donald. De Lahaye is being screwed here, You can go to a gofundme He started for his tuition. He said he wants to continue pursuing his marketing career But needs help paying for college now that he lost his scholarship. He set a goal for over $30,000. Four thousand plus has been raised as of recording this video link to that down below But I do want to pass a question off to You around this story. What do you think it’s kind of a multi-tier question do you think the NCAa rules are stupid? Do you think that Donald should have signed the waiver or no youth support and making a stand here? I just love to know your thoughts in general, so let me know in those comments down below from that I want to share some stuff. I love today and today in awesome Brasi about audible.com Slash Philly D Although of course the fantastic place to get and listen to all of your new favorite books and in coordination with them I am very excited to announce the Defranco book club. Here’s how it works once a month We’re going to go through a book together. Now for this first month where you’re going to be diving into World War z the complete edition I was a fan of the abridged book. I was not a fan of the movie and then this the complete edition is even more on top of The original so I’m excited to go through that with you. And what’s awesome is for this first month You can be a part of this for free when you use audible.com/PhillyD you get a free month membership and a free audiobook so you can download it today for free start listening and then once you’re Done with the book if you want to be a part of one of my videos film a review of the book let me know What your favorite parts were, things you want to talk about with it. You upload it to Youtube use the #DEFRANCOBOOKCLUB in the title or you can post it as unlisted and submit it to Francobookclub.com we’re going to be doing this once a month. It’s community we’re going to decide What books to take on next what’s cool is even if you end up canceling your membership at some point? The book is yours. You’ll be able to listen to it whenever if you want to join in be sure to use audible.com/PhillyD link to that in the description remember you get a 30 day free trial and a free audiobook. And the first bit of awesome is a Person that person is Boogie2988 He’s a friend of myself and the show he is a fantastic Creator and individual he’s going in to have gastric bypass surgery As part of his quest to be a better healthier version of himself. I just want to send love and support His way if you want to join me with that I’ll link to him in the description down below just want to say him sharing his journey like this it’s inspiring watching always been prepping for the sticking to his plan and really showing that it’s never too late to try and better yourself or Get you to where you want to go, so this throwing that out there and the boogie I love you, sir Then we got a new trailer for an original series called mind hunter series of follows two FBI agents trying to understand Serial killer, and there’s this cute little animated short. I just had this share It’s called in a heart you’ve got a tesla model 3 impressions video from MKBHd it looks oz and that said if you want when you’re going to probably have to wait a while because before you order yours tesla is going to have to make the hundreds of thousands that have already been reserved and remember if you want to see the full versions everything I just Shared the secret link of the day anything at all links is always are in the description down below then let’s talk about Jk rowling in the news rowling was part of a large group of people that were outraged at the president after a video came out of him just ignoring a little boy in a wheelchair Rylan quote tweeting this video with a quote from Maya Angelou saying when someone shows you who they are believe abouting trump imitated a disabled reporter now He pretends not to see a child in a wheelchair as though frightened He might catch his condition and she proceeded to rant unless related to him by ties of blood and therefore his Creation are treated with contempt because they do not resemble true My mother used a wheelchair I witnessed people uncomfortable around her disability but if they had a shred of decency They got over so yes that clip of trump looking deliberately over a disabled child’s head ignoring his
Outstretched hands has touched me on the raw that man occupies the most powerful office in the free world and his daily outrages against civilized Norms are having a corrosive effect how stunning and how horrible that trump cannot bring himself to shake the hand of a small boy who? Only wanted to touch the president yes. How truly horrible shouted hundreds of thousands of people if not millions here’s the thing that video that was originally tweeted by ansel herz the deputy communications director for Democratic representative from Milledge a appalled that was a video that was edited to misrepresent the situation And you can easily verify that it was edited that way because the white house official YouTube page on july 24th posted the full video when he first walked into the room the first person He walks up to is the little boy in the wheelchair he leans down to his level they have a little back-And-forth It seemed and the mother of the little boy went on her Facebook and wrote If someone can please get a message to Jk rowling I’m didn’t stub my son and month he wasn’t even trying to Shake his hand One he’s three and and shaking is not his thing to he was just showing off his newly acquired secret Service patch Shanks after more and more people realize that this is happening on sorors tweet Deleted an earlier tweet Because it turned out to be missing some context apologies and then it took two and a half more days before Jk Rowling tweeted about the and she finally said guarding my tweets by the small boy in a wheelchair whose proffered hand the president appeared to Ignore press footage hopeful sources have informed me that that was not a full or accurate representation of their interaction I very clearly projected my own sensitivities around the issue of disabled people being overlooked or ignored on to the images I saw and if that caused any distress through that boy or his family I apologize unreservedly these tweets will remain But I will delete the previous ones on the subject and that response and deletion brings us to a point I feel like we find ourselves in more and more these days riling is taking the blame here She is admitting fault she’s apologizing to the family although many people are saying why are you just? apologizing to the family made accusations against the president that were false your Promotion of that false video that out of context video or tweet was retweeted over 76 thousand Times Millions of people saw this false information And you apologized but far fewer people are seeing the truth far fewer people are seeing the apology your apology thread in Comparison has one point four thousand retweets and personally I have to say rallying looks ridiculous to me here She apologizes but not to the victim the target of her attack But instead just to the people she used as poems or weapon I do also feel like this is a trend with JK Rowling she sees a headlines you see the top-level story without diving deeper, and she just perpetuates that she promotes it She goes to war for we saw her do that with the Pewdiepie wall Street journal Story And I say this and I feel like I have to say there’s once every week or every two weeks Donald Trump is my president, but he’s not like that you want to hit down the trump There are a ton of different ways to hit Donald trump Have you seen what’s happening in the white house when you swing wild like this you look silly trying to perpetuate a story that Donald Trump hates handicapped kids you hurt your own argument. You make yourself look silly You make people skeptical of what you have to say net most importantly you’re giving your enemies the weapons they so crave I feel like this could have been an open-And-shut story if she had also Apologized through the target of her attack and not just the people she was using to perpetuate a message And I feel like I could have actually been in rawlings Corner here And said this is what we need more of people taking ownership of their mistakes you just apologizes for using that family and not for Misleading the public not not doesn’t apologize to her target this makes me realize she’s playing in the mud just like all those other people That she seems to hate and then let’s talk about what can really only be described as the insane Clusterfuck that is Venezuela Venezuela has elected a new governing body which really appears to be more of a dictatorship opposition leaders are being pulled from their homes and the money in Venezuela is now worth less than World of Warcraft gold, and so I’m going to try and explain how we’ve gotten to this point Let’s start all the way back in 1998 Venezuela Elects Hugo Chavez to be President Chavez had a strictly socialist Interpretation of how the government should be the implemented policies over the years towards that goal in 2001 Chavez manages to Pass 48 new laws that help him redistribute land and wealth and keeps going and going in 2006 he was a third presidential election this with 67% of the vote then begins to nationalize many industry and fueled a lot of his plans with Venezuela’s massive oil reserve the price of oil is skyrocketing at the time and that in turn allows him to spend so much money on Social programs, and it’s not like Venezuela was a utopian paradise at this time But they had a high standard of living especially compared to their neighbors so Chavez keeps Rolling. He wins the 2012 presidential election with 53% of the vote but then in 2013 Chavez died and so in walks his successor the winner of the next election Nicolas Maduro He barely wins the election, but he went so now it’s 2014 oil prices are at an all-time low economy is straining in our massive protests in 2015 all the sudden Opposition leaders are arrested because quote they were planning to attempt a coup and assassinate Maduro although they deny this then January 2016 something big happens the opposition to Maduro a coalition called democratic unity win Two-thirds majority in their parliament the call it National assembly and because of this majority they can block legislation But then the Venezuela Supreme court which was widely appointed by Maduro They reportedly put pressure on three members of democratic unity in the national assembly and forced them to resign so this deprives Democratic unity of a two-thirds majority he then jumped to 2017 where the economy is in shambles there are food shortages There are people starving according to a 2016 living conditions study 75 percent of Venezuelans are losing a concerning amount of weight then Mass protests began starting with several thousand then hundreds of thousands then million and in March and early april the Opposition to Maduro claimed that the supreme court is attempting a coup this because the supreme court took away legislative power from the National Assembly and gave it to Themselves in a response to this there are even more massive protests and in April Several people died in clashes with security Forces and so Maduro starts arming socialist members with firearm claiming he’s doing this to quote protect the revolution Government is also issuing Chavista card these giving rewards and benefits It’s united socialist party of Venezuela members not opposition some of those benefits include food essentially saying if you’re with me you can eat and june rolls around a Maduro plans to hold a vote for a Constituent Assembly the constituent assembly would be a new parliament and this new thing would have the power to change the constitution removed elected officials Institution this results in even more protests and from these protests many more protesters died according to some reports 140 people have died six were under the age of 18 over 1,000 injured 862 reported arrests against protesters and an additional 431 were arrested for political statements and that takes us to the insanity of the vote that happened Sunday on Sunday Venezuela held the vote to elect the constituent assembly this election was widely seen as a way to bypass the 2017 election for Mayors a 2018 election for the Presidency is because it looks like the socialist party would lose both of these elections because the party approval right now Is around 20% and a major problems in constituent Assembly? Is there was never a referendum? If this should happen in the first place Maduro would simply declare that there would be a vote for members and personally I have to Say it’s hard to view that is anything other than insane. That’s like It’s president Donald trump said congress doesn’t exist anymore senate house of representatives never heard of it by the way There’s this new thing called trump parliament It can change the constitution and you get you can vote for who is a part of it now Oh, and by the way my party, and I were going to nominate essentially everyone what that would be insane So that’s why too many. It seems like this is an obvious power grab to take over the national assembly and a separate non-binding referendum Millions of Venezuelans voted against a constitutional rewrite reportedly 7.5 million people voted in that so then the vote happens for the constituent assembly and the numbers are all over the place Eventually the government says 8 million people voted Roughly 41 percent of the eligible population but that number has been disputed by the opposition and international observers they claim the vote was actually closer to 2.5 million people who’s also claimed the government workers were highly pressured to go vote or risk losing their benefits was also reported that 14 of the 21 audits for the automated system for voting were skipped all so nearly all other Regulations on the vote were skip people could vote anywhere and never had to prove that they were who they said they were available ink Is usually used to mark voters and with skip this time and additionally it seemed like the rules for the election were skewed and Maduro Is favored as in being a representative vote you know, we’re popular vote win if in a specific vote they use Consolidated vote cities had one delegate to be voted for state cap Had tools a student worker and indigenous groups were given a vote as well It was being groups that heavily favored Maduro so that also meant that places of heavy opposition like Raqqa Caracas a capital despite having a vast chunk of the population Only gets two votes and even with Caracas’ two votes those end up getting canceled out because the student groups and the worker groups in Caracas also get a vote now in response to all of this foreign nations such as Canada, Spain, the United States of America, they have officially Stated they will not recognize decisions made by this constituent assembly that is likely to Heavily affect trade with Venezuela in addition more sanctions were enacted by the Eu in the United States and in response to that Maduro said They don’t intimidate the threats and sanctions of the Empire don’t intimidate me for a moment I don’t listen to orders from the empire not now or ever anon more sanctions Donald trump and so in response to this vote opposition forces called for more protests this week It’s also been reported that two of the opposition leaders that were already under house arrest Shortly after the vote they were taken from those homes And no one knows where they are and so of course this is resulting in more opposition And it’s going to be so interesting To see what happens from here because these new sanctions are going to put Venezuela in a very odd position I mentioned briefly that Venezuelan economy was kind of fucked, oil is 50% of Venezuela is GDP It’s 90 percent of its exports, oil prices have plummeted from $100 a barrel to just $49 a barrel. Venezuela is reportedly nearly out of its dollar reserve and the inflation problem in Venezuela is Insane while the official rate is still one u.s.. Dollar to ten Bolivar Venezuela’s currency on the Black market which is where the currency is actually exchanged in may one us dollar went for 279 Bolivar then in June that went from one us dollar to 408 and as of today on dollar today Which is an online site to exchange currency between the United States and Venezuela. It is one us dollar to Twelve thousand, 197 Boulevard to give you an idea of how insane that is in world of warcraft a video game, an imaginary World for one u.s. dollar you can get 6,000 to 8,500 gold in a virtual world where there is an Infinite amount of currency and these new sanctions the protests that Chaos its most likely only going to get worse So that’s where we are today Obviously there are other things that have happened during this course of time and honestly I have no idea What is going to happen? We’re just going to have to wait and see but if you look at this, it does look like the recipe for something horrible That’s actually where I’m going to end today’s show remember if you liked this video, you like what I try and do on this channel Hit that like button if you’re new here hit that subscribe button also if you missed yesterday’s Philip Defranco show you Wanna catch up click or tap right there to watch that or if you want to see the newest behind the scenes vlog, click or tap right there to Watch that, but that said of course as always. My name is Philip Defranco. You’ve just been filled in, I love Yo faces, and I’ll see you tomorrow

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  1. I agree, not letting college football players make money is total bullshit. A 4 year Ivy league college doesn't even cost a million and this multi- billion dollar business says the player can't make money because of a scholarship. A lot of those people end up having to pay out of pocket for their schooling anyways. My family used to love football, now we are disgusted by it and refuse to watch it.
    Note: I was never able to finish college because of health reasons so to be fair I'm not sure what the cost of college would be in 2017, my knowledge is from a few years back.

  2. Sorry but if you sign an agreement you need to stand by it. If he did not want to honor it he should have brought it up before he sign up. Lets face it sometimes you have to make a decision. Accept or not your choice. People will find many decisions that they do not agree with. If you don't agree don't sign the agreement and then break your word. No one put a gun to your head to force you to sign. it was your decision. If you did not agree with it you should not have signed and broke your word when it was convenient.. You should have protested the issue up front honestly and made your decision based on the outcome.

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  7. He should have signed the waiver if he thinks college is that important that he would lower himself to start begging for money. He's just being lazy. Trying to get a free ride without all the work playing football would have brought him. Don't give him any money… he had a perfect solution that he discarded and instead wants you to pay for his tuition. 🖕

  8. As a UCF student I can attest to how much our president cares and how much he was willing to work with this student. I think it was a stupid publicity stunt to not sign the waiver

  9. I’m literally doing a whole report for university on Venezuela’s economic crisis and this is brilliant for new sources and debate. Thank you!

  10. NCAA rules are bull crap. Its modern day slavery. I actually think if the NCAA is making money off their ball players they should be paid by the NCAA according to how much the NCAA took in that year.

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  12. You question why the player wouldn't sign what appears to be a "good" compromise agreement, allow me to explain my situation.  I am a lecturer/teacher in a niche, but in demand, field.  I also write textbooks as well as fiction and non-fiction books, and I produce my own hand designed patterns for crocheting, knitting, embroidery and sewing.  All of these things earn me what my mum calls "pin money" (it isn't as much money as people think.  The best income is from the commissioned clothing items and embroidery pictures but I usually charge as cost plus 10%.  If I charge more I sell less. 
    I was contacted by a local college and asked if I wanted a job teaching – I went in to discuss the job and the contract I was presented with had the following clauses – "all rights to [my] intellectual property, past, present and future, of whatever type will be transferred to [hod's name] in perpetuity, including all monies earned from these items from the date of signature".That little gem was slipped in on the 3rd page and is one of the reasons that I told her where she could stick the job.Let's be honest, I would have been an idiot to sign such a contract.No-one could understand why I turned the job down until I explained.  So there may be more to the contract the player was offered that we know.

  13. Don’t play college football then. The rules are that. Not all schools have a huge budget. Also, that money goes to pay for those scholarships, and to subsidies other areas of the school. Play minor league football. You can’t play NFL, but you can play football, just no in the NFL.

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  17. I support him taking a stand but not the go fund me. Every other student is paying tuition. You can either take a stand or you should have taken the waver or take out loans like every other student. It's not right to use your status to get money for tuition but it could be used for anything.

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  26. I'm a tad bit confused I should probably go watch his videos but if majority of his content is about him being a student-athlete and his life whether on the field or off the field is still making money off of the fact that he has a scholarship and a football career right like how do you demonetize your life right telling someone that you can't write about your passion and make money off that passion because you go to a school who isn't paying you to work on that passion or I'm sorry they're paying him in education education that he's so going to use if he gets fired from the freaking NFL okay yeah that's so useful but anyway you're pretty much telling someone to make videos on things that they may not be so passionate about and if you're not passionate about your videos they won't get as many views as the ones you're passionate about and he's getting views on the ones he's passionate about was just so happened to be football this is messed up on all levels messed up that's just my outside view without looking at his videos

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  33. I know this is an old vid but Donald Trump DID mock a disabled man… so her statement that it shows who is isn't wrong. Yes, he went up to the boy, which was great, but that doesn't delete his mistake of mocking Hawking. She didn't need to apologize. No one owes anyone that. But yes, Trump is my president too, but definitely not my guy as well. 🤷‍♀️

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  38. Don't get me started on Rowling. Used to really like her, but then the HP series degraded wildly in quality and I started following her on twitter and saw so much hypocrisy and even instances of what looked like bigotry that I was thoroughly disenchanted. I moved on, everyone else should, too.

  39. It’s absolutely disgusting that Venezuela’s currency is worth less then World of Warcraft gold. I play WoW and I know how bad the economy was in WoD. Imagining that issue becoming real and worse is disgusting. It makes me sick to my stomach

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  41. YES! it is possible that those idiots from the Politics actually they will create Internet like a PRIVATE PROPERTY kind of like SHOPPING MALLS (they are not public places! are owned by someone) that's why in a MALL you can be recorded you can be banned and basically you have no RIGHT! It looks like a PUBLIC place but is not! Step by step will be less and less space. The proble is when AI will take over, the ONLY place that can fight AI if goes wrong (and it will) is the Anonymous network..Good luck HUMAN RACE!

  42. 1:17 It is Bullshit everybody is in it for the money! what you think they study at college? to become pigeon farmers? no! to get better-paid jobs! so much hypocrisy

  43. 2:03 I like how you say THAT'S my OPINION! and I like that! because all too often all the TV anchors try to NOT have an opinion! How come anybody will not have an opinion? only idiots have no opinions or ZOMBIES..are a lot of zombies walking asleep around us having no idea the blanket over their eyes

  44. I am anti Trump but even that tweet hacked me off because that attention Drumpf gave was one of the only things I liked about him. You, sir, are eloquent and give clarity. You have a new subscriber

  45. "Some of you may die, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make" a funny quote in a 2001 movie, a sad reality in Venezuela.

  46. I I'm not sure if sanctions are productive in this type of situation. Maduro and his people will eat, sanctions or not. The rest of the people, many will starve. The only possible benefit of sanctions is to force the starving people to protest.

  47. You guys want to know the big reason why JK Rowling is like this and been like this? It's because of this one tweet on her Twitter(I heard and seen it, but I don't have a Twitter account) that she has been keeping in her mind since then after bashing Trump for a while: "I guess it's true, you can lead a girl to books about the rise and fall of an autocrat, but you can't make her think." Well JK, you're NOT thinking clearly and your fans are proving to you that you aren't since the beginning of your non stop Trump-bashing. That includes other celebrities who fans have stop supporting after they bash Trump for nothing.

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