Job Roles For Librarian –  Periodical Librarian,Category Librarian,Library Collections

Job Roles For Librarian – Periodical Librarian,Category Librarian,Library Collections

Hello All..This is Apoorva from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers today i will be talking to you about the Job Role of Librarian people say librarians are the search engines of the Library bearing that great patience memory and Knowledge so what more does a Librarian do ,,? let us take a deep look into this There are many individuals who take a leap and desire
to become a librarian. This is quite an interesting and rewarding journey as a librarian. The
collection and managing of books is well achieved with the help of a librarian. Magazines, papers,
journals, books, newspapers, electronic documents and lot more are well managed and organized
by him. They gain the opportunity to talk with children and guide them with the required
information. They are ones who are able to share their information and assist the ones
who approach a library. The basic requirement for becoming a librarian
is to first obtain an undergraduate degree. Along with that a master of library science
degree is to be obtained to become a librarian. The course includes cataloging, library collections,
library management, research methods, reference resources and library collections. The main
responsibility of librarians is day to day service in the library in schools, colleges,
universities and companies. A perfect customer service skill as well as confidence for using
of computers for research purpose is mandatory. They take up the responsibility and help the
students, staff and faculty in picking the right materials for study and also recommending
them with other resources they require. They also help in teaching them with perfect computer
skills and usage of library. When one looks for librarians from the employment
point of view, the opportunities are vast. Librarians can gain jobs in colleges, schools
and university libraries with a handful of salary. In the same manner public libraries,
corporate libraries, social media centers, company libraries and other private libraries
are places where job opportunities are available. The salary range for librarians varies according
to their designation. Assistant librarians get a pay of 15,600 to 39100, library assistants
get a pay of 9300 to 34800, junior library assistant get a pay of 5200 to 20200 and deputy
librarian earns about 15600 to 39100. These are the mentioned pay as per government rules,
private libraries can gain you more or less. When looking out for government library jobs
there are many in number where a few include government run educational institutions, schools,
colleges and universities. • Indian law institute library
• staff selection commission of eastern region
• Indian institute of science education and research
• Guru Angaddev veterinary and animal sciences • national institute of technology
• Indian agricultural research institute • Delhi subordinate services selection board
• Ministry of information and broadcasting • Delhi university
And lot more government sectors have librarian openings.
Almost all private schools and international schools, universities and colleges require
qualified and experienced librarians for their field. In that manner a few private institutes
are • teachers tree Delhi
• Ducate Bhopal • DAV global school
• Woxsen school of business • Dawn school Chennai
• PP international school Pitampura Delhi Librarians are dedicated and extremely passionate
where they try their best to help others by getting them the information they require.
In order to present one as a good librarian, good communication and organizational skills
are mandatory. Almost all librarians should possess sound general knowledge and basic
knowledge of their field. thus librarians are the front line soldiers in the war of illiteracy and lack of imagination and can be one of the best job for you guys we will be back with more such videos so stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button below

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  1. rajasthan me is course ko karne wale berojghar hokar gum rahe hai, jo lage hue hai unka shoshan ho raha hai net qualified 10000 rs. me job kar rahe hai……

  2. mam on this time iam doing m.lib from ambedkar university n also doing pgdca course
    now how can i get job after doing m.lib
    and also how can i got information of job vacancies in this field
    plz help me out

  3. Hello mam I am SHANKAR YALLAL I have done m. Lib how to work in Library management, on software
    I search librarian job
    Please send me job details any were in India
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