Kiss Me I’m Desperate

Kiss Me I’m Desperate

(cheerful music) – Anywhere?
– Yeah! (loud shouting in background) – I’mma kiss you on the mouth.
– Okay. – Right? (kissing) – [Offscreen] Got it. (female laughter) (kissing) – [Offscreen] Got it. – L.A. Rocks! (kissing)
Thank you. (kissing)
Thank you very much. No!
(loud smooching) (cheering in background) Oh! (light kiss)
Thank you. See that? (shouting) Told you, mom! – If you catch any hot girls, let me know, ’cause I wanna kiss too, man! – Yeah, well hopefully I don’t catch anything from hot girls. Hi, hello. – Hi, just a little bit to the right. (snorting) – Holy crap! – [Passerby] Oh, shoot! (laughter) – Thank you very much.
– Uh huh. – Thank you — oh, on this side too? – Yeah, I’ll kiss you on the mouth too. – Oh, yeah! (exaggerated kissing)
Thank you! (laughter) – Two!
(exaggerated kissing) – I love your eyes. – Oh, thank you. (cheerful music) – Really? – Not in the place that you want. – That’s fine. – What? What do you mean? – Maybe you want it on the lips, boy. – Okay, well I’ll take what I can get. (cheerful music) Thank you, thank you very much! – You’re a natural!
– Thanks, I try. – Muah!
(laughter) – Look at that. That’s not
somethin’ that happens every day. It should. (cheerful music) (pretend kissing noise)
– Thank you very much. Excellent, take a picture of it? – [Offscreen] Do like this? – Oh, come on, mom. I think you may have missed it again. We may have to do it,
like, eight more times. (exaggerated kissing)
Thank you. (kisses dog loudly) Thank you. Thank you, I appreciate it. – Desparate, okay.
– Just kiss him. (dramatic kissing, laughter)
– Thank you. Thank you. – Oh! Kiss me, I’m desparate? Okay! – Oh!
– [Offscreen] Oh no, bro! (laughter, kissing)
Thank you. – You’re welcome! (cheerful music) – I’m out. I will commit to this joke. I will walk all the way
down the pier if I have to. Mmm. (woman talking offscreen) Thank you. Was it really that bad? – No. – Where are you guys from? – Australia. – Australia? What was your name? – Courtney. – Courtney? Well you’re
very beautiful, Courtney. So, thank you very much. Have a good day! – [Offscreen] C’mon, go Alyssa! No, come on Alyssa! (disgruntled) Alyssa. (shouting) Alyssa! Are you sure? Are you sure? Oh no, she’s, oh, what? Thank you guys, thank you. (girls giggling) That just worked perfectly. I am so happy right
now, I can go back home. Thank you guys for watching this video, make sure you like it, you share it, you subscribe to this channel, make sure you share this
video with all your friends, follow me on Twitter, all the good stuff, and, yeah, watch the latest video. (cheering) – [Offscreen Megaphone] Come on in! (ambient techno)

100 thoughts on “Kiss Me I’m Desperate

  1. This woulda been a lot better if, like, two seconds in someone ran up with a bicycle chain and hit him in the face with it, then there was just like… 4 more minutes of that.

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  5. Benevolent girls won't stick tongues to an ugly guy. Still a Desperado after so many smooches tells different story on him

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