Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program at Stanford University

Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program at Stanford University

When we asked ourselves the question
what could Stanford do to make a better contribution to the world we quickly
converged on building a scholarship program that would bring the most
talented students and prepare them to be leaders in the world. To lead on
attacking the important problems we face, whether they’re climate change, healthcare,
income disparities, poverty around the world, peace and security. The Knight-
Hennessy Scholars program brings the very best students from around the world to study at Stanford in any discipline they’re interested in and helps prepare them to be world leaders. It is the preeminent scholarship program. You’ll get
the best and brightest young men and women from around the world who will receive a
graduate education at the world’s best university. When this program is
established we will be training and educating a hundred scholars every year. It will be
the largest graduate scholarship program focused on all disciplines at any
university in the world. The Knight-Hennessy scholarship program
is open to students studying in all disciplines because we believe there are opportunities
for important leadership in every walk of life. This will make a difference because problems
don’t come in neat disciplinary packages. They come with the need to bring people
from across disciplines, across schools. And the students who come here will have access
to the full complement of professional schools. I loved the idea of studying at a university where
the different schools talk to each other. It’s amazing to me that I can learn about the physiology
of the human body during the morning and then in the afternoon take a cost effectiveness
class at the business school. The value of being at Stanford is really the deep
breadth of resources and people available. For example the issue of climate change I’ve been
able to draw upon so many different programs and opportunities to engage as a
researcher, to engage as a scientist or a policymaker, to really have the chance to see
some of these issues first hand. One of the things we’re really enthusiastic about this program is it’s bringing of great
students from all around the world. This is a program that’s located in the
United States but on the Pacific Rim at a place where people from all different
civilizations and parts of the world come together. Stanford really values that diversity of its student body and that means not just your nationality or race but your ideology and your philosophy. It’s a place where difference
is opportunity and its cherished. My business school class is about 40%
international students. I think we all learned so much from each other both in
and outside of the classroom. We sit in the cradle of innovation – the place where
the world changes constantly and we bring that innovative, entrepreneurial spirit to everything we do. The modern world is an incredible source of innovation
and Stanford stands at the center of that creating new companies, schools of thought,
prize-winning professors, inspired art and literature, miracle drugs and amazing
graduates. I can’t think of any place I’d rather be a graduate student
than here in California, especially in Silicon Valley where there’s so much opportunity so much innovation
happening around you and it’s all within arms reach. At Stanford
we’ve always tried to encourage people to take innovations, to take new ideas, to
put them to use for the betterment of humankind. And the Knight-Hennessy fellows will both benefit from
that and contribute to that long tradition of innovation in the service of humankind. Stanford is a place where we believe
innovation has an important role to solve global problems. We are optimists
about making the future better and we seek scholars who want to join that optimistic setting and who want to make their contributions to the world. They’ll become foreign ministers, Prime Ministers, innovative scientists, leading business people. This program
will very simply change the world.

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  2. Hi Stanford. I do not know if Africans are sponsored. I am an athlete from Kenya. I wanted to know if i could be sponsored.

  3. i thought there would be more comments… I found out about this video from the Revisionists History Podcast. I can't say I am impressed by Stanford or this "World Changing" program. I suppose us little people should just sit by and watch as the brilliant minds at Stanford change the world for us. By the time Condaleezz Rice comes on it's hard to even keep my lunch down… I wonder if they tried to get George Bush in there also??. The amount of money given to fund this program is obscene.. it will educate a very small group of people… I wonder if this post will be taken off. Anyway there it is.

  4. This sounds like an amazing program. I cannot wait to see what people to do with this program in the future!!

  5. Totally i loved Stanford University just like amezing enviroment helps you to learn more, to be allowed being hardworker…

  6. Nice way to prepare people to leade the world, to solve all the problems, to get us to the development way, to do that we have to do. This is one home of the intelectual elite.

  7. i would really like to enter the program, i will try, but if it isen´t to me it´s well, always trying to do my best and enjoy the eternal present.

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