Leaders of Learning | HarvardX on edX | Course About Video

Leaders of Learning | HarvardX on edX | Course About Video

SPEAKER 1: Leaders of
Learning has changed the way that I think about learning. SPEAKER 2: It’s forcing me to
really get more concrete about what I think learning is. And anything that pushes
me is something I enjoy. SPEAKER 3: The world of
learning is changing rapidly and I want to be a part of it. RICHARD ELORE: For people who
are interested in learning as an individual and a social
activity, the next few decades are going to be the most
interesting in our history. SPEAKER 4: You’re already an educator. Any time you come into
contact with someone else, there’s an opportunity for learning. RICHARD ELORE: This
course is for people who are considering the learning sector. Broadly defined here as
all the possibilities that are available for
individuals to engage in learning in the future
in a digital culture, plus the organized schooling sector. SPEAKER 1: It is really important to
think about the way that we learn. And we don’t often
give ourselves the time to really take a step back and
learn about our own learning. SPEAKER 5: Well, the role I want
to play in the future of learning is to really allow the individuals to
explore their interest, their passion. RICHARD ELORE: Leaders
of Learning asks you to commit to understanding yourself
at a deeper level and your beliefs about learning. And to consider the type of
organization you would like to lead. SPEAKER 5: I think everyone
should take Leaders of Learning. For me, taking this course
has really opened my mind to thinking about
learning in and of itself. RICHARD ELORE: Join us as we
explore the future of learning.

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  1. There should be a button to help a person have access the course directly from here. Not everyone, after watching this video will want to go looking for the course on your website. Just something to think about.

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