Learning How To Cook Pasta! w/ 39Daph & AngelsKimi

Learning How To Cook Pasta! w/ 39Daph & AngelsKimi

Yes I’m not wearing this…this is different. It’s just also yellow. I like red and yellow. McDonald’s you know, red and yellow. McDonald’s? Hamburger I’m today morning go to the AM 6, go to the McDonald’s. McDonald’s? Y-y-yes! Why? Um, hungry Ohhh So I go to the, um, McDonald’s and I’m, uh, what is this? Hamburger? McMorning? This is sausage and cheese and egg. Did you like Yes. Yes, very sweet and soft. Good. KKona diet Maybe, we’re friend Ah! Kimi! Ohhh!!! Hi!!!!!! We are so colorful! We actually are, Oh, Elmo! We two swtiched, now you’re Buttercup. I’m, uh, I don’t know what this is. Oh my god! I am Buttercup, now! I dont know what this is. B****! Get out the way. F***…freaking stupid head! Okay Hair in door, oh my god! My hair, my hair! What the F***?! Oh my god! Oh, Daph! Oh oh oh saved saved Okay saved saved saved Thank you so much. Have a good day. Thank you. Ah, here! Ohhh! This store. Wow! Looks good. Oh okay Okay, let’s go this cart. Very cute. What is this? Two floor Two floor? One floor, two floor In Korea use just one floor. Oh America big…everything big. Ah Yeah yeah Are we making pasta? Yes yes good. I don’t know…I don’t know what you buy with pasta though. Um pasta Pasta Pasta Oh, that’s true. Kimi, can you confirm how many… Oh genius! Genius Kimi. Do you just want to make spaghetti? Okay good Spaghetti? Yeah What could go wrong? That’s true. What do we need for the sauce? sauce sauce Oh, it’s right here. Pepega Cadia…vodka? Want drunk? No!! Kimi, you want drunk? …No no no no No? Okay Maybe later, but not right now. Okay Ice cream! Yeah, we can get some? Oh shit Vanilla vanilla vanilla vanilla vanilla Vanilla ice cream Are you lactose intolerant? I am, but it’s fine. Okay, I’m lactose intolerant too, but it’s really worth it. Yeah exactly…I don’t mind shitting… Oh, what is this? So I got a pound of ground meat. Ohhhhh! Apparently this is…this is from cows raised in Australia who are…who are raised by the riverside and fed grass and herbs. They told you that? Yeah Uhh, should we get extra virgin olive oil? Yeah…I don’t know go…go. Yes Oh, so expensive! Ooh $3…perfect $3? Why does it say unrefined though? Probably it’s like gutter oil, unrefined. Gutter Like they scoop it out of the sewer. That’s how they make oil in China. no no no Get it! It’ll boost your immune system. Okay! Ice cream! $100? Oh yeah yes yes yes Oh my god! One one..one one hand, okay? One hand share, one hand share Yes I always get freaked out going down an escalator without holding onto like the rail, like you know? I’ll hold on to you. Daph!!! Wallet, what is this? Huh? Forgot wallet Forgot wallet, whose wallet? Do you have your wallet? I don’t know Where’s your wallet? Jebaited Ahhh!!! Oh my god! Hi!!! Chat!!! This is fire. This is maybe washing machine. This is, uhm, water machine. Sink…sink Sink sink sink…uhm uhm okay This is Kimi. This is Daph. Okay okay okay Eww…ugh ugh…gross Agh, this is also gross. These American drinks are disgusting. Wait, you’re Canadian? Uhm huh Ohhh…oh my god guys! What? From Korea, Canada, and America Oh my god! We’re all from different places. Wow! I don’t know dude. I’ve never cooked in my life. What is this? How open? Can you open this? Okay What the f*** is this? What? How do you open this? Okay, my turn. okay Okay, uhm, you see? Yeah Yes, I, oh twist it all the way. You can? No, it doesn’t Oh, what? wha… Why? Oh good good good… Oh no no no no no, I’m scared. I’m scared. I’m scared. I’m scared… Hey, you washing? Oh yeah Why no washing onion? Hey! We take the meat and the onion and the sauce, and we cook it in the other pan while the pasta boils. Yeah? OHH! AH! Before I leave, I need Daph’s hand Wait, what? Why? What is this? This is just a test. What is this? Is it downloading my DNA sequence? Okay, first question, do you like Twitch chat? Oh, am I supposed to answer? Oh yeah yeah yes It was so weird. Eww She hate! She hates oh no oh no Wait, how does it know? Oh no! Wait, you hate too. I don’t. No Oh no no no, gotta go gotta go meet and greet. Oh my god, so…such a rush! I don’t know. I don’t know. Wahh, what the… Okay. Ow my eyes! Is it… I think this is enough, right? Yeah Okay Go go to the pan? yeah pan Go to the pan? Okay. Oh wtf smoke! Wtf smoke smoke smoke! No no no no don’t turn the heat off. ah ah The smoke is from the water. Oh okay Oil Ow my eye! Ahh! Add pasta go? Ye ye yeah Oh okay This is one people. I don’t know. I don’t know. No no, this is one people. I know. I know. Oh okay. Good good good Are you okay? Oh yes yes yes yes Just one just one just… Hey one more one more okay okay Don’t break. Don’t break. Don’t break. They said don’t break. ye ye yeah wait…yeah, okay Okay Oh your onion. Ah, your…ah okay Is this enough? Good good good Wait, spatula! Spatula! It’s gonna be uneven. Lower heat, okay. Oh, more oil more oil. Now oil Mix pasta mix pasta Ahhh! Ye ye yeah…perfect perfect good good good…good good Pog Chat, they don’t have a vent. Oh, they do! – Where is the vent? Ahhhh… Where is it? I’s not here. It doesn’t turn on. Where is Oh really? Oh Oh Oh Where vent? You you reading English. Okay okay okay. This..this is the microwave. This is the…Oh Little test Hey! Oh sorry. Very weak Eww, this is not… No? Not… Pasta’s fine. Pasta’s fine. Add sauce now? Ye ye yeah Go go mix mix Mix? Okay mix. COGGERS COGGERS Perfect pasta! Oh oh oh, oh this place is very eye hurt. yeah Yes Ohhh! There’s a cap. Ohhh!!! good good good Perfect, Daph, perfect! Good Be careful. Be careful. Okay, cooking momma. Call me this. Please don’t drop, okay? Please don’t drop noodle! Now what? Oh my god! Add to the sauce, just like this? Sauce? Oh Oh Wow! Good pasta! Okay done. Done, really? I think. I don’t know. Done? Chat, done? Finally! Spaghetti Spaghetti!!! Ready! It’s okay. Good? It’s okay. Yeah yeah yeah, try it. Try it. Yeah? Why good? No not good, but like not bad, you know? It’s…we didn’t die. Alive good. Really good, hey! Oh, you…it’s good? Yeah Ohh! Uh, first…first taste is spaghetti and next taste is…onion. Just yes taste It’s okay. It’s okay. Just yes We did it! Rate out of 10. Out of 10 10? 10 is what is this? 10? 10 is very good. 0 is very very bad. Ah number! Ah score! You think score? Your score what number? 5.7 out of 10. This drink is… This drink is disgusting. 7…7 score Ewww! This is negative 5. No, good good. -5 No no 7 No -7 7 and this spaghetti is 4. 4? Ice cream! Yay! We have ice cream, chat. God, thank you. God, thank you. God, thank you. Thank you. We have ice cream. Oh my god! Why green? Why green? Pistachio Green green color Okay, ready? Ready Cheers! 3,2,1 It’s vegan. Vegan, what is this? Oh, coconut milk. Not real milk. That’s why tastes kind of weird. This is better. This spaghetti is better. What the hell ice cream? Pistachio, I don’t know. Dairy free, so I don’t poo poo. So, you like this? Yeah Okay try It’s okay. It’s tea. oh okay, sorry. Oh no WTF taste, really? Maybe because you just ate this and this is sweet. WTF drink? Wait, you’re eating it, what if diarrhea, liquid poo poo? Are you… What if? Thank you. My meal time now broken. Thank you so much for happy meal. Thank you. Thank you! Thank you We did it. We cooked. Really bad, but we did it. Nobody died. We we okay, it’s okay. Thank you so much. I’m happy. My arm. Wait, look at my arm. Ooh what the…what the hell? what the hell? Ah monkaS monkaS Oh Daph! Oh present? Yes, this is your present, uh, birthday. Thank you! Thank you. Can I look right now? Yeah yeah yes yes yes of course Ohh masks!! Yes! Skincare! Ohh! This is eyeshadow, right? Yes yes yes yes Makeup…makeup hell yeah! Did you wrap this? What? Did you wrap this? Earphone? You you wrap this? You wrapped it? Ahh! What is this? Oh, its for taking, taking pictures, right? Yeah yeah yeah yeah Look It’s like a , it’s like a… Lens …selfie dlc. Yeah lens. Lens yes Thank you Wide lens and plus, uh, light light. Thank you You like it? Uh huh, thank you. Yeah yeah yeah Good! Everything good, yeah! Okay chat Bye bye Last message please. Bye bye Just bye bye Donate to…uh, use your prime sub on Hachu. Make su…if you can add your amazon prime to your twitch you can use it as a free sub!

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  1. Me prior to finding HAchubby TV: Lol i can't believe that there are so many simps on twitch, kinda sad ngl.

    Me now: Omygard why perfect OwO

    Disclaimer: This is a satirical comment, not to be taken seriously. I still think simps are pathetic beings

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