1. Just me who saw the Tik Tok symbol down there and trying to read to find the user and try to see the video before ??

  2. What on Earth are you doing up at this time of night? :O
    0:53 In hindsight, I think you were right, but hey! As long as you had fun, and it looked like you did.
    6:03 Oh, come on!
    9:12 As long as it doesn't get you into trouble…

  3. Don't worry Cheyenne, every person that is good in dancing learned like that 💙💙 and also, listen a b-boy, you have moves 😉
    Can i ask you a sincere question? Listening to the beat helps a lot to anticipate the tempo.. can you hear some of the beat? Or you just follow the moves?

  4. Girl that was better than I could do! I absolutely adore you!
    Can your next video be on how you stay so fit??? Please????

    ~much love~

  5. You did pretty good!!!! Made me laugh too. I think you make your life more interesting if you try new things or do silly things.

  6. Where is my food hehe? Love your video. Guess what? I saw one of your videos and fell in love with bullet journal. Bought the stuffs. One more thing to order the journal notebook for 2020. Thanks a million ❤️😀

  7. You are a good dancer! A lot of those people actually do the dance in slow-mo and then speed it up so it looks harder!

  8. That was hilarious, thanks for the laugh. You know they tried at least a 1000 times before they filmed their videos. Where is Spotty?

  9. this is my favorite video. also you can dance better than me and i can actually hear the music haha. please do a part 2 to this

  10. There is like a million things you can do and enjoy, and you decided to do the only one you can`t :)))
    See, you don`t look silly because you are a very pretty girl, and your moves have innate smooth graciousness to them, but the point is not if you look good doing something, but if you are enjoying it and does it make your life richer.

    It is probably possible to teach a deaf person even to play an instrument decently, but what is the point if you can`t put your heart into it? Music simply doesn`t exist- it never had, therefore you can never miss it.
    And believe me, dancing is overrated anyway.

  11. How did you learn what words meant, like the words “are” and “is” . Someone can’t point at something and say “this is a it”

  12. the people who make the tiktoks do them in slow motion so its easier. but Cheyenna is the best ive seen, also your cats are adorable

  13. You mentioned that you can hear a little, but you never heard your own voice? Sometimes you make sounds like when people are having sex. If I closed my eyes and listened to the video part of you signing and making odd sounds I would think it was sex, lol.

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