Learning Workspace – Submitting an Application in Workspace

An application may be submitted through Workspace
by clicking the Sign and Submit button on the Manage Workspace page, under the Forms
tab. Here are some things you need to know about
the submit process: REQUIRED ROLES
To submit an application, one of the following roles and/or privileges are required:
The Standard AOR role (if you are a participant in the workspace)
The Expanded AOR role (to submit in any organization workspace)
A custom role with either the Submit Applications for My Workspaces privilege or the Submit
Applications for Organization Workspaces privilege WHEN CAN I SUBMIT? The Sign and Submit button will be visible
and activated under the following circumstances: The workspace does not have an alert message
highlighting a submission issue, such as a missing AOR
The forms selected for submission are in the “Passed” status
The workspace has an active SAM registration The application package’s Open Date is today
or in the past The package’s Close Date is today or in
the future If all of the above circumstances are met,
then the Sign and Submit button will be active. OTHER ACTIONS
The Check Application button may be pressed by any workspace participant. The action runs a validation process, which
includes ensuring that all the forms’ required fields have been completed. If the validation fails, a list of errors
will be displayed. The Complete and Notify AOR button can be
pressed by the Workspace Owner. The action notifies an organization AOR that
the application is ready for submission. Note: If a Workspace Owner has a “Submit Applications…”
privilege, then the button will not be available to the user. SUBMISSION PROCESS
After the Sign and Submit button is clicked, You will next see the Sign and Submit confirmation
pop-up window. Applicants will be prompted to answer the
following question: “Is this a changed/corrected application?” For applicants who are resubmitting with the
same workspace, the answer “Yes” will be preselected next to a field
with the Grant Tracking Number from the previous submission. Answering “Yes” will associate the new
submission with the previous Grant Tracking Number. Answering “No” will not associate the
submission with any other application. Click the Sign and Submit button to complete the process. A confirmation page will open and the workspace
status will change to Submitted. Retain the Grants.gov application tracking
number listed on the application submission confirmation screen. This tracking number is also emailed upon
submission. If the agency assigns an agency-specific tracking
number, the user may receive an email with a second tracking number from the agency that
is offering the grant.

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