Les Brown – Stop Negative Thinking and Believe in Yourself

Les Brown – Stop Negative Thinking and Believe in Yourself

LES BROWN► it is something I’d like to share some
ideas and thoughts with you I’m not asking that you believe anything that I
say I’m not asking that you agree with me I’m merely asking that you stand on
and in the conversation that we share with you this evening and if there’s
something that I say that can fit and work for you I say use it if not discard
it and let it be is that Alright say that’s fair enough very good all
right one of the things I have realized and many of us have that if you want
something out of life if you want to change yourself if you want to acquire
something if there’s some goal that you want to reach that is really not easy as
some people will make us feel that living your dream
changing your behaviors overcoming negative habits it’s challenging it’s
hard that living alone is just very difficult and once we begin to come to
grips with the fact that living is difficult life is very challenging I
heard a song once by a guy named dippel’s call if it ain’t one thing it’s
another I say to you but any one thing is 12
others always something you will never ever have a problem free moment in life
somebody said I like this that are you either in a problem or just left water
or hit it toward would anybody found that to be so raise your head if you
don’t have got a lot I mean there’s always something so how do we begin to
nurture that hunger what are the characteristics or the qualities of
people that are hungry what will it take for me to get some of the things that I
want and being hungry for those things number one you’ve got to work on
yourself it’s very important that you engage in an ongoing process to develop
you spend more time on yourself in which you’ve been spending it’s very important
you owe that to yourself I was reading a book Bachman Dino called the University
of success read one line gave me a chill I didn’t have to read anything else in
the book he said many of us never realize our greatness because we become
sidetracked by secondary activity we spread ourselves too thin don’t know how
to say no and we find ourselves doing all kinds of things and never ever have
time to do those things that we need to do to work on ourselves and then there
goes a second that goes another second that goes another second and we can’t
stop it whole time and before you know it you wake up one day and you’re behind
in your dreams and your bills so decide that you’re going to take some
time to work on you that you deserve that from yourself that your life
deserves some prime time because you are creating your own production as Michael
Todd would say you are the star of your show you are the director you’re writing
the script and you will determine whether your life is a smash
office hit or flop you determine that working on yourself talking to yourself
that’s so very important overcoming the negative conversation that inner
dialogue is going on all the time all the time even when you don’t want it to
be there you can’t stop yourself right now from thinking you can’t do it it’s
going on and so learning how to empower yourself part of doing that is standing
up to yourself you’ve got to stand up inside yourself sometimes and say shut
up you’ve got to do this I was going to
give a presentation and this voice inside of me saying you can’t do this
you don’t have everything it takes us shut up I’m behind on my bills and
you’re telling me what I can’t do I have got to do it you get scared sometimes your mind will
go blink on you some people you will allow to unnerve you and you wonder
what’s wrong with me I’m not crazy that’s why you’ve got to learn to make a
conscious deliberate determined effort to stand up inside yourself working on
yourself watching that inner dialogue you will determine the quality of your
life I don’t believe this I know this I’ve had a challenge of losing weight
I’m walking through the air for this voice they why don’t you have some M&M
peanuts No well just one then after you eat that
with your body we’ll have a sticker now you sucker
I mean it’s challenging my mother fix the counter sweet potato
pie you can’t eat with your shoes on have to take your shoes off so you can
wiggle your toes it sticks on my fingers if that’s eaten one little bite won’t
hurt that voice constantly little demons from Colonel Sanders driving my car in
there I said no no no no I’ll die it tomorrow
I saw skinny man get hit by a truck and it had a little bit more weight he might
have live you know some of you know what I’m talking about ratio if you don’t
that voice is awesome so you have got to stand up to that voice when you’re
working on something you want to achieve you have got to stand up to that voice
you’ve got to sell yourself every day on your abilities on what you’re doing on
the goal that you want to reach you’ve got to sell yourself every day every day
every day according to your level of the leaf it will manifest itself and what
you’re doing whatever we have right now whatever we’re demonstrating in our
lives is result of what we believe subconsciously that we deserve and part
of increasing that belief level is that you have got to convince yourself every
day you’ve got to sell yourself I I do a lot of training for many corporations
and I conduct sales seminars and I’ve heard all kind of guys doing techniques
and training people techniques of how to close sales and how to work within and
begin to control the sale and how to ask for the clothes let me share something
with you you can learn all the techniques in the world if you don’t
leave in yourself it won’t happen for you I learn all of it so that’s why I do
a training called focus on the seller you’ve got to focus on you and as you
convince you as you sell yourself every day every day every day you will begin
to see a difference in the things that you’re doing selling yourself on your
ability to perform and job to achieve a certain objective telling yourself every
day here go again and I’ve got what it takes this is my day and nothing out
here is going to stop me and when you go out there life it come over here
say it again well I’ll be back tomorrow I bring you to the next thing it takes
courage to act part of being hungry when you’ve been defeated it takes courage to
start over again I used to do door-to-door sales
and I was working with another friend of mine and door-to-door sales
I mean it’s punishing it’s cool and unusual punishment
and I was a little boy knocking on door hello would you like to buy a nice
working television set no money down no damn they slammed the door in your face
and the friend of mine that was working with me
they slammed the door in his face and I looked back and he was going to the car
he said I can’t do this and he sat down in the car and he said you go ahead I’ll
be here when you get back now he had a mother and father to take care of him my
mother was ill I am adopted I was hungry I had to go on I learned something about
myself that when you step into your fears somebody said it was Winston
Churchill he said that courage is going from failure to failure without losing
enthusiasm when you step into your fears and continue to push yourself to go on
something happens for you it will enable you to transcend yourself I went to the
next door you like to buy a nice work until now
BAM went to the next no bet after a while I no longer took it personal and I begin to play a game I say well I
know there’s a yes out here somewhere and I’m going to keep on till I find it
and I’m not going home until I do and I continue to knock on doors and then
somebody eventually would say yes and I said are you sure and I would go in
there and I would get the sale when you when you have something you want to do
if you don’t develop the courage to do that which has been given you to do and
you spend a lot of time going around trying to convince other people are
trying to get their approval what will happen is that you will lose your nerve
and other people will convince you that what you’re doing doesn’t have any value
and you give up on your dream it’s an interesting thing about life I’ve also
found that if you don’t have the courage to act sometimes and particularly if you
have something special to do life will move on you I not for life I would still
be a disc jockey I didn’t just leave voluntarily to go to the state
legislature I was fired I was working on a job and I came home
one day I was married at the time I told my former wife I said that guy bird I
work for is stupid she said if he’s so stupid why does he
sign your paycheck now you see why I divorced her right
I couldn’t stand her that night I could not sleep well here was a guy that was
controlling my life I was going through all kind of changes because this man
controlled my paycheck and it was Carlyle who said she was crushed to
earth shall rise again Winston Churchill said the truth is incontrovertible
malice mere tacit ignorance may divide it but at the end there is and we know
scripture that says he shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free
and the truth that I had to come to grips with that I wasn’t in charge of my
destiny the truth was that I wasn’t giving all that I had the truth was that
there are some things that I wanted to do but I didn’t have the courage to act
on those things and the truth was that virchow’s was a blessing to me he made
life so miserable for me I had to start looking at my life differently I started
going to work earlier I started being the last one to leave it I started
working harder than anybody else the other guys could not why would you
work so hard less I said I’m not working for them I have been cheating Burt I
thought I’ve been cheating myself and my family wherever you are whatever you’re
doing do it with everything that you have develop the habit of giving more
than what you’re paid for develop the habit of setting standards that others
will be measured by someone says do not go where the path may lead but go where
there is no path and leave a trail all right it is easy to be negative
today it is easy to have low morale today I was at a corporation in there
they’re going to downsizing and going to lay off some 1500 people over the next
few weeks it’s very depressing there and those people that stay there nine times
out of ten they’re just going to do just enough to keep from getting fired
anybody can do that but if you can begin to harness yourself and say that where I
am I’m going to do the best I can with what I got because that is an expression
of Who I am if you get into the habit of just being mediocre it will become a
part of your consciousness if you get in a habit of giving less than what you
have it within you to give it will begin to reflect itself in your personality it
will begin to damage you psychologically and you don’t want to be a part of that
kind of self-destructive behavior and so you want to set some high standards for
yourself the next thing part of what feeds that Hongo you’ve got to develop a
sense of urgency see a rail you said stop living your
life like you have a thousand years to live in life you either here today and
you’re gone today if there’s something that you want to do and you can’t do it
all at one time do just a little bit of it I like what Robert Schuller said he
said by the yard it’s hard but the inch-by-inch anything is a fish do just
a little bit of it a friend of mine Bobby Kerr used to be a roommate Bobby
wanted to go into the area public relations he loved working with the
public young lady you are to marry named Clarice Bobby was a great for Cranston
eight her pretty soon the job where Bobby worked they transferred him to
another location he went out to celebrate with the people on that new
job site and Bobby suffered a massive heart attack and died Bobby didn’t drink
and didn’t smoke was under forty and he died ask your question how much time do
you have left how much time do you have left when you start thinking about that
we don’t know we don’t know Bobby took all the greatness and all of the talent
and all of his abilities to his grave with E one other thing that could have
put in for emphasis under his name he didn’t use all his stuff most of most of
us do that most of us don’t use to stuff that we have brought into the universe
and we want to make a conscious deliberate determined effort to start
living life with a sense of urgency and using what we’ve got using ourselves up
sharing what we brought into the universe to share because if we don’t
nobody else will stop wasting valuable time knowing that if we begin to live
our lives as if each day where our less our lives will take off take on a whole
new meaning take on a whole new expression
valuing each moment that will bless with the next thing that begins to nurture
that hunger honor yourself as your word don’t give your word out lightly when
you throw your word out there and you don’t honor it it makes a statement
about you if you decide to maintain a sense of integrity with yourself that if
I speak it I’m going to live it it’s Who I am and I’m going to be very cautious
and how I give my word to others and most of all with the commitments that I
make to myself because I want my life to reflect my words and honoring Who I am
and what I Express another challenging area in terms of nurturing and
developing that hunger and yourself is learning the art of becoming
single-minded learning how to concentrate learning how to focus in and
you’ll be surprised of the things that you’re able to do when you learn how to
block things out when you learn how to keep our eyes single you’ll be surprised
of the ideas that will come to you of the people that you’ll be able to
attract of the opportunities that you’ll be able to see you begin to see things
that’s been staying there looking you’re interfacing I can’t believe this has
been here all this time here’s a habit that I do maybe it might be of some
value to you I get up in the morning and I start writing what great ideas said I
can think of today that can improve me and that will enable me to reach my goal
and I just let my mind flow sometimes I write 15 20 ideas some days it’s more
difficult than others one idea can change your life
one idea can turn your life around deciding that you’re going to focus to
develop your skills a guy was the new owner of a team a team a
baseball team that was in the basement of the league when he took it over he
went to the picture and he said what is your best throat he said well I got a
good curve ball and I’ve got a good fastball he went on talking about his
different throws he said but tell me this what is your best throw he thought
for a moment in fact I’ve got a good fastball he said that’s all I want you
to work on nothing else just develop your fastball the next year they went to
the World Series most people don’t know where their
fastball is most people go through life never discovering what their talents are
most people never develop their talents they have skills and abilities but if
you don’t nurture them if you don’t develop them they will never serve you
your gifts can take you many places if you develop your gifts most of us don’t
like to do those things that come too easy to us I’ve always loved to talk to
people I decided taking this advice to develop my skills as a fika and my gift
has developed and it developed and has taken me many places you have something
that you brought to the universe and that if you decide that my life deserves
my developing this what I do well and becoming the best at it and mastering
myself and seeing what I have within me if you decide to drop your buckets where
you are and develop your gifts I grant you you will never ever be without I
grant you that your gifts will take you places that will literally amaze you I
grant you that if you begin to work to develop your gifts you develop a strong
sense of happiness you’ll get a larger vision of yourself because part of
beginning to get a larger vision of yourself all of us need some area of our
lives where we can have a feeling of competence that people know when they
think about this area that’s something you do that you even sleep that and that you do
that you do that and people know it and you know it and you know that you know
that you know this if you don’t know anything else
you know this can you tell I know I know what I’m doing
our hello you know this so you’ve got to work on it when other folks are having a
good time you’ve got to have this the strength of character to concentrate to
read to digest information if you decide any particular area that your concern
about to make a conscious deliberate determined effort to read one book a
month in that area in five years you’ll be among the top 5% experts in the world
I read a minimum of two books a week the average American reads only one book a
year if you decide that area that you love that you are going to master that
particular area in this era of accelerated change overwhelming
complexity and tremendous competition as you begin to develop and expand your
skills and your talents and your vision of yourself you will always be in
control of your destiny the next thing is whatever it is that you want to do
you want to do it massively have a friend who was telling me that his sales
were down I said well how many phone calls you make a day
he said 25 I said double them make 50 or 75 or 100 he said aw man that’s just too
much what do you mean too much you behind on your bills you’re talking
about too much you know one way to get back on your feet real quick is to miss
two car payments you talk about your time there’s no
competition out here decide that you’re going to push yourself most people won’t
do that most people give up on themselves easily you know the human
spirit is powerful this nothing is powerful it’s hard to kill the human
spirit there’s Benjamin Disraeli a man who
became the head of a country at a time when Jews were not allowed out after ten
o’clock they said how did you do it how do you achieve against such great
odds if nothing can resist the will of a people that will stake even their
existence on the extent of their purpose for good that when you have a made up
mind when you decide that you want to do
something I was reading something the other day he said the power to hold on
in spite of everything the power to endure this is the winners quality the
hunger the ability to face defeat again and again without giving up this is a
winner’s quality you have that quality within you when you’re hungry you don’t
care about the facts you don’t care about the odds Doug Williams played for
the Washington Redskins quarterback John Elway of the Denver Broncos and the
Super Bowl everybody was talking about Elway Elway after the Super Bowl when
Doug Williams made a historic passing game asked him said how are you able in
spite of all of that negative publicity saying that you couldn’t win how did how
did you do it he said I ignored my critics
I just didn’t pay any attention to them I ignored myself because they kept on
saying it so much there were times I doubted whether or not I can do what I
needed to do there’s a Doug Williams and everybody here there’s greatness in you
and you’ve got to learn how to tune out the critics outside and the critic
inside and since I’m going to do this I’m going to harness my will and I’m not
going to let anything stop me I deserve this
I’m going to do it until and this ring I told him sis start increasing your calls
I thought make a hundred calls a day I’ve got a callus in my ear my ear kind
of doc you can’t see it but it’s there his sales have increased he’s working
harder now the other thing is that if you want something you have got to be
relentless you’ve got to learn how to become resourceful you’ve got to learn
how to become creative when crises strike in your life and then the Chinese
language crises mean danger but it also means opportunity and this is an
opportunity for you to grow and you’ve got to be so relentless regardless of
what comes down the pipe that you’re always looking for ways to get over
always looking for a way that you can break through always looking for a way
that you can whip and always looking for ways that you can
strike a telling blow and pretty soon I think there’s some people watching us in
the universe to say wait let’s call a meeting over here you know that guy
Mustafa look heading down there he won’t stop just that fool don’t know
he can’t get over look look look look here why don’t we do this let him go and
let’s make mess with somebody else yes let him go through life we’ll just get
out of whooping you sometimes and yes they let just let this one go I’m gonna
give this now nobody’s told me this but I just kept on kicking I didn’t have
sense enough to stop I was intelligently ignorant I didn’t know what I couldn’t
do so I just tried anything and the fascinating thing about life because you
can’t get out of it alive you might as well have a good time you have a good
time live your life with passion with some
Drive I was giving a seminar the other day and I mentioned that I was going to
do some training in August with some young teenagers and take about a hundred
away to a two or three day camp and wipe them out I’ve been working on this so
after the speech what her parents walked up to me and said mr. Brown I’d like for
you to do something for my son he’s not motivated I said I wonder why I wonder what’s
wrong with him he had no fire whatsoever see what what you do speak so loudly po
can hear what you say and so you don’t have any fire you know you’ve got to
watch the people the relationships that you develop how people of kindred
mindsets if you around folk who are dead and negative all the time they will
affect you you want people that around you that have smiles on their faces
looking good I was telling the group last week Abraham Lincoln refused to
hire God because of its face it said but the guy can’t help but he said anybody
over 30 is responsible for their faith if you have some depressing face looking
at you every day it affects your blood pressure keep these damn faces away from
you with contagious this is serious so you’ve got to watch your countenance
watch your face have an uplifted expression watch your body posture all
of these things affect you psychically you’ve got to be the kind of person that
you are fearless fearless fuck lead Phyllis people alone so some people walk
through neighborhood and every dog in the neighborhood would walk out but there some people come through ain’t
nobody gonna mess with this you are unstoppable
and because you aren’t stoppable because you’ve got power that you haven’t even
began to use yet you are to yourself to release your brakes how many of you have
the experience of pulling out of your drive when your mashed on accelerator
and the car was just one quick move and you mash harder and it couldn’t move and
then you discovered you had your emergency brakes off and then you
release those emergency brakes it goes true have you ever had that experience
before most of us go through life with our brakes on holding back not giving
all that we have not sharing all of ourselves most of us go to our graves
still holding on rather than releasing it what are some of those things that
that keep us from releasing it because of past experiences past defeats past
pain we look back well it didn’t work out then it probably won’t work out now many people get confused their
performances with who their are they are I was reading Pat Riley the coach of the
Los Angeles Lakers but you’re going to like this quote here
after the Trailblazers they’d blown them out of the water and I’m sure he said
this last night they asked him how do you feel he said tonight we were exposed
for what we are right now you see but if my speech tonight doesn’t work it
doesn’t mean that I’m a bad speaker it means that what I did didn’t work
tonight and I’ve got to separate what I do from Who I am
and I’ve got another shot see the last chapter to your life has not been
written yet and it doesn’t matter about what happened yesterday it doesn’t
matter about the thing that you’ve done that you feel guilty about if you
wouldn’t do it today you’re convicting an innocent person you’ve been reborn to
a new state of consciousness and as I say if we knew better we would do better
and so you begin to decide I’m not going to be denied I remember and I was
telling someone and they asked me would you repeat that again I was interested
in going into broadcasting I’m adopted and that was my key out I want to make
my momma proud of me I was a proud I was very much appreciative of what she has
done for my brother and sister and I and that was my way out and I went over to a
radio station that’s the guy that and told him that I was interested in
broadcasting he looked at me and my straw hat and my overalls he said you
have any broadcasting background I said no sir I don’t what do you do I cut
grass young ladies asking what kind of work I do and I was working on a garbage
truck I say well I’m a sanitary technician he said we don’t have any job
for you I decided that that was something I was going to do I decided
I’m unstoppable I’m going to go up in here I’m going to
do this I started going to the radio station every day developing a
relationship with the people that were doing what I wanted to do and that’s
what I encourage you to do where whatever area you want to go and find
people that are doing it the way you want to do it and develop a relationship
with them when I decided to go on this area I wrote letters to dr. Norman
Vincent – Zig Ziglar – Denis Waitley all of the
Giants in this area and I said this is something I wanted – I’ve been following
your career would you help me dr. norman vincent peale answered my letter did an
article on me wrote about me in the most recent book that he issued and done many
broadcasts about me I’d wanted to develop a relationship and rapport with
those people that were achieving those things that I wanted to achieve by the
same token I would go to the radio station and I developed a relationship
with the guys and they use me as a errand board when they needed some food
or someone to go pick up entertainers that came into town temptation singing
my girl Jerry Butler singing for your precious love Sam Cooke singing darling
you send me I would pick up the entertainers at the airport and driving
around in the disc jockeys big Cadillacs didn’t have any driver’s license but I
was acting like I had so every day I used to go home and work on my
communication skills developing myself it was Whitney Young he said it’s better
to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity
and not be prepared start working and developing yourself not and prepare
yourself for what it is that you want because you expect to get it and when
the disc jockeys were in the control room I would go in and watch them and
develop a trust level they would let me stay and I would watch and observe them
working the controls when you want something out of life don’t worry about
how you’re going to get it how is none of your business
the most difficult thing that is it’s the whole division it’s the whole
division so there I was at the radio station a guy was on there and he
started to drink by the name of rock I was outside the window looking at him
and watch hungry and ready send Drake rocktron pretty soon the phone rang he was a
general manager I said hello if unless this is mr. client I said I know if it
Rock can’t finish his program he’s slurring his words I said I know can you
work the controls until one of the other disk jockeys come in would you call them
I said yes sir I hung the phone up I said now he must be think I’m crazy I
call my mama and my girlfriend Cassandra said y’all come out on the front porch
and turn up the radio I’m about to come on the air I waited by 15 minutes I called him back
I said mr. Klein I can’t find nobody he said well why don’t you go in there work
your controls until they get there and don’t say nothing here I said yes sir I
couldn’t wait to sit down at that turntable Mustapha I said look out this
is me I’ll be trouble P let’s find a plan a plan papa there were number for
me there will be none after me therefore that makes me the one and only
you’re insane don’t love Domingo certified bonafide then do Bleek wala 5
to bring you satisfaction and a whole lot of action look out baby I’m your
love man I was already shake somebody’s hand on your right and
left and say you’ve got to be hungry where you are something else you hear me you want to be persistent about what it
is that you want to achieve Alexander Graham Bell said what this power is I
cannot say all I know is that it exists and it becomes available only when a man
or woman is in that state of mind in which he or she knows exactly what he or
she wants and is fully determined not to quit until they find it
when our children are learning how to walk how many times will your baby
attempt to walk and fall and you just say just sit down don’t try anymore you
call it 20 times just sit down somewhere busting your lip
and everything getting in folks wait when will a baby walk it will walk when
it was that’s when it will walk less when will you be known nationally as the
motivator I will be known when I’ll own that’s what I’ll be known don’t get
caught up in well I’ve tried it four or five times and things didn’t work out if
there’s something that you want and you have hungry for it you’ve got to do
whatever is necessary until and when you give the best you can and that’s not
enough you must do what is required and don’t give up on yourself don’t throw
the towel in so quickly many people give up on the one-yard line we if they have
the determination just to keep on market it’s a funny thing about life it’s your
home one day and someone is knocking on the door and you say I don’t want to be
bothered today and if that person just keep on knocking can you believe that
fool still knocking pretty soon you say what is it what do
you want and that’s how you’ve got to be about your dream some people well I
guess they nobody home I’m not gonna do over nobody Katie I heard the television
on and people were moving around but I guess the opportunity probably went out
the back door oh no no no see life is not just that simple it’s not that
cut-and-dried and that’s why most people never realize
their personal greatness because they’re casual about life and when you are
casual about life you will end up a casualty life is serious business
so I encourage you to be persistent to not decide that well I’ve done the best
I can I guess I just can’t have it don’t make that decision many of us make
premature decisions about ourselves Calvin Coolidge says something man who
was a president that was not known for his eloquence or making any historical
decisions but something he wrote about persistence
he says press on nothing can take the place of persistence
talent will not the world is full of unsuccessful people with talent genius
will not unrewarded genius is almost a proverb education alone will not the
world is full of educated derelicts persistence and determination alone are
omnipotent as a person that is the embodiment of persistence and determination a person
who decided that some time ago that I’m not going to take anything to my grave
with me I’m going to use myself up and I’m going to give and give and give
until my last breath this summer I’m going to be working for her and with her
doing training teaching young people techniques and strategies on how to
manifest their personal greatness teaching them techniques and strategies
that will change them at the subconscious level changing their value
systems and let them see the major role they can play in society let’s give mrs.
Rosa Parks a round of applause please there we are the presence of greatness mrs. parks people he couldn’t see you
would you come up because you see if at the beautiful I encourage you to see mrs. Parkson mrs.
Elaine steel about the rosa and Raymond parks Institute for self development if
you’re interested in your children participating in that they have some
information over here to share with you it is just fascinating and just a
blessing to to have this woman when a lot of folks who are giving up here this
year she celebrated her 75th birthday and still has a dream of being an
instrument of change and there is a Rosa Parks and all of us who made a decision
at one point in time standing on the platform of oughtness
as Emanuel contracts about a book call critique of pure reason that there are
certain things we know we ought to do we just know it we owe it to ourselves and
those around us I don’t know what your dreams are I don’t know what your goals
are but let me leave this with you you you

23 thoughts on “Les Brown – Stop Negative Thinking and Believe in Yourself

  1. You cannot stop think about native thing its happened but u can challenge your self ask god to help u

  2. This speech changed my life forever. I'm not perfect, and hell, I've had some really bad days but I can always turn to Les' advice for inspiration to keep on going. With love….

  3. Start looking at Dr.Sebi videos. And thank You so much Les Brown, thank you for helping me change my perspective.

  4. To all of you that's down, but feeling hopeful, a simple message for all you! Please Do Not Give Up! Your blessing (dream), is closer than you realize.😉 Continue to dream bigger and believe AMEN!

  5. I could listen to this man all day !! A beautiful person who has filled my heart with so much positivity and joy I’m in tears 😥😊👍

  6. It's better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared. That's real talk.

  7. Les Brown you are so inspiring I love this and me and many others needed to hear this thank you so much🙌❤️

  8. i have had a great change and been inspires so greatly by Les Brown's talks. i listen to them any time i started feeling down or kind of losing hope. they have done me lots of good.

  9. I love how there’s humor and convincing deep truth behind all his speeches. I have been very depressed lately. I recently got diagnosed with a brain tumor and have given my other half five years of my life. He decided one day that he cant love me anymore so he left me. I became more depressed, defeated and most times suicidal. I used to be beautiful. Now I’ve lost all my hairs and looked like I am near death. I don’t sleep and can’t keep anything down. All I’ve done is cry. And then one day I plugged into YouTube and saw Les Brown. I’ve been hooked for about three months now. I’ve started eating, Smiling, and slowly gain my confidence back. More importantly I’ve learned to let go of what I can’t control. I’ve forgiven myself for not allowing myself to work on my self growth. Thank you Les Brown.

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