LGBT+ HUMOR || team gay

LGBT+ HUMOR || team gay

Can you point me in the direction of your finest sports caps? What team? GAY, I’m not sure why that’s relevant Oh, okay! One thing’s for sure Whatever “heterosexual” is I ain’t it Oh shit, that’s not mine, is it? No honey, it’s my fiancée’s Denise Cool! Uhm, actually, I’m a, eh LGBTQIA ally So thank you, ah for your service You have corrupted the women of our village! In my defence, they were happily corrupted. Oh well, well I am gay, but he’s not my boyfriend It’s difficult out there, you guys will understand when you get older I’ve always wanted you to come out Oh, I-I am out! I came out in the tenth grade No! I meant like, come out and hang out on the weekend! Oh! Right, hang out, that’s, that’s…. what I meant, also I wanted you both to know Last night, at my home my wife and I watched “Brokeback Mountain” oh-oh Ah, I didn’t like it but… I watched it! Thank you, you are an ally! Wear that suit! I look inside myself and ask do I feel like a man or a woman? and after all these years the answer is still that I feel like shit You and Susan… you have been friends for a long time Are you thinking you might to like, a friendship ceremony sometime soon? Maybe you could have something old, something new, something borrowed Equal parts hungry bottom equal parts lazy dead person from hell yeah What, is it so strange I would think you are straight? I preferred it when you thought I was trying to kill Anna! Yup, I’m here, I’m queer and don’t worry I’m still filled with existential fear The years have been kind to you! Right, you know, just sunblock the love of a good woman and literal witchcraft Goodbye forever! I will miss you SO much! I’ll miss you too, you Did you two used to go out? Fine! But can you blame me? Amy! We talked about this! Nana is downstairs! Thank god she didn’t barge in five minutes ago when we were 69ing! You are a goner! Byee~ You know what? Fine! Yes, I’m a goner! Whatever, I want everyone to know it Excuse me! Hi! Uh, I don’t know if you know this, but and, uh, she’s amazing her name’s Adina- Okay! That’s… enough of that!

100 thoughts on “LGBT+ HUMOR || team gay

  1. Ahhhhh yes my kind of humor…also I was just watching this and then another one got posted like WHAT ARE THE CHANCES


    please support dan and watch his coming out video (0:09, 1:49) here! he's come a long way and the phandom would appreciate it if you'd hear his story; it's incredibly inspiring and has helped so many people. thanks!

  3. While I'm watching this video my face is like: ????????
    This is an amazing video and I love your contentas. (And yes I twisted my head)
    Edit: Ive seen this 4 times now and its still awesome!

  4. me cackling over here after thinking to myself that killing eve should be in here… next thing i know is i hear villanelle saying “she seduced me” ?

  5. NO JOKES I WAS LITERALLY THINKING LAST WEEK 'i wonder when elizabeth kane will upload a new gay video, it's been a while'

  6. 2:14 “Hold on… he’s geee… he doesn’t look geee…. I don’t look geeee… maybe I’m geee?” hungry dementor stare at the audience

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