5 thoughts on “Majority of Americans consider student loan debt a life sentence

  1. The loan payment should be low enough to pay by weekly . Most banks offer a hardship exemption for at least 3 months that you do not have to pay back. Call your bank manager and bring your yearly taxes to make a more affordable by weekly payment . They want their money , they will work with you.

  2. If you can pay off your student debt within 5-years of graduation, you picked the degree. Only go to college if the job you want requires it. I see no reason to be a college graduate to sit in a chair in front of a camera talking. But if you want to be a lawyer you have to. Law school and passing the Bar is part of that journey. If you don't know what you want to do with your life, try to get into the armed forces. In many cases, it's harder to sign up then to go to college because you need to be trainable. The colleges will take anyone who has the money.

  3. I owe my student loans, and I pay monthly, $500.00 a month which is more than I should due to what I make, but it’s my responsibility. However the length and rates do make it to where i will pay on it for decades. That is what makes it difficult for many, including myself. It’s sad that the cost of my college was what made it worse,, I did not have much choice in colleges as I had to keep working full time and the only college that offered classes that worked for my schedule, which was long weekend classes, you go on a Thursday and take classes all day till Sunday and return to work on Monday. This was twice a month. I also had to travel and stay overnight at hotels those weekends. They charged more money and so I ended up having a $130,000. Debt to get Bachelors and Masters and that was after transferring credits over that I started in a community college. I continue to pay but I would love to see new changes to interest rates,caps on tuitions, more programs for working class that are not poor enough to get grants but are not rich enough to afford these high costs.

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