What’d it do And that’s why he’s a rapper what do we have ASMR avenges I’m in manbo You can find me at Merrill productions on Instagram. Also, catch me on Twitter at Merrill product one Here’s my lovely wife and raising cash, man Instagram Instagram only at a MW to please each for wine catcher can’t catch that. It’s down below today We are reacting to the mandalorian I don’t know about this. We are overly unprepared as far as information goes in there cuz it’s late but we want to make sure you the people have reactions to watch and so I think this is gonna be actually Disney’s watching a streaming service, which I’m kind of just in because gonna have like Marvel Disney. I’m I’m not just that all the original Disney movies to which you know, we are young kids. So that’s kind of gold So this leave me on a daily plus his name in a streaming service It premieres November 12, and I don’t know anything about where it takes place in a Star Wars saga But it’s a song kind of stand-alone thing and my only problem is sort of that I don’t know if you like those Stanley had a lot of spent on Star Wars stuff I think my favorite standalone thus far one. No Han Solo Piece is overrated Okay, let’s get it – man Lorene let’s check it out It’s a lot more peaceful since a revolution I Didn’t expect that it Is a shame that your pupils suffered? But bounty hunting is a complicated process They said you were coming when the button shows pretty good sit who were the best into parsec Would you agree oh I’m Or who’s under the bed And then DeLorean there this kind of buzz they are waiting for you Let go birth I don’t know, but I kind of watch this Okay, so I’m interested so as Disney Pixar Marvel Star Wars and National Geographic ABC Yeah, check this out, I’m also very interesting Disney Plus so all the Star Wars fans I know you guys are gonna see this who is this guy? What’s the story about I want the whole synopsis? Could they be going in? We think about this great after trailing after the arm I think it for me. It’s like a B and I don’t know enough about it They didn’t get you like I love Star Wars. I Love Alyssa, they’re done with it. I love that it just this whole fantasy world. It just don’t means it to me I’m not a person raising agree. But for me that trailer was a hands down. I’m so curious. I love These bed B stands for bed Also for Brandon. Oh It’s bow by the way, no government. All right, let us know Star Wars fans what’s going on to Mandalorian, who is it? Why should we watch this series? And will you be picking up Disney Plus if you like this now for the last four minutes? Almost 5 go ahead and give us a like man. Leave a comment on your favorite Star Wars character who’s runs, by the way Mmm, let us ponder this over drinking tea Sorry, I’m trying to think um In a kinder predecessor no Anakin why Gong Jin? Yes, Liam Neeson. Yes, gosh, he should got more screen time My famous duck mom because he just was like red-handed Yeah, he’s ready. They wasted him it. I hurt him so quick Anyway, let us know what you like to attack and clothe any of the other side Star Wars pieces Your favorite character is like comment and subscribe. We’ll see this video

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