Maria sells herself to support her education | MMK (With Eng Subs)

Maria sells herself to support her education | MMK (With Eng Subs)

I like you And they want you I’m yours if the price is right, honey Gonna live with me Tell me what do you want? I want to finish my studies,
but I don’t know how. No one supports me. I will. – Hey, everyone!
– Hey! I would like you to meet
my gorgeous queen. Hi. Maria! Hi! – Hey, baby.
– Yes, babe? I’ll show you something.
You’re going to try this. – Babe, no! I’m good!
– No, baby. I’m okay. I’m fine. – You’ll like it.
– You’re going to love this. – Yeah!
– No, babe. Come on. Try it just once
for me, baby. – No, I’m fine.
– Just one. – Come on!
– Go ahead! – You’re going to enjoy this!
– Okay. That’s my girl! My life with Cheng revolved
around parties and drugs. I could also buy all the
expensive things I wanted. But I wasn’t happy. Really? Who the hell are you?! – Come here!
– Ouch! – Oh my god!
– Maria, stop! Don’t make a
scene here, okay? Cheng, I’m your girlfriend! – No, you’re not.
– Huh?! Not anymore. Look at yourself. You look like trash because you’re a drug addict
and an ugly slut! How dare you?! This is all your fault! You promised me you were
going to take care of me, and help me
finish my studies! But what did you do?! You ruined my life! You introduced me
to drugs! And now, you’re going
to dump me like this?! You’re such a loser! Let’s go. Ma! Mama… What are you doing here? I have nowhere
else to go, Ma. Mama… A prostitute and a
drug addict like you has no place in my house. Ma, please… Ma! Mama! Ma!

100 thoughts on “Maria sells herself to support her education | MMK (With Eng Subs)

  1. Ako di na nagsusuporta yung papa ko ung mama ko maliit lang kinikita kaya nagstop ako sana incoming first year college na ko pero naawa ako sa mama ko kasi nagkakabaon kami sa utang tas ung gusto ko pa makapagaral kaya nagdecide ako na tumigil at kapatid ko na lang yung magaral pinili ko na lang mag work muna pero ayaw din ako payagan ni mama dibale na daw magdindin kami ng asin wag lang daw ako magtrabaho sa taong aabusuhin lang ung kakayahan ko

  2. Hi 😊, thanks for your insights & exciting posts, I am truly inspired. Following you here on Instagram.

    Also, will be sharing my thoughts & comments in your posts too. I'll be more interactive on IG, mine is @briadventurez 😉

    Thank you 😉

  3. Iwan ko may kaya nmn ang Lki ng bahay may sasakyan.bat nGing pok2 na cya mismo ang magpaaral sa kanyang sarili d ko maintindihan

  4. Thats why don’t judge people who work in the club, we don’t know their reason working that type of environment, though people look them down and dirty 😔😔😔

  5. Kaya d kapanipaniwala itong mga acting na ito imagine after nila mag ano eh parang ingat na ingat pa din ang babae na makita ang tinatago nya

  6. We have so many chances to live properly but other people choices to have easy money!! Never blame for being poor!! We have free education in public , and so many decent job to offer . if we just need to focus our self and proper support to our parents who are educated well enough, we will never chose this path. I know so many girl who did this kind of business they aways blame there parents and being poor!! Thats wrong!! They chose that path because they are eager to earn alot of money to show off and prove them self that money can do better in future and what so everAnd wasting there money to host bar after working. Support there boyfriend lol .

  7. Learn to depend and live on your own. Never depend on somebody's promises. Dat can be broken 4 some people who can destroy u anytime..

  8. I think shes the next big actress someday sisikat ng todo to basta wag lng sya ppadala sa maling manager at ppaloko sa lalake like gerald anderson🤣🤣

  9. Ang gwapo ng first guy parang oppa di naman sya gnayan kagwapo sa past prohects nya sa mga teleserye dati. Ngayon ibang klase naging hot sobra hahaha

  10. agree with this ina raymundo at barbie imperial same ng ganda mestiza lang si barbie pareho sila ng appeal kaya sisikat pa yan si barbie kasi versatile artist sya salamat abs kasi pinagtrabaho nyo si ina at barbie alam namin nakita nyo rin un resemblance nila. 😍

  11. Napunta ako dito pagkatapos ko mapanood ang reklamo ng isang PA nagreklamo kay idol Raffy. Bata paba ito c Barbie eh nakikipaghalikan na sa mga scenes nya.

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