Matt Riddle vs. Killian Dain – Street Fight: WWE NXT, Sept. 25, 2019

Matt Riddle vs. Killian Dain – Street Fight: WWE NXT, Sept. 25, 2019

>>That all you got Riddle? You’re a street fighter are you? Look like nothing to me! Nothing! Nothing!>>Dain bringing up the fact that Riddle
was indeed an ex mixed martial artist, and Riddle continues to
bring the fight to Dain!>>Submissions are definitely
in Riddle’s wheel house.>>As are strikes,
especially those nasty knees. My God. My, God.>>Another street fight between Riddle and Dain they continue to bring the pain
in a candle stick across the chair. Riddle writhing in agony. [NOISE]
>>No.>>A Vader bomb is bad enough.>>Willing to sacrifice his own body.>>Hold on here.>>Riddle’s not willing to sacrifice,
nailing Dain on the back with the chair. Riddle.>>Power bomb. [NOISE]
>>[NOISE]. The final flash into
the chair across the face.>>This is it.>>One two.>>No [SOUND] my goodness. [SOUND]>>Man, Matt Riddle lighting up Dain.>>Wow, that was low.>>The great equalizer just above the belt
line, it wasn’t south of the Equator, what a forearm smash by
the Northern Ireland Nightmare.>>Hold on.>>Fujiwara.>>He’s got the Fujiwara arm bar,
it’s a submission, is Dain going to tap? Fujiwara arm bar, wrenching on the arm. [SOUND]
>>It’s a wrist to tap.>>Matt Riddle is challenging
Adam Cole for the NXT title.>>Here is your winner by submission,
Matt Riddle. [MUSIC]>>NXT Champion Adam Cole
wasting little time making his presence known here at the NXT Arena.>>Perfect time to face off with Riddle.>>This is my property! This belongs to me, and you,
you aren’t in my league! You will never be in my league! You will never be the NXT champion. You hear me, Riddle? Do you hear me?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Riddle is this a preview of what’s to come in one week? Is this a preview of what could
go down next Wednesday night?>>Who’s tapping?>>The rest of the undisputed
are coming to Kyle’s aid.>>Riddle may have just
injured the NXT Champion. [NOISE]

100 thoughts on “Matt Riddle vs. Killian Dain – Street Fight: WWE NXT, Sept. 25, 2019

  1. The only difference between NXT and Main roster is: NXT contains normal and logical fueds and storylines. But main roster contain stupid storylines. Like Shane and Owens, corbin and seth and roman. Blah! Blah! Blah!

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  3. Adam Cole need to prove that he the true champion without help of any members of undisputed's borong to see he retain tittle not his with own hand…..

  4. Killian Dain is really really impressive. I love the character. He's really come out of his shell since his return so believable

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  6. Proud to be a Killian Dain's fan. The guy is awesome and that was the first time he tapped out in WWE…Can't wait for next week.

  7. The commentary got so dull and more annoying as the match went on, They always seem lost or can't collect clear thoughts EVERY WEEK! It gets worse and worse. I couldn't even finish watching the match, I got so annoyed by the mispronunciation and dullness of their commentary. Get someone else more well rounded -_-

  8. One of the greatest street fight ever. Riddle is so cool, he deserves to be champion after Cole, but not now, it's too soon.

  9. Why can't I watch this match on my WWE Network? I live in Norway, so I wonder if they have reduced NXT on the network outside the USA?

  10. Ha-Ha, Bro, you just punched your ticket to NXT Infamy, man. Hey, regardless of how you all think about all this, that’s what I thought about when I saw what happened after this cool brawl had just ended just yesterday.

  11. Still disappointed they broke up Sanity
    And put Dain back on NXT
    Wolfe on NXT UK
    Young on RAW
    Cross on RAW
    Never got a chance winning the SMACKDOWN titles Wtf.

  12. nxt visuals and graphics are not good need yellow lights and big entrance stage plus some big names to improve ratings i mean to attract fans

  13. 2:25 This is what people loved about old classic wrestling. He meant this, and it was done all right. Major props to both.

  14. When I first saw riddle go for the arm bar I think of him mocking Goldberg bout his
    And lo, riddles arm bar didn't disappoint lol

  15. I hope this rivalry progresses and Riddle wins the title at the end of it. Just so the prophecy can live on for a few more weeks/months.

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