17 thoughts on “Medical School: How to study, read and learn – Medical School Survival Guide | Lecturio

  1. I have this problem where if I think I am sleepy I get coffee and then an hour later I am dead to the world completely so I try not to drink it and then can manage about two uours😂

  2. I liked the talk about 'daydreaming' the most. I always thought that it's only my problem; and it is too hard for me to overcome it. Now I realised that it's actually the problem of 'the way I was reading'.
    Thank you sir for providing us with such a useful talk.

  3. THIS IS GOLDEN! Definitely the most informative medical-school style study video on YouTube! Definitely going to use this starting next month when I begin medical school!!!

  4. Si quieres repasar para el usmle te recomiendo mi canal, estaré haciendo repasos intensivos de todas las materias en español para los steps!

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