Medical School Scholarship & Making a Real Impact: Dr. Firoza Faruqui’s NHSC Story

Medical School Scholarship & Making a Real Impact: Dr. Firoza Faruqui’s NHSC Story

You know, it’s kind of a cliche, saying like,
“Oh, I just want to help people.” But really it was something that came to me
when I was a very young age, and that’s really because my father was a physician. He worked in
a small, rural community where I grew up.Hi! How are you doing?
I’m good! And you? My name is Dr. Firoza Faruqui. I’m a staff pediatrician here at
Hampton Roads Community Health Center in Portsmouth, Virgina. This area has a lot of military population.
So they actually have multiple bases here. So it’s not just one branch of the military. I always thought I wanted to do family medicine because I wanted interaction with family. It was the children that I later fell
in love with in medical school. And here at the Hampton Roads Community Health Center,
when I get to see a child, really I’m working with the entire family, as far as their parents,
as well as their siblings.Hello!
Hey. How are you doing? Health is important for children because it really
sets up their future for being healthy adults. Within my first year of medical school is when I applied
for being a National Health Service Corps Scholar. And when I was granted the scholarhsip,
they pay for your tuition for the amount of time that you plan on doing your commitment. So I did the full service, which is, you know, four years. Of course, at that point, is when I met my husband.In the time that we were dating, I realized that he
actually had a commitment of his own, which was the US Navy. You never know what location you’re going
to be stationed at. With National Service Corps, I knew that I had to
find a site that was eligible. How was I going to make that work? When he got his official orders, the first
person I told was my placement advisor. With her help, as well as help from the Virginia Community Health Care Association, we could find and locate this site.The things that I have found from working at
Hampton Roads Community Health Center is it’s given me the opportunity to not only do what I love,
as far as doing underserved medicine, but even more imporantly, be with my family at the
same time. I couldn’t ask for a better setup as far as being with my husband, being able to take care
of patients, and being home with my children.

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  1. The NHSC really screws you if you try to transfer though.  It's a really flaky process then after they screw it up, they slap you with a $100k fine at the last minute that they will garnish out of your wages for life.  Not for me!  Poor young innocent doctors who don't read their horrible fine print. If the NHSC really cared about the future of health care they wouldn't abuse and bully their providers.

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