multiLGBT+ HUMOR || lesbian jesus

multiLGBT+ HUMOR || lesbian jesus

how are you honey? we’re really onto something with the big homo your wife is bonkers! no, I don’t have a boyfriend but I was dating this really nice guy but he turned out to be a little…
gay, gay he’s probably gay
homosexual knew it where’re my lesbians? where’re my lesbians? oh! I can shepard her out of the closet and into the light! like a lesbian jesus? I love that! yeah I’m not having a casket what? you’re not? it’s good to have a plan do you discuss your final wishes with your husbands? yeah, that’s right baby it is SO important titus, I’m gonna give it to straight one more question what?! do you find me attractive? who the hell are you? we’re, uh, we’re related to the- lesbian lover, baby daddy and everybody’s a little wiped out if you can’t handle that big bud then you can stuff it!! this is quite homo-erotic what’s it say? well you are…. homosexual with heterosexual tendencies heterosexual tendencies…. that’s me! yeah you know what I like about him is that he’s sarcastic, but he’s thoughtful and appreciative too what’s that supposed to mean?! dude, watch the road since syd identifies as non-binary I wanna call them by a term that’s
more acceptable and inclusive you know what I always thought was so cute? better half! I don’t wanna call syd half a person! what if I tell people you’re my better (w)hole!!! you’re not saying that! wait what are you doing? my savior, my soulmate the love of my life, will you be my- sorry am I interrupting? you know how I’m, I’m usually
all about women, and… kinda people my own age yeah I think it’s so nice that you two are looking
for a place together I know it’s kind of a big step yeah it’s great you go to open houses without your wives I would have to drag louis to one of these no, we’re a couple! you- we’re in love with these countertops? how could you not be! granite throughout lady, I don’t think you- elena!

94 thoughts on “multiLGBT+ HUMOR || lesbian jesus

  1. I didnt know a little old Scottish lady saying "where are my lesbians? Where are my lesbians??" was something I needed but boy I needed that

  2. "Elena that's how you've come out of your closet" oh god why am I laughing loud out with my queer sense????????

  3. Omfg they did have to put destiel in there even though they aren't (canonically) a real couple (but subtext says no to "cannon")

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  5. Girl make eye contact for more than 4 seconds
    Me: my saver my soulmate, the love of my life
    Also girl: I met you like five minutes ago ???

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