Must-see locations to scuba dive! | Raimy Roams

Must-see locations to scuba dive! | Raimy Roams

Hey guys it’s raimy and today we’re gonna talk about places to go scuba diving [Music] the first place is the Cayman Islands it’s a
British overseas territory is in the Western Caribbean Sea. there is Little Cayman my son’s over there pounding on the door It’s the smallest island and it’s home to you the blue footed boobie. There is Cayman Brock it is the medium island and it’s
home to a port for fishermen and then there’s the grand Caymans on the Grand
Cayman there’s sunset reef the reef starts out 30
feet deep and slopes into 50 feet there are many canyons in the reef along
with a bronze statue of a mermaid that people love to take selfies with. nearby is the LCM nickelson it was a fishing
boat that sank and it’s also really cool spot to check out because it’s being
taken over by corals banana reef in the Maldives this is the initial reef that
attracted people to the Melanie’s it’s now a protected marine area their
colorful corals caves and overhangs this area is good for beginners because there’s deep areas and there’s shallow areas It’s also good for snorkeling santamaría caves in Malta
Malta. This area is most popular because it has a very cool cave system there are ten
known caves known to divers and they’re called the Santa Maria caves has kind of
got their own unique beauty do your research on which one you’re going to go
into obviously but there’s ones that are underground and there’s ones that are
like half way sticking out of the water and then ones that are shallower you
can almost snorkel at there’s a lot of Variation here Mauritius it is an island
nation in the Indian Ocean the country has two main islands Mauritius
and Rodriguez they also have a bunch of outer islands these islands are a thousand one hundred miles off the southeastern side of Africa the islands are you 350 miles
apart you can go year-round but through
November to May there is the lowest amount of Winds. These islands also have a low number of inhabitants so the areas are left really pristine plus all of the corals are
near open oceans so they get a lot of nutrients and are very vibrant
Cyprus Cyprus or the official Republic of Cyprus this island is
located in the eastern Mediterranean you can come here during the winter because
from January through May it is often about 65 degrees it is recommended to
still always wear a wetsuit when you’re diving
I guess there’s undercurrent that’s a little chillier the wreck of the Zenobia
this is in Cyprus is a roll-on/roll-off boat was carrying 100
trucks at the time of it sinking so all the boats are all the cars are still
connected to the boat and it’s on its side so all of them are dangling off the
edge of the wall it’s also near the Alexandria
there’s two ways to you view both of these wreckages and either to dive
obviously the other is to go on one of the tours with the glass-bottom boats
alright so sorry I’m a little bit muted my spouse is here trying to watch tv. I hope you guys liked this remember to like and subscribe. I post every Friday and Saturday about animal conservation easy care and um ecotourism So yeah keep in touch for that and I’ll see you next video bye!

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  1. not gonna a dude thats scared of fish and other such things. bugs,amphibians,reptiles…but..I would like to snorkel or light scuba diving..i love to see fish and all the plant life, beautiful..thanks

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