‘My Beautiful, Smart, 20-Year-Old Daughter Is Obsessed About Becoming A Famous Viral Star,’ Woman…

‘My Beautiful, Smart, 20-Year-Old Daughter Is Obsessed About Becoming A Famous Viral Star,’ Woman…

My beautiful, smart, 20-year-old daughter is obsessed about becoming a famous viral star. For the last year, I’ve been watching my daughter’s life unravel, right in front of my eyes. Now, she wants to pursue her life as a rapper. ♪ Listen, I’m a young girl from the trenches ♪ I feel like Chantelly’s gone completely off the deep end. Growing up my daughter Chantelly was wonderful. I did really well in school, I got all straight A’s. In debate, she was very successful. She won medals, she had trophies. Telly did have aspirations to be a marine biologist. During my senior year in high school, I performed at the Apollo Theater. When I was on the Apollo Theater, at that stage, I was like (screams). She won the competition and she was given a four year scholarship to college. Bro, like, we get to finally get her out of the hood. After being in college, it just wasn’t for me. My niece decided that she wanted to drop out of school. If I was Chantelly’s mom, I would have beat her ass, and took her phone away from her, sent her back to school. Everything about my daughter has changed. She’s even changed her name. She goes from Chantelly to Telly Zelly. I hate that she calls herself Telly Zelly, I think it sounds so dumb. She reminds me of the Teletubbies with a mix of Sesame Street, if you guys remember the Telly character they had, who was the slow one. Telly Zelly is like this lil’ gangster wannabe, weed smoking, showing off her body. Her music is trashy. ♪ Beef, never starvin ♪ ♪ But seven in an apartment ♪ ♪ Ain’t sleep ♪ A few weeks ago, my daughter went and did the unbelievable. She went and got a tattoo on her forehead, that said, “Suck my (beep).” I was like completely freaked out, I’m still freaked out. Like, who does that? I think that my daughter’s way too smart for these stupid decisions, but with this behavior, I might be wrong. (tense music) Well, I’m glad you’re here. Thank you for having me. Yeah, so, how did you feel Yowanly, to first find out that your daughter, who had been a good student, had won medals, had won, actually, a four year scholarship, full ride, right? Yes, sir. How did you feel when you found out she said, nope, droppin out, leaving it on the table, walking away. So what was really messed up with that, she didn’t tell me directly, I kinda find out through social media. So, it’s like a smack to the face. Olga, why do you think Telly had a hard time adjusting to college? From what she expressed to me, she said she wasn’t a fan of the vibe, and what was going on in school. The vibe? The vibe.
The vibe. As in waking up and going to class, vibe? Yes, as in waking up and going to class and, I guess everybody doing what they’re supposed to do, and everybody on this strict line. Right. It was just not what she wanted. She just couldn’t swing that? Yes. Okay, but then she chooses to go the route that she’s gone. I expected her to be writing speeches for people because that’s, she’s talented, but, so. She’s very articulate. She’s very. So, it’s just so, you know like, you know better than that. I thought you knew better than that, because we speak about this all the time, like we would speak about this all the time, like, you know, man people just try to take the easy way out instead of like working really hard and going to school and getting their things together. But we, so we knew about this stuff, so it’s weird that she wants to like kinda go backwards and invest her time in that. I feel like we were just a bit disappointed that that was the the route she chose. A bit disappointed is an understatement. Yeah, well you say that Yowanly took a backseat to just let this kinda play out, instead of getting involved, I’m asking her. Okay, she was, I feel like she was more trying to be her friend, and trying to be there for her, you understand? When I see like she’s not trying to go to school, I’m like well babe, at least you’re like halfway past, can you at least wrap it up, and at least get your Associate’s degree? Maybe you don’t wanna go to school for the four years, fine, just get your Associate’s, wrap it up. Well, she wrapped it up all right. She wrapped it up to the point where she doesn’t wanna go and now all she wants to do is rap.

100 thoughts on “‘My Beautiful, Smart, 20-Year-Old Daughter Is Obsessed About Becoming A Famous Viral Star,’ Woman…

  1. And here I am struggling at college because I'm not smart enough and feel guilty for my parents to pay my student loans. I swear if I met this girl, I might choke her

  2. Every Dr. Phil guest is on there just to get famous now…. it's getting annoying because we know she is probably faking it to get clout. But of course the show won't change anything because they are getting ratings from it too. Smh sometimes the internet sucks.

  3. Damn girl has potential and she could do so much with her brains. Pursing fame and passion in music is all good but it seems to lead her to a dark path.

  4. She a Bronx bummy and mercy college is right here in the Bronx. She could have gone but she’s a pigeon. No excuses. I’m here and graduated law school and now in my PhD. Ladies grind everyday in the Bx.

  5. Trying to be a rapper is fine, just do it as a side thing. Work on music while getting that degree. That’s a wave. Edit: don’t be trashy

  6. People like Dr. Phil are encouraging her behavior in a way by broadcasting her on live television for the whole world to see her. In this little girl’s eyes all publicity is good publicity smh

  7. Bro I jus wanna say, college ain’t for everyone. Period. Someone else will get the scholarship & she can do so what she wanna do🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. Shits not gonna happen she’s gonna stumble across drugs, and it goes down hill from there. Seen it happen MORE than enough times. Sad but tru

  9. Wow… Not everyone is lucky enough to get full scholarship and yet you dont want to go college cause you wanna be a wannabe rapper. Shame on you..

  10. nah i feel like she could be great. tbh, she has a flow, she’s good at rapping, her voice sounds good, she’s pretty, she’s smart. she needs to fix her attitude and do things the right way and be a little more classy and professional. then she’s golden.

  11. If my daughter dropped out of college after receiving a full scholarship it would’ve broken my heart. 💔 I feel so bad for the Mom and Aunt.

  12. It makes me unbelievably angry when rich spoiled brats pretend like they came from poverty when they had everything they needed in life. The epitome of trash.

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