my college morning routine ☺︎

my college morning routine ☺︎

hi guys welcome back to another video a lot of you guys wanted to see an updated morning routine so here it is I start off my mornings with a simple hygiene routine of brushing my teeth and cleansing my face to cleanse my face I’ve been using this
soap this is the French egg by Arencia it comes with this net that’s used to
create foam after I foam up my soap I place the foam on my face like so and then I use this device to massage it into my skin for a deeper cleanse this is the luna mini 3 by foreo I really like this because of how soft it feels on my skin I have pretty sensitive skin but the silicone bristles do not
irritate my skin whatsoever I especially like to focus this around my nose area because I have gigantic pores and I want to make sure I remove all of the toxins that have accumulated on my skin throughout the night it’s also 100% waterproof so it’s easy to just run it under water and clean it after each time you use it for my moisturizer I’ve been using this serum it’s the ato serum from flasha and it’s been my favorite serum lately it’s super light which is good because I’m going to be putting on makeup later but it also keeps my skin moisturized which is a must for me during the winter and that’s basically it for my skincare I don’t really invest too much time in
doing my makeup every day t he most I’ll do is what I’m doing right now where I just do a very simple and natural makeup look for my outfit I could have just gone to
class wearing what I woke up in but I changed into this sweatshirt and leggings I definitely value comfort over anything else for breakfast I’ll eat whatever I have this day I ate cereal because I was too lazy to cook anything before I leave for my first class I catch up on some work and do some reading for my classes when it’s time to leave for my class I pack my laptop into my backpack along with something to snack on I also make sure to take my air pods
with me because I listen to music during my 20 minute walk to campus and that concludes this video thank you guys so much for watching
until the end and I will see you in my next video

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  1. Hi

    Thank you for shooting such cool videos.

    I really like your videos

    Waiting for the release of new videos)))

    Please take a video of how you do your makeup for both the party and the everyday

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