My Study Abroad: FEA Scholarship in Japan 【CC字幕】 (USA) 海外の反応

My Study Abroad: FEA Scholarship in Japan 【CC字幕】 (USA) 海外の反応

Hi! I’m Loretta. and today I want to tell you about an amazing program that’s helping more U.S. students achieve their dream of studying abroad. “Fund for Education Abroad” My name’s Shonda. and I’m Shalisha. My name’s Hector Santiago and I studied abroad with FEA 2012. I was invited to an event held by the Fund for Education Abroad, a program that provides “game-changing” scholarships to undergrad students who study critical languages in countries like Japan. Each FEA scholarship is worth up to $10,000 USD and given to a more diverse pool of students who otherwise may not have had an opportunity to study abroad. These are just a few of the FEA scholars I met who are helping to spread the word about this scholarship. “My Study Abroad: Their Stories” “Why do you think your application was selected?” I worked directly with the Director of International Education at my college, and it was a community college as well. I think what helped my application was that I have an identical twin sister, and that made me unique. Like, “Oh! Two twins going to Japan at the same time!” FEA is about making more people from diverse roots go abroad and we’re also first-generation college students. so all of that factored into our application for this scholarship. What was your favorite aspect of living in Japan? Every part of Japanese culture was just amazing to me! I love the food & the history…it’s hard to pick one! I got a lot of great experience in Japan and Igot a good look at my own country from the outside and I said, there’s work that needs to be done here, too. and that’s what motivated me to get involved in international education. We we first landed in Japan, we actually stayed in hotel close to Tokyo Tower, and when I saw it for me that was like:” I’m really here!!!” Our school was luckily located next to Kinkakuji or the Golden Pavilion We learned about all the sights of Kyoto I just couldn’t believe we were seeing it! It was so cool! Do you have a favorite Japanese dish? Okonomiyaki! It’s definitely one of my favorite things. Udon! Donburi!! Sushi!!! Katsu…Udon…and Yakisoba! Any Future Plans for Japan? I studied abroad in 2012, and that just wasn’t long enough for me. so my plans after that were to finish my undergrad degree and to apply to the JET program, to which I was accepted. and I spent the last year teaching English in Japan. Eventually, I will be back in Japan! Japan is party of my everyday life! I live Japan! I’m fascinated by cultures and I want to experience and learn so many more firsthand. At our school we’re studying Software Development. and we’re minoring in Japanese language and literature. We graduate next semester, so we’re looking for internships in Japan. At Sony, they have a global internship for IT people for 6 months So we’re hoping that we can do that. If you’d like to apply, check out It’s a great opportunity for students to take their studies to the next level. and if you’re not a US student, or not a student at all you can check out the other opportunities listed on my website,

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  1. What other places will they let you study broad at? I tried looking at the website for the FEA but I didn't seem to find a list of places they are established in.

  2. At first I thought your hair was natural suddenly looking at the video tag! And I missed your whole transition! (I just woke up don't ask lol) THIS IS AMAZING!! Thank you so much for this!!

  3. This sounds AMAZING!! I graduated college last year, but would love to still study (?)/work abroad! Is teaching English still one of the only jobs you can get in Japan as a US graduate? I'm still looking at JET! I'd love to have that opportunity!

  4. Amazing! I wish the opportunity could be extended to more than just undergrad though! I am a minority from a nowhere town population 1,400 in south Alabama, but I graduated from college, and am currently trying to teach myself Japanese. (My college didn't offer any Japanese courses) Nowhere near me offers Japanese courses, so I do most of my learning and listening through online resources… But if I could study abroad that would be awesome! 🙂 I am also looking into the Jet program and Aeonet!

  5. けむしさん、少し聞きたいことがあるんですけど。英語の先生以外に日本で日本語の専攻で何の仕事できますか?私のように日本語だけで専攻してしまった人が多いかもしれません。そのため卒業した末に何をしようかまだ分かりません。日本文化だけではなく、日本日常的な生活と就職のことも分かるようです。従って私が「けむしさんはこのテーマについてのビデオ作ってくれるかな〜」と思ってしまいました。せめてお回答して頂いたら、感謝致します。

  6. I just started the essay today and then you uploaded this video hopefully its a sign from God I'll get the scholarship lol

  7. How cute are those twins?

    I never had the opportunity to study abroad but I hope your videos inspire a lot of people to find he resources to do so ?

  8. すごいビデオね! As I said on Twitter, I received the Benjamin A. Gilman to go to Japan and study. It's similar to the FEA where they focus on minority and underrepresented students. If anyone has any questions, I'm glad to answer them.

  9. I have been a subscriber for a while now but have never comented. I however have to say that I am always impressed by how much you give back to your suscriber and readers. It must take a lot of dedication and investment to respond so informatively and consistently. It clearly reflects the passion and love you have for what you do. Thank you so much! X

  10. Yes! I am finally, officially, a student! This would be great for me. I am Half Caucasian half Native/Black (Dad is mixed), and my school is a community college, and I am married, and I am a woman. I am all for playing my cards. Hopefully I can get this scholarship.

    One request, could you do an interview video on people that studied/worked/work in Japan who have kids. I have never met anyone that did stuff like this who had kids, so I have no idea what to expect or how to prepare myself. :/

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