My university experience + how to pay off student loans ;-)

My university experience + how to pay off student loans ;-)

I hate the way you think we are friends -music. You must be crazy, I have been working until
the days end -music. Why you hating, I have been doing this for
years straight -music. All seven days, I practice until they… -music. That is on the way, flow is me and I may seem
nice, illuminated -music. Okay, I gotta run. I’m kind of late. This shirt is way too short, I don’t know
why I put it on. Flow of all these street lights… -music. I have been dreaming… -music. Where are you now? I am in hell. Having the time of my life. Mom, can you pick me up? I’m lost. Where? In life. -music. I didn’t do grocery shoppings, because I was
lazy… *shows saldo* And I probably should start studying for the test I have in three
weeks. Political economy… *cries* Hi mom. How was my day? I am seriously considering starting a career
as a stripper. My what? My stripper career. MY STRIPPER CAREER. What am I going to do? I am going to straight my hair. Because if I sleep with straight hair, it’s
going to be straight the entire day. But if I straight it in the morning, it is
going to blow up, as you can see. Double my pay, olee -music. Why are you all about my business -music. University girl… Mary-Kate Olsen. This isn’t easy, there is things you need
to sacrifice -music. There is so much more than- and if you are
rapping nice -music. I want this forever, I want this in my after
life -music. Rappers make a mill -music. So that took me about twenty-minutes. Love it. Okay, so last time I wore this shirt… It was actually, I think until here. And today I put it on and I went to class
with it… And I felt like a ****. Look how short it
is! So my theory is that it shrunk in the wasmachine. Okay, I’m studying. I have my test, not in three weeks apparently,
but in two weeks. Work hard, that’s the mission -music. This dream is what I am running to -music. Everything is going my way -music. Okay, so what is for dinner? My lucky ass found some left-over tortellini. So that’s for dinner. And my lovely, lovely roommate got me this
bag of M&M’s. If you are watching this, shout out to you. Love you, best friends, soulmates forever. You could basically propose to me with a bag
of M&M’s. So good… Work hard… -music. Vision every mindset coming through -music. Singing Shakira: My hips don’t lie… I told you guys my stripper career was happening. I like to move it, move it… Okay, so this has to be in here for like twenty-minutes. It is not much, but it’s okay. I probably should have left my hair in the
wrap a little longer, because as you can see… It starts to blow up again. Then again, I’m going to sleep with it, so
it should be fine. So good! Okay, so I guess I should make an outro. If you liked this vlog, put your thumb up
and subscribe to my channel yeey. I will try to keep it up. Bye bye.

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  1. supertof! vroeg mij nu wel af of je voor engels of voor nederlands gaat (nieuwsgierigheid), want je kanaalnaam is nederlands maar de rest is engels. Verder een tof vloggie! abonneetje erbij 🙂

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