Myra Brock – NFC Suwannee County Scholarships

– I’m Myra Brock. I’m a member of the
Suwannee Foundation board. The opportunity to work with young people in the Suwannee county area
is such a thrill for me to do. I have so much confidence
in those children. When I looked at the list of students that were going to receive
the scholarships today, I was very impressed with
the quality of the students and I think that a better selection could not have been made. And I’m just very proud
that these children and their families are going to be recipients of these awards. It’s right here. You don’t have to leave and go anywhere. Live Oak is the place to be. And it’s a good way to at
least begin the first steps towards an education and
getting some skill sets that you might not have yet. Come in today and talk to the advisor here in the Like Oak location and
that will be your first step on a great, great journey.

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