MySCU Portal – Logging In

Welcome to MySCU Portal – Logging in. MySCU Portal is the central location for the
Single Sign-on applications you use at Santa Clara University. When you log in to the MySCU Portal, you can
access all these apps without logging in again. The services you see in the MySCU Portal are
specific to you – not everyone will see the same tiles. In this video we will cover MySCU Portal features
including: Where to log in
How to log in, and What to do if you forget your password The log in page for MySCU Portal is at Once you are on the MySCU Portal login page
you will be asked to enter your username and password. To login to MySCU Portal use your SCU Username
and Password. Your SCU Username and default password is
located in the eCampus, SCU Electronic Info under Profile (this is the username and password
we just had you take a picture of with your phone). Now that you have successfully logged in to
the MySCU Portal you can launch your SCU email from the GSuite tile, the Learning Management
Software from your Camino tile, book a group study room from the Room Reservations tile,
and more. In addition to logging in to MySCU Portal
you can also access eCampus, your Library Account, Course Evaluations and more. To find out what is happening at SCU, scroll
down the page to view events, SCU facebook and twitter. To find out more information about any of
the applications in your MySCU Portal click on the information icon in the upper right
corner of the tile. For example, if you needed the support information
for Camino you can access this under the About this App by clicking on the information icon. Here you will find the support email and phone
number. To logout of MySCU Portal, click on the Welcome
dropdown next to your name and select “Logout”. This is particularly important to do if you
are using a public machine on campus. If you do not remember your password, click
on “forgotten your password” and follow the instructions on the screen. At a later date, you might want to change
your MySCU Portal password to something more meaningful to you, we will describe these
steps in a different session. Thank you for watching MySCU Portal – Logging

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