Nafla & Loopy React to their 2nd stage performances in SMTM777

Nafla & Loopy React to their 2nd stage performances in SMTM777

looks like everyone’s affected NASA astronaut sent back to give another video not as y’all can see we are here with the winners of show me the money triple 7 I’m saying taking over the Korean hip-hop scene taking over the fucking world I’m saying rocking shows and even killing the fashion game we are here with Nakhla and loopy Lula is new album that’s how you’re now saying hi guys doing we good because we’ll try new motto is getting it I’m getting hot all right now we’re gonna waste no time when they get into this you know I’m saying we are going to react to on the second stage you guys all over the world yeah booty swamps teaching hagakure yes on that you’ve got a mentor this is literally your first public performance right hello whatever all your fellow contestants are watching the producer is now saying whatever what’s going through your mind like you’re nervous like what’s going on oh I wanted to get that thing out you know what that was the second day you know when we do the the fire show the second round right right we do for 48 hours we shoot for 48 hours right so he then on the first day also those banana and then ha and but you don’t know who’s gonna get called so for us to be in the wrong fucking 24 hours I’m just like shit right Ryan then is just the day was over and then I’m on my second day so so after 24 hours of shooting mm-hmm we have like 6 hours of rest and then we have to go over another 24 hours of shooting right for the second round so I was like almost in the middle after the lunch break so like that’s like right after I ate so you must be like hellotara – yeah I was like everyone was tired when we got a look like we’re not tired for the show cuz he told me a lot like all cuz he won again like tips and stuff like that like when you go to the back get ready there’s gonna be a monitor right right all right like a view of the film i filming every writer contestants is everything and just like don’t look at that that’s gonna trip you up cuz it feels like you’re on the show alright look at right [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] that’s the girl found you really okay so that’s literally like my next question the one I was watching this right like when you walk yourself back you when you’re watching all these shows like recorded things like you’re looking at this right you had the same reaction as me like this is fucking flames I was hungry at 8:00 this moment can be and you’re like okay I’ve dumped out of here or what’s you well I already look at my stuff oh you know my kind never watched show me the money really no not even your points is like I watched this one uh-huh and then I tripped out cuz like right oh shit like everyone’s talking about why not so I was like nah if if I see the show right like I’m gonna see my flaws right and then when I shoot it’s like I’m not gonna be comfortable in the shooting cuz I’m gonna keep thinking about this angle and I have this like the fun like professional hair like hi Bryon right half Thai hair like I know I gotta think all of that so like that’s why I was like come on fucking I’m not gonna shit my gonna look at the show maybe after after and then I’m gonna just run through the whole thing well I didn’t get the chance you get right yeah so it’s actually my like second time I think no that’s my third tank its third time there was a good mom for the surprise day on the show aw come on pad Oh was it yeah there’s my smell isn’t that and then yeah there was my third time and it was it’s been a minute I know also towards Atlanta right when you say RPX that was probably one of the most kind of like touching moments of show money I guess paying tribute and um when did you think about that idea or like right right they’re like oh my I had 48 hours to think of what well he thought she owned actually he did we did the same beat we wrapped on the same no no I think that it was the right moment that I could pay homage to right like pay tribute to really get respect and because I really like him as an artist and performers anything like bigger like I wanted to show that respect but that’s the whole stuff I think the right moment yeah because there was the same beat all right P xxx to toss the only time saying now that we’ve watched not loopy what do you think of um shot those performance video when you’re watching that he is not good as as usual because I I usually as I could see what he can do birthdays he’s I think he so much pressure a little pressure because everybody says he’s gonna be the first one is gonna be he’s gonna be winner so after after this performance I told him like oh you could you could you could I mean you could you could better it could be better yeah yes Wow you know you’re pushing each other huh I thought that’s pretty much perfect when I was that the first date I was just I mean under if you watched him when I was just going crazy over it cuz mom dad that was crazy anyway man I think we’re all on transition next – Lupe’s I think this is the same second on the stage round and real long but before we start though I think we’re just gonna wash your performance but before that we all know that um stakes were much higher figure right like you had to add the pressure with swing saying all that he was saying like what was going through your mind like when you’re standing there and like he’s putting such pressure on you I wasn’t I wasn’t surprised I kinda knew that on some of producers I have those kinds of questions so I prepared so what’s the performance like at least 20 times literally you know I’m saying no like no Sheik to you and all the NAM say this is literally my favorite second round like performance in gear like all the seals put together but what I lost walking this is like you know your very first power as an artist like you did the sing you rap like you know you’re kind of like elevated like the new school approach to rap as well just how you do it and then you do this shit like you just just straight hip-hop right like where do you get like your musical influences like how you putting all these fucking styles together like I guess when I when I wrote that first my life was my life was special I think yes I I worked okay baby to restaurant Oh run run okay my friends and my friends were black they they make music you know they smoke every day everything was so real I mean like sure I think this is it okay that’s why maybe I could write these birds but these days I’m living life like a like a like a rock star you know I mean good I mean I’m trying to express when you’re working with our restaurants in fact of the state so was that the pasta plate that was you kind of like finishing his lyrics right like oh really do this limits and the songs are what’s going on cuz we practiced a lot I drink during this before because I’ve got 48 hours or no no like way before when we decided to do the show me no money right it wasn’t just like let’s go it was like we actually practiced a lot right right haha we had like 12 verses just right there so that’s so we got every everything prepared pretty much it so for round one gonna have three of these so at least two cuz they’re gonna ask for one more maybe yes so like we met we chased each other even Owen and just like grabbed in front of them even our managers really make them stand there and then for round two we’re gonna have this song so we practice that round three they’re probably gonna have this song so every every beats per minute mm-hmm we had a we had a person to that’s crazy so yeah so we were preparing so so we hurt each other especially this time [Music] we’re not there was all of that now saying so I notion of money is kind of huge you’re not saying Korea now and I think the last time we met was when you has a filming of before it was official that you guys were down there and I was telling you guys you guys were probably going to fucking win this right what like what has changed since then or is any anything change oh my bank account changed right yes I’m in your room yes sir oh well we had a lot of investments that we could do to increase the quality and music that’s what sure and videos and just everything just got a car actually something like that I didn’t you to give to the car money and you gave it to him or something like that that’s what that’s a franchise Wow if like if you guys have to give one advice right to anyone thinking of competing in this competition more people I guess in showing money eight right now what would your one advice P being pretty much the guys to talk to and from the previous evening there’s so many things for one practice practice anything you do you gotta practice yes that’s the one advice I can do you practice on like this like a test it’s not it’s not I hope it’s not this enjoyable to any degree it is at certain level we were all up there what is is enjoyable it’s not that enjoyable since every round you could get out right disqualified that press or that pressure it’s not it’s not fun it’s like it’s a competition there I always I’m always telling somebody who cannot be participate I’ll get ready when you think you’re ready okay all right so like we’re going to think you’re ready that’s when you have to be more ready that’s right all right ready isn’t ready right you think you’re ready but you’re not testing right right all right Madison said you know we just want to make something pop together you know I’m saying second time is seeing each other you know I’m saying it’s cool thank you guys for doing this again and one of the things that I realized that you guys are pretty big international kind of feel like like like I guess comparing other rappers I guess when we first at our interview and all that and it’s just it just seemed like you guys are pretty poppin Europe and all that I’m saying and I just not just in Korea so I was just hoping you know I’m saying this is kind of a fun time for you guys have any message for the fans if anything you know I’m saying that all the masalas if you own anything you know about anything this is your chance yes hello everybody all around the world and outer space or something my name is not fly in this little beeping for yeah thank you for like listening to us and like showing love it’s great like we’re just here and that’s crazy and it’s we got we got in there view from they called within Russia like Europe and there’s pm’s like saying like come to Brazil that’s crazy like we really want to go everywhere and like sure sure guys our performance and everything and oh I hope one day I hope that’s real quick yeah asshole make it rain down better and oh yeah we got to advertise our new flower ha ha ha that’s not here not right there that’s my hair that’s face off yeah that’s Lula and that’s that’s also our album thing yeah we have a whole album of 12 tracks is it 12 tracks make sure you check it out on iTunes Spotify and she’ll like that thank you all right man loopy anything else a or go on to that I love you and love you or like you know thanks for supporting us and you know [Music] go there some kind of tour like will make it ring tour like yeah we can’t promise I wish I really wish I wish and be good be happy be safe alright alright this is it for today now I’m sayin as you all know my outro people I think I’m seeing subscribing all that good shit man we here with the top tube and we make it rain thank you

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  1. 자막이 계속 안보이는데 저만 그런건가요 너무보고싶은데 계속 나왔다안나왔다해요…

  2. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ루피는 맨날 졸피뎀 먹고다니냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ애가 나른해 맨날

  3. Its so dope you get to meet all these artist and talk to them. I really like how you ask genuine questions and the processes of their music what they did it’s so amazing I love it! Also if anyone knows a link where I can watch SMTM full episodes with eng subs lmk! ???

  4. 루피 영어구사력 미국문화관심있는 한국 고등학생정도였네 외모만보고 겁나잘할줄

  5. The last releases under mkit rain were fire, cant wait for more content. Spotify playlist 90% mkit rn. Thanks nun ?

  6. I’ve having fun on your video thanks Mr.nun 🙂
    Let me recommend and hope you something that was a song which released and rapped by Basick, Rocky L and J-tong in 2008.
    Then you would express your amazement after you heard that especially a part of J-tong’s shit 🙂 i guess his flowing is really fit the trendy beats now such as the trap.
    I hope to see your natural reacting and your opinion about it. I put a link which is included Eng subtitles! Don’t think just check that out and have a fun on that thanks 🙂

  7. 나플라 뭔가 한국말할때 약간어리바리 순딩해보였능데 ㅋㅋ 영어하니까 왜르케 섹시해 ㅋㅋㅋ

  8. 남편이 힙합 랩 엄청 좋아해서 쇼미 이전에. 루플라를 알게 되었는데, 쇼미2차나플라 무대 같이보고서 원래 더 잘하는데 진짜 실력안나왔다그애서 읭? 했는데 루피얘기 들으니 오오 역시 ㅎ
    애정있게 오래들어온 사람들은 역시 아는건가 싶네염
    루플라 최고 🙂 인터뷰 좋았어요 🙂

  9. Thank you for this omg, i love the way they talk and the way they answer the questions. I love my boys so much❤

  10. 형 질문 포인트 넘 좋다 나플라가 루피 가사 따라하는 거 보고 서로 가사를 다 아는거냐 물었자너 지렸다리ㅋㅋ

  11. 나플라 아쉬운점이 쇼미 끝나고 우승까지했는데 레전드곡이라고 불릴만한게 나오지 않음 루피는 그래도 나름 준레전드 곡좀 나왔는데 그게 좀 아쉽 스윙스의 구걸 무시하고 vmc로 갔으면 레전드곡 기대할만했을텐데

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    지웠다깔아도 보이긴하는데 똑같은증상또나옴ㅋ 유투브 앱 말고 타 브라우저 사용해서 보십쇼

  13. 참 1등의 경지 아무나 가는거 아닌 거 같음 대단하다… 허세 넘치고 나 랩 개잘해 ㅋ 이러면서 뻐기고 있다간 금방 가라앉을건데 얘네들은 전혀 그런 마인드 없이 진지하게 더 열심히 준비하는구나…

  14. 48시간대기하고 저실력이 나올수있었다는게 진짜 놀랍다; 잠안숨도 못자고 피곤했을텐데

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    메킷레인 굳굳

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