Natalie Townsend – North Florida College Scholarship Recipient

– Hey, my name is Natalie Townsend. I’m super excited to be
going to college at NFC. I’m super grateful and humble to be chosen to be the one to receive this scholarship. Thankful for everyone who played a part. My brother is becoming a doctor right now and it’s just kind of like inspired me to go into the medical field also because he’s so excited
about what he does. That’s one of the reasons why
I would like to become an RN because I just love helping
people and in that aspect. I would love to eventually
work with my brother actually at a hospital or a doctor’s office. That would be super
awesome to be able to do like a little family practice
or something of that sort. I strongly encourage
considering NFC as a college to get your AA. It’s a very close knit family. Everyone is so nice and it’s a
great educational environment and I just recommend it very much.

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