Newtown CT Shooting Survivors Memorial Scholarship Fund

Newtown CT Shooting Survivors Memorial Scholarship Fund

there is the sending of shootings
obviously terrible tragedy but one of the silver linings i suppose that’s
inspired some amazing charitable actions by people in the newtown connecticut
community and also around connecticut around the country and so one thing
that’s just happened recently in the last couple days is that yukon
universitet if it which i went to for undergrad has set up uh… scholarships
that are going to run between now i’d eventually when of the survivors of the
massacre their siblings and also the children of the adults who are
unfortunate killed during the shooting gets a college-age and so there you
confrontation was actually at one point out such a number of uh… is going to
be raising money from now until the next few years later determined if they’ll be
able to cover the entire cost of the college education of these students or
could have just a part of it but either case while this certainly is not it’s
going to do nothing to make them feel better in the short run nearly something
good is being done for these things that hopefully over the course of their life
will give them some way to recover paragraph indebted
to some small extent yeah i think it’s really glad to see e in tragic events like this communities
come together and try to help each other kind of the wind that i mean there’s
never a mountain real benefit but maybe a little bit of silver lining topple
events like this is you do good to see some of the good side of humanity when
people really start to come together of the women’s basketball coach gino
arianna and his wife had already donated uh… eighty thousand dollars and i know
that a lot of our viewers are constant and you might not have a lot of money to
get but if you have money to get me if you like this is a good kaise please do
that well i’ll try and get a link posted if you if you are interested in checking
it out and getting it in any any money you had to put its totally worth it
because it’s great that you guys doing

49 thoughts on “Newtown CT Shooting Survivors Memorial Scholarship Fund

  1. There is also this charity video found here: /watch?v=VqXhKIRBtpo All of their advertisement money will be going to the united way. You can help out by just watching.

  2. I don't want to sound mean, but why are surviving children and siblings of children lost to the shooting getting money for surviving? It is kind of a slap on the face for the children who didn't survive, like they were not smart enough to protect themselves. If I were them, I would just want to move on from the tragic event.
    I understand money going to the children who lost their parents in the shooting though because they might need assistance to pay for their schooling now.

  3. I still don't see what scholarship would do for them. Giving them a proper ceremony or a memorial would be a better for them. Scholarship has a good intention behind it, but doesn't seem like the proper "gift" when it doesn't help them move on.

  4. A scholarship fund is fine and all, but there are over like 500 so called, "survivors" pf shooting. A scholarship fund for over 500 people is weird. But My main point is, calling everyone who was in the school that day a survivor is weird to me. Some kid all the way on the other side of the school didn't "survive" the shooting, he was just in the vicinity of where it took place.

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  6. I'm sorry America, but I think it's pathetic that you need to lose your siblings in such a tragic event in order for anyone to give a shit about your education.

  7. Hey John, Can you ask Lisa if she is single, because there is this cute black guy OTI (on the internet :D) that would love to talk to her? πŸ™‚

  8. I agree, why on earth would survivors need a scholarship fund? Surely parents of the dead children could use help with funeral costs?

    Its a good story and all so maybe im being a cynical dick for no reason. I wont even bring up scholarships for the Yemeni and Pakistani survivors of US drones.

  9. I don't think the students who didn't survive will feel like it's a slap to the face and be offended, primarily because they died.

  10. sigh, these people live in one of the richest counties in America and you want to set up a scholarship fund for them?

    give me a fucking break.

  11. FUCK THE SCHOLARSHIPS,, Try locking your gun,s up,away from stupid "mum,s with guns", God i hope adam lanza & it,s moronic mother rot in hell, She knew her son was a piece of bacon and left her armoury laying around,.. so 20 kids DIE because of that slack ass bitch

  12. I would support this only if the scholarships when to the children who's parent(s) was killed in the shooting. I would support this if this endeavor helped pay for the therapy these kids will need.

  13. hey. tyt its me. just wanted to let u know im back. had to work through some conservative bs left over from the election. hey was wondering if u could do a kyoto piece?

  14. I never agree with post-trajedy scholarships. Being in the shooting doesn't mean that they should get college money. Get them help for now, treat them like normal people and stop reminding them of what they went through.

  15. I have a black friend who lived in the Projects, and he's seen very many gunshots in his youth. He did not go to college. ;/

  16. U Conn is rich enough that they don't need to solicit donations to fund education for the victims, I would have preferred that they just offer the scholarships.

  17. While I think the IDEA is noble in itself, act like this is just another way to bring more publicity for it, unintentional or not.

    The publicity is the first thing things like this should be rid off.

  18. Congrats kids, since you were "lucky" enough to survive sandy hook, you've "earned" a college scholarship. This line of thinking is ass backwards, these kids are not lucky and they didn't earn anything. We should be providing a safe environment for them anyway and providing free education for those with the ability to do it anyway. These kids are getting shot at school and NOW we give them free college. Kids have to get shot to get education? Is that the way it is now? Give me a fucking break.

  19. God forbid people actually want to help each other out? No we should all mind our own business who cares about others. That's what you think right?

  20. Richest countries in America? lol Now that is laughable… you mean world. Lay off the juice and join the real world. This country does not help its own… it only helps others. Fuck the starving and homeless and uneducated here.

  21. The government is not providing the scholarship… isn't it coming from donations? Get the fuck over yourself and move along.

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