Nicki Minaj Introduces Ellen to the Rap Game

Nicki Minaj Introduces Ellen to the Rap Game

I’m happy to see you.>>I love you.
You know that. Thank you for having me.>>I love you and you were awesome
on the Billboard Music Awards. You were awesome.
>>Aah! [APPLAUSE]>>Thank you. I had so much fun too. I really had fun.>>I mean, cuz I haven’t seen you for
a little while. It was like a ten minute opening.>>It was a nine minute opening. God bless Billboard cuz they were so
sweet to us and Jaime King, Creative Director,
it’s the first time we worked together. And he just he was like,
this is gonna be your Superbowl. And I was like, I don’t wanna dance,
I don’t wanna do this, I don’t wanna do that. And he got me to do a bunch of stuff and
I loved it, it’s my favorite performance now.>>I mean really, all of your dancing,
I was impressed by everything you did.>>Thank you.>>It was really, I mean it’s a lot.>>Thank you.
>>And especially it’s got to
be nerve wracking to be the opening act in front of all
these people that are judgy.>>Yes.
>>And it was good. It was really really good.>>You know, you know, cuz in the front row there’s all
these like celebrities and stuff. And then, it was crazy because
you never wanna make eye contact. You never wanna notice
anyone before you perform. And for some strange reason, I know
what is that like Drake was in the front row and I was like,
can he just move, please?>>Yeah.
>>[LAUGH]>>Like, I was so nervous. Yeah.
They kept cutting to him.>>I know.
>>I was very impressed, and you were out there by yourself. He had a guy in the fountain
with him; just a little pal.>>[LAUGH]
>>But you were by yourself. He bought a little pal. I was like, whats he doing?>>[LAUGH]
>>It’s no reason to be in the fountain.>>I love to set though. I love that visually.>>Yeah. It was impressive. All right, let’s talk about no frauds. So, you put me in your song and
in your video. If people didn’t see it,
let me just show them a little clip.>>[MUSIC].>>Very, very cool.>>[APPLAUSE] Aah!>>That’s in London.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Well, no, I want to clarify, Ellen. Because a lot of people make this mistake. I’m not saying I am the Degeneres queen, because that would make
absolutely no sense. I’m saying I’m the generous queen, but because your name is Degeneres,
it’s a play on words. It’s a play on the sound of the word,
the and de.>>I got it.>>Duh?>>[LAUGH]
>>You got it now, Ellen?>>I got it.>>But you.
>>But this is the second song you’ve put me in.>>I know.
>>[LAUGH]>>I’m obsessed with you. You don’t have to let everyone know. [CROSSTALK]
>>You’re letting them know because you, the name of the song. I can’t say the name of the song and
the other one because It’s a [CROSSTALK]>>That’s not. No, it spells C-O-M-E. It’s not a curse. Come on a cone.>>[LAUGH]
>>That makes no sense. That’s like, you know, come on a cone.>>[LAUGH]
>>Is that what you’re trying to say?>>Yeah [CROSSTALK],
you grow a big huge cone and then let it->>Stop, stop, stop.>>[LAUGH]
>>All right, I’m sorry. [LAUGH]
>>Stop.>>I’m sorry. Whatever.>>But I really, I do, I’m really
appreciative because I love you and I love your music. And then I hear my name in it and
I’m like, that’s fantastic. Now I’m new to all this the rap game. You know. Of course I’m in it now. But
>>[LAUGH]>>Should I have a beef with someone? Should I.>>[LAUGH]
>>What should I do to get really entrenched into the rap game?>>Well let’s think first
who would be your rival.>>I don’t, I really like everybody. It’s hard. I’d have to really make somebody up.>>Well, remember the way that
>>Reese Witherspoon.>>No, remember, no.>>I’m curious of her.>>Remember they thought Oprah. Or let’s say Oprah was Ellen’s rival.>>She’s not.
>>I know, no, but that’s the point.>>Okay.
>>You and Oprah are two amazing women, right?>>Right.>>So what if you started getting
jealous of her or something. And then you throw a jab or something. Then she throws one back. And then it’s so much fun. And then you make a rap and she.>>Somebody bring me my phone. I’m gonna text her that we’re in a feud.>>[LAUGH]
>>Bring me my phone for the commercial break and then i’ll
tell her that you want me to hate her.>>Yeah, let her know.>>[LAUGH]
>>I’ll let her know it’s your idea.>>That’s fine.>>Yeah, good. All right cuz I got your
back whatever happens.>>[LAUGH]
>>Thank you.

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  2. You could cut the tension with a knife when Nicki said Oprah, like: you don't pick a fight with the Queen of television, even as a joke.

  3. I'm not a fan of her music but I absolutely love her as a person, her personality, she's so talented and pretty <3

  4. 0:14 – Ellen: 'cause I haven't seen you for a little while..
    Nicki: * Gently gets her jacket out of the way*

  5. I have never seen Ellen intimated by any guest, she has a tendency to completely disarm her guests with quick witted quips by bringing them down to earth – apart from Niki Minaj. She either needs to treat NM like other guests or don’t bother interviewing her.

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  7. I love Nicki, if u haven't yet, watch her interview with Steve Colbert! Hilarious! He was in love for a minute. 😅😅😅😅

  8. Can Nicki be on Ellen one more time before she retires? I’d love to hear more about what she has planned for the future ❤️

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