Nonverbal Autism – Learning Speech With Imitation

– Real quick, before we start this video, I just want to make sure that, you guys see the end of this video. Tomorrow’s a very important day. I explain more at the end,
when I do a coffee with David. So please stick around ’til the end. If you find our videos not useful, or it’s boring or something
at least skip to the end. So yeah, enjoy. Are you so happy to be home? Good afternoon everybody, good afternoon. – [Stacey] Braylee, wait
you forgot something. – This is where we’re starting
today, in the afternoon. – [Stacey] Hey! – Mainly because nothing
exciting really happened, up until now, because
Braylee hasn’t been home. – Everything’s better when she’s here. – [David] Everything’s better
when Braylee’s home, huh? – Hi – [David] Did you have a good day? Oh, you want the light off? (laughs) – You want the light off, I’ll help. (groans) – Willing to talk about something today. I wanted to talk about something today. Stacey doesn’t know about it. – [Stacey] What? – Well she does know about it, she just doesn’t know now is
the time to talk about it. – [David] Braylee is repeating
a lot of our words right? – Okay, I don’t know where you’re— – [David] Something that
you wanted me to do. – You’re going with this. – [David] We’re going to check out to see, if she interested in Gemini. – Oh! Okay, I was like
what are you talking about. – Years ago, it’s been
at least three years, because I know it was in Colorado, we tried samples of Gemini with Braylee, she really didn’t take to it much. I mean back then she
wasn’t really copying, what we were saying anyway. There was really no communication, but now with her copying our
words and watching our mouths. – Yeah, I wouldn’t say
that it’s nearly just, the repeating of words, but she is so focused in on the mouth, when she’s watching us talk. We saw it, not even just with us, but when she does music therapy. She sits and watches the mouths movement. – And gemini focuses on mouths. A lot of videos are mouths
and then objects and stuff, and this is not sponsored by the way. – This is just something
that we’ve wanted to try, ever since we knew about it
but we were waiting for her, to give us the indicator
that it’s something, that she’d be interested in. Her dyspraxia for her speech it impacts, a lot of the coordination piece. I have no doubt in my mind, that Braylee is capable of saying words. Her speaking stuff, yeah it
could be because of autism, but a lot of it is from
dyspraxia particularly, because she does try to do it, but you can tell— We shared an infographic
on Facebook yesterday, part of it is jumbling up your words, and so for her it’s
lot about coordinating, what her brain wants to
do and her actual mouth. The motor planning that
it takes to go into, making the right shapes
to make the right sounds, to form specific words. – We’re gonna try it out
but first, I need some food. What are we eating tonight? – Stir fry. – Stir fry! With the cooking of stir fry, were gonna put some of
it in front of Braylee. You guys will see what she does with food, that she doesn’t like. – We’ve been really
trying to make sure that, we present more opportunities for her. Even the tiniest portions on a plate, just to sit in front of her when we eat, so she can at least get
used to having it there, and maybe some day she’ll try it. I mean the day she tried smoked sausage, she just popped it into her mouth, and was like “oh okay.” (meat sizzling) – So I know that this
isn’t a normal portion, I would not feed her this amount of food, but knowing that she
most likely won’t eat it, I’m only going to give her a little bit, and if she wants more
we can give her more. Rice, and chicken, and
broccoli, and a carrot. Here, look, can you
try it, here look rice. Try a bite, hey take one bite. Can you smell it? Look, try it, you do, take a bite. – No, no, no. (exciting music sounds) – This is the first time she’s
played the symbol by herself. – [David] We just like that
she’s exploring on her own. We’ve been just letting her, like we’re not going and telling her— – Go play! – [David] Go play, play
the drums or anything, we just let them be, rooms
open if she want to go in, and yeah she just goes
in there and does that. – Every couple of days we just
hear like “Boom, boom, boom,” and then she runs back out. – [David] But right now she’s actually— – She’s in there, staying
for a little while, and she never does the symbols. – [David] I love that it’s growing on her. – She’s playing some beats. – [David] Maybe we need to
set up a camera in there. – I think we should. That’s a different drum
then she normally uses. – [David] Yeah she hasn’t
used that one before either. This is some good exploring for her. (happy drums beating loudly) – Yes! (laughs) – [Stacey] Show him your tooth. – [David] Show me your tooth Braylee. – Show daddy, go, can
you wiggle your tooth? Yeah, she did a hard pull on that thing. – [David] Trying to get
that thing out of there? – [Stacey] Yeah. It’s getting there, huh? – [David] Another tooth,
this will be number three. – [Stacey] It’s her top tooth. – [David] Yeah. – [Stacey] The first top tooth. – Yesterday, we talked about Gemini, and how were going to
try it out for Braylee, since she’s interested in mouths. Forming words with mouths, like watching our mouths
while we’re talking and stuff. Wow, this angle’s weird, hold up. So I downloaded the Gemini mobile app, however you can’t login
without an account. I’m pretty sure I have to go on here, and get a free trial. I know that we’ve done
a lot of videos lately, about Braylee’s communication, but it’s just something that
we’re pushing a lot lately, just because she’s been doing
a lot more with communication. We want to go with the
flow, build off of it. I think that’s when we’ve
been the most successful, with Braylee is when we just go with what, she’s doing at her pace. That is when we see the most progress. When we follow her lead, what
your ready for right Braylee? Use Gemini seven days for free. It says I will not be
charged for seven days. I have to remember to cancel
this within seven days, otherwise I get charged and
I do not want to get charged. Unless, Braylee takes to it really well. I created a Gemini account,
and I have it for seven days. Something that I always forget is— – [Stacey] To cancel trials. – To cancel trials, and
I always get charged, so I have to remember this
so what am I going to do? Hey Siri, set a reminder in six days, that I need to cancel Gemini. – [Siri] Okay, your
reminder is set for Monday. – Okay, it went through like
a questionnaire on here, so it gives you a specific plan. It looks like the first group
of things to go through, are animal noises for Braylee. Which I think is pretty cool. We’ll see how this goes I’m excited. Can’t show you guys the actual videos, I will get in trouble because
these are copyrighted. I will at least show you guys
Braylee’s response to it. Like I’m going to set
up the video like this, and then you’ll see
Braylee’s face over it. Another thing that I don’t
know how it’s going to go, is Braylee does have a
really short attention span. She may not sit down and watch these. There’s a very good chance,
she just might look at it and be like, “Nope, I don’t want
anything to do with that.” She’s very active and
always moving around, so this may not work for her
but it’s worth a try right. Hey seven days free, it’s worth a try. – [Ipad] Crab, fish, fish – [Braylee] Fish. (upbeat music) – [Ipad] Elephant (elephant noises) Elephant – [Braylee] Ah ah. (upbeat music) – She was interested for a
very short period of time. It was a good start really into it, for maybe 15 to 30 seconds. It’s really tough since
she loses interest so fast. She was interested that’s what count. We’re going to keep trying for six days. If we get to a point of
her just really liking it, then after six days keep it around maybe, if not then maybe just move on. (upbeat music) Before this video ends were
actually gonna have Braylee, open up some of your guys’ mail. Okay so we got two items. Scissors! – [Stacey] Say that again. – [David] Are you saying cut, here? All right. This one is from Mary Bishop. It looks like it could
be- what does that say? Braylee’s pretty much in and out, but she opened up first
out of this package, a catnip toy for our cat. Made by— – [Stacy] Nemo’s making
faces all the way over there. – Made by our daughter Olivia. Thank you so much Olivia we will show you, we’ll show Nemo, Nemo’s the
one that loves catnip so. We’ll show her in a second. I’m gonna have Braylee open this. It says “To Braylee from
Mary, Paul, and Olivia.” Mary, Paul, and Olivia. It says, “Believe,” love it. ” Merry Christmas, may the
magic and wonder of Christmas, live in your heart, Merry Christmas, Mary, Paul, and Olivia.” Thank you guys so much for the card. “Sweet Christmas wishes to you.” – [Stacey] Nemo! – Nemo really wants that catnip. (laughs) “Thank you for the beautiful
photo greeting, great,” Love Jerry and Debbie. Thank you guys so much for these cards. We really do appreciate them. I am going to have Braylee
open up her present, and have Nemo open up the catnip bag. – [Stacey] She’s making noises, every time she rips the paper. – [David] Yeah. They’re squishy toys. Thank you. – [David] Thank you. It’s show time. (dramatic techno music) Dori’s over here like, “I
just don’t understand catnip.” – Bye – Bye – Good job. – There’s a couple things
I want to talk about, before I finish up this video. I was just editing it and I
think there’s a couple things, that need to be added here. So why not just grab a cup of coffee, and let’s chat, cheers! I don’t know, that felt a little awkward. First I want to talk about gemini. So it’s been about four
days, three or four days, since we started doing
that program with Braylee. We’ve been giving her the
opportunity to watch it everyday, for the last four days. As we move along it’s
becoming less and less, interesting to her, to
the point where she won’t, even entertain it at all. Tried different videos so
were not looping the same, exact video every time. Her interest went from
what you saw in this video, to her not even, she doesn’t even
acknowledge it being there. So, were just going to
cancel the free trial, and move on, maybe bring
it back another day, but for now it’s okay. I think we’re just going
to have to remember, that the most important thing, is not necessarily her talking, but just being able to
communicate with the world. Whether that’s through
her speaking device, or sign language. I mean if it ends up being
with verbal language, that would be okay, but
if that verbal language, never does come, were not going
to make Braylee feel like, she’s less than for that reason. We just want to continue to strategize, try to help her
communicate with the world, so she can have a better chance, at living the fullest life possible. ‘Cause that’s what we want for her. We want her to have a full life, experience the world and be happy. That’s what we want. Number two, as I drink some more coffee. There’s just something
I wanted to talk about. It’s a topic that I feel strongly about. Tomorrow, January 11th, is
human trafficking awareness day. So human trafficking continues
to be a huge problem. I keep seeing these
stories in the news about, these terrible things that
are happening to people. It’s really tough to think
about and talk about, but I think it needs to be talked about, because it is a problem. There’s this organization that I follow, called “I empathize,”
I would encourage you, to check them out. I’m going to leave the information, on YouTube and Facebook
on our video posts. I think one of the most
important things that, we need in our world is more empathy, putting ourselves in other people’s shoes. Treating everybody equal, treating everybody how you
would want to be treated, feeling what other people feel. Everybody here, everybody that’s watching, everybody in the world,
they’re all human beings. They are people, they are somebody. I think empathy would take away a lot of, these types of issues in the world. Tomorrow January 11th, is human
trafficking awareness day, it happens all around us
it’s not just in big cities. It’s in little cities too. It’s every where, it’s really scary. It’s not just an adult problem, but there’s kids being trafficked, and it is the worst thing
to even think about. I can’t even fathom how it even happens, but it happens, and I
think it’s so important, to be aware that it’s happening, and be a part of a solution. So I encourage you to check them out, they have a Facebook page,
I’m going to link it. And we are going to leave for now, thank you so much for watching. Have a great day! (soft, calming music)

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