Obama on Student Loans, Perry’s Flat Tax Plan

Obama on Student Loans, Perry’s Flat Tax Plan

lameta twenty twelve michael short with
you and we are joined and today are by i’m john dickerson of slate dot com john
thanks for joining us on the shelf technical uh… nice to have you uh… you were
these system guests in the history of twenty twelve seventy seven poet democratic ready and waiting for my
teacher you-know-what correction you’re the fourth and he’ll get that featured pertains
only for the first one was an if i were you i would say representative chris murphy
of connecticut i think it was representative
christopher shays connecticut also close it was actually eleanor clift you should
never have you should really done the research before you answered the
questions that’s uh… john uh… again pressured him for
joining us we know we’re talking on the about so much they have of course the
president is going hot now to uh… to denver to give a speech which you may be
giving right now as we speak uh… about student loans and it turns out that student loans
makeup more debt in america than i did not
notice that surpass credit card debt thirty second largest amount of debt
that we carry in the house sold the compared to mortgages uh… who was he
talking to here see talking to what what how big a swath americans in this this
is a bold you know you can’t get any kind of edu
uh… cific grouping wanted is middle-class families too more and more fine the american dream
out of reach and uh… college costs have been
skyrocketing the idea that you’re child can go to
college packages unit was flipping outreach for
people who don’t uh… make a great deal of money but
he’s also catching uh… college kid and um… those particularly
those voters who were uh… seventeen sixteen when he
ran last time couldn’t vote for a man workign swept up
in a bomb a fever but can now vote for it and yesterday in and when he was a damn
thing when the white house financing that um… the campaign arm with simultaneously announcing anew and
special push for those younger voters now equipment you know it’s interesting
that uh… the every once in awhile you realize and and you brother brian as you
more than any of us but it’s you realize how important the in the president is when you’re a
candidate for president sick as you give a speech like this you essentially
giving a campaign speech everybody is watching and it is so no one said it is
so it’s hard to see that targeted as you just mentioned to people that matter in
the election it is it’s an incredible adventures of the president has over
people who want to say the same thing on the republican side say right now and
can only get a smattering of of of uh… of attention exactly right although you know the downside for him of course
if you know it is that one-to-one any pics here is a problem
you have a college loans and i and uh… shall answer man i’m gonna fix it for
you ten he people feel great on that one topic
but what it does simultaneously is yet you supports the notion that the
president come in ride to the rescue on all kinds of issues on the larger question of the economy he
can’t and so he burden this by the office by people
thinking that it potentially made the king and he can kind of order thing dop adapting six windy a lot
of ways on the bigger economic stuff heated his endured completely gone and that’s exactly what we have somebody
like doctors and nurses did to bring this down to earth and and talk about
these things you know it strikes me in when you look at the president said the
president here a little bit more will go to the republicans adults uh… the president has overseen the uh…
capture and killing the mossad unlocking i he’s been a part of the capture and
killing of moammar ghadafi and and and yemen algeria and it just seems that if
this were a republican president that they would be you know they were
the people in the well of congress and that we have to put this guy on the
diamond we have to start or end chisels for mountain rushmore to put this guy
said i’m not rush more their isn’t that you don’t get that sense of what is the
difference between the democrats and republicans from where use it that makes this happen because to
me the uh… and missus objective you know
i look at this these are pretty substantial accomplishments that the
president has our foreign policy way your exactly right i think part of it is the party different tanning republicans tend to uh… celebrate her martial aspect of the
presidency more then uh… than democrats do in the last couple of elections of course into into davenport particular
in there a lot of parallels between two thousand four in this election george
bush was having a lot of trouble um… you’ve been the threat of terrorism
uh… and the uh… unresolved nature of the ongoing war worried enough in people’s minds for the
fence with the president or a m on his leadership on foreign policy
national security uh… and would be able to cut it eke out up uh… victory the different
now is that when you ask people what what concerns you the most in your life
but terrorism carter barely makes one percent when you have to put her
open-ended questions right and though the president has has this strong record
and his numbers are relatively good on that whereas numbers on the question
after he was number on the economy and other picture too terrible but people just don’t you know it doesn’t touch them in their life and then final
point i’d make is that if you’ve just objectively look at the attributes
required for a president if you look at the list of things that he actually have
control over i mentioned he doesn’t have much control over the economy’s people
think he had quite a lot of control over
national security and over the question of how we treat other questions civil liberties with
respect to com mail guantanamo bay and and all of the other part of the war on terror present at the
tremendous amount of influent over those questions and yet in
this campaign they’ve almost gone completely autograph and you know that one of the part of our
systems it is and and you’re right i mean you have the sentence just shows
also how the difference a few years makes because
of you thought that uh… the national security was not going to be an issue when brock obama’s running for president
last time it was so it was really an albatross on him because he he had no
experience in that arena really and it turns out at this
point anyway that uh… objectively again this is a strong this suit dust far certainly the results have
been strongest and in that area uh… let’s talk about the republicans now
uh… i hate thought that there was something very uh… i was a very
interesting in the way made that night if we had to do we have
a clip breadth of uh… of rick perry um… now i want to listen i want your
listeners um… to rick perry talking about mitt romney in talking about it
this is in talking with john harwood about his new flat tax plan these
hundreds of thousands maybe even millions of dollars for them but i don’t
care about at what i care about is the on having the dollars too m invest in their companies to go out
and maybe start a business it is they got the confidence again that they
actually get to keep more of what they work for decided that we got to have a
tax system in this country where you you taking more away from uh… does that tambien ability to create jobs
i’m all about job creation is what i’ve done for ten years as a government taxes
and that’s what i’m focused on so uh… i’ll take the criticism if that’s what
comes out like that criticism because what i’m interested in is give americans
working you mention class warfare in nineteen eighty six when your advisor
steve forbes was running on a flat tax mit romney said it was a tax cut for fat
cats she says and what your plans in santa well i would say yelling status is as yet here we have i mean on the one hand he
is trying to he bristles at the idea of this class warfare he bristles at the
idea of occupy wall street and and good you know uh… elucidative differences between
the haves and have-nots yet within the context of his own primary he takes the same tactics uh…
in a way that the body by wall streeters our basic uh… out what how do you
think this is going to work permit romley within the republican primary
thoroughfare within the republican primary i think it’s a good point eighty beach
announcing the flat tax plan a_t_f_ he beat up on refund democrats for it
cutting back on it for her but come that exactly ready point to romney’s
personal wealth in that interview but that also eat campaign called on romney to release his tax return which is the age-old that
trick uh… movement to show that they could
be the candidate is news that wealthy and and uh… detached from the wide said normal people will come um… and also to get out just to show that
amount the impact of that mit romney page relative to total wealth um… i think the republicans won’t
uh… a rang him up on that contradiction i don’t think too much and uh… the uh… it’s worth a
historical network mentioning that in nineteen ninety-six
all of the republican uh… steve forbes is uh… a flat tax
plan which is pretty similar to perry on the grounds that it it with that
windfall for the wealthy because they would have to pay taxes on on capital
gains depreciation and interest where at the middle class family would
have to pay before capable seventy percent perry had a twenty percent flat tax
um… but the republican party is just totally
shifted now and so it’ll be interesting to see how
ronnie comes back at perry on the flat tax but perry’s problems the flat tax really is a good fit set of
notions and that’s fine but he’s got a unit of the launching ary launching pad
for a campaign to remind people why they liked him to give a temper that he’s a
leader and have a sort of activision all of which are sort of secondary air our
our primary ashes day on the details of the actual planner secondary uh… and
will be pick-up with at the iowa starting today uh… about each other couldn’t texas
and um… he just got a point m way to reintroduce it up for public others
because right now he’s in the basement poll antenna one speech given out of
those doldrums antennae climb out without one speech naturally dot now in the it’d be really
that that beaches just kind of of of a kind
of a vehicle too reintroduce itself in in his setting
give himself and it kept talking points so that um… equal almost pick so that
all of flats would write about it as an attempt to respect the campaigned for
people with think okay it’s been respected wet finger the crash because steve numbers accused crater in the
republican party and in the in the p party in particular thirty percent of help identify key party members
supported barry in c_b_s_ poll about a month ago now only six or seven percent dale um… and that’s just uh… that can
affect drop-off uh… tens it’s hard to move up if you
go down but it’s much harder tour to rebuild port and he connected over a
long period of time mason city board of those numbers too because i i was i read
poll numbers of herman scenes and i don’t remember seeing his
favorable unfair will serve the recent gallup poll in a very very recent
seventy four federal stick seen unfavorable uh… and yet it seems
like in the dialogue in everybody speaks about this campaign they’re still
talking about romney unfair that true attitude coming and pipeline
over i mean you get the support for hurricane use use uh… this tremendously the head and i went
now his numbers as you stated positive intent city and favorability
numbers are very high he was uh… up in the p_b_s_ polgar
c_n_n_ poll coming up saturday in which a priority uh… up and in the various important
state the reason people talk about terry
romney if they have the money and um… the organization and the and
the prevailing theory backed up by the year that history is that if the popularity of club way but you
need to find a way to translate the popularity into actual people who go to
the polls organization uh… and and and cain and i know that i
was out in iowa last week talking to his people and and common it’s just me unit normally you would you
be did all that many of the ninety nine counties in iowa if possible he’s got like three uh… visit
scheduled in iowa between now and the caucasus person he’s leading in the
state who’s got a lot of buzz again if he should be camped out there as the pressure opening last week you know that’s
interesting on you know it although the new offensive has won the iowa caucuses
recently and i’m just two minutes of the top of my head and seem like it was that
important it seems like it’s in places more morton per second and third place
finishers in terms of the summons uh… president uh… janitors and pop by when i a found out that i was over one
thousand twitter followers are was uh… excited because i could share it with my
uh… my friend matthew who was uh… you know upholstery like nine hundred of
them are nice appellee over a thousand now then i go to my friend john decker
sins twitter cathy as one point three mi in followers you should add yourself to
that j dickerson jadi i c k edwards at j dickerson that’s what it is a uh… a
great personal following hopefully you will ups come back and be with us
throughout the campaign john because uh… your insights and uh… can
business uh… are really appreciate about his i’d love to do it and i we will see i
was an extended to drop out parting shot amendment but filter
wildlife have both systems up and started

16 thoughts on “Obama on Student Loans, Perry’s Flat Tax Plan

  1. Flat taxes don't work in favor of anyone other than the ultra-wealthy. 10% to someone making 100 dollars is worth a lot more than 10% of 1,000.

  2. I think Michael is either excited about this twenTYTwelve show or is simply getting better as a host, but I'm liking his segments more.

  3. @Mastirshake Theres $900B in student loans. It exceeds all credit card debt. The Average student debt is $27K for a four year college

  4. Ron Paul only has young people because he wants to scrap social security and Medicare. Doctors will go back to seeing patients for free, yeah right.

  5. Tell me, why should I believe his promises on my college loans and debt when he didn't meet a single promise in his last election?

  6. @spaik007 Yeah, but don´t you know we live under a communist-nazi-islamic–fascist-atheist-zionist-socialist-regime!?!?! Glenn Beck said it so it MUST be true… xD

  7. Government bailouts and subsidies worked so well for mortgages, and wall street. What could possibly go wrong with more 'free money' ?

  8. A flat tax has no acknowledgement of living standards.
    You have to have a minimum to live. To reduce your Net pay any lower than that minimum like an inconsiderate flat tax would for the lower classes would be devastating to the poor and even some middle class families, and a godsend to the rich. That's WHY the progressive tax system was implemented.

  9. This vid at 3.35 sums up the perfectly the perverse mentality of the O- bots: "Obama killed 3 ppl, why isn't anyone praising him for it?". The blindness for the cost of the foreign policy is just staggering and it's really ugly.

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