Our 2019 scholarship students

My journey in the ISC has been amazing. I
can’t elaborate how supportive the staff are, the teachers are brilliant. They push the
students to their utmost potential. My experience here, it was very good, because
I built some contact with new friends. I can share a lot of something with them. I can
go a lot of places here in Guildford and the ISC office is very good. It’s a really amazing experience here because
the teachers all experienced and they’re really helpful and they are really passionate with
your study and they help me a lot. It’s a highly ranked university. It also has
a really good reputation behind its education and everything, so I think having such a good
school behind my name would really help me to achieve what I want to achieve. They have a huge amount of resources and great
staff and great professors everywhere. It’s also very good because we are not going
to be struggling when going to university, we already know our way around. We have classes
like all over the place so you know everywhere. You don’t come struggling like the people
who’ve just come in. You know everything you know how to look at everywhere and everything’s
beautiful. Coming to University of Surrey is, of course,
a very, very special experience. It’s not like studying in a home country. Especially,
the teachers are very, very welcoming. They’re really patient with us, especially, for most
of us are not really English speaking; not our first language anyway. They’re really
accommodating. They’re really nice. The campus as well, it’s really good. It’s really homely,
I would say that would be the most important thing.

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