Oxford University – How To Apply- Undergraduate Admissions

Oxford University – How To Apply- Undergraduate Admissions

So, you’re thinking about applying to Oxford University? Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step towards studying here. Each year, several thousand students apply to Oxford. We consider each application carefully, and make a shortlist of the best ones. That’s usually about 10,000 students who will then be invited to an interview. About 3,500 students will be offered a place to study here. Will you be one of them? The only way to find out is to make an application. Here’s how. First, you’ll need to choose a course. Check the course pages for more details, and see what’s involved in each course. If you can’t decide, perhaps you’d like to come in on an open day and find out more. Now, check the entrance requirements. The general requirements for applying range between A*A*A, and AAA at A-level or the equivalent, depending on the subject. There are also specific subject requirements for some courses, so make sure you have any qualifications that are required. Some courses require a candidate to take a test or submit written work as part of their application. Make sure you check the requirements for your course, as you may need to prepare and register well in advance. When you apply to Oxford, you can choose to apply to a particular college, if you like. Or, you can make an open application, and let us choose one for you. Either way, your application can be seen by more than one college, and you might receive an offer from any of them. OK, this is important: all candidates must apply through UCAS by the 15th October. If you miss the deadline, we simply won’t get to see your application. UCAS is the University and Colleges Admissions Service, a central organisation that processes all applications for entry to higher education in the UK. See www.ucas.com for more details. If your application is shortlisted, you will be invited to an interview in December. This might be here in Oxford, or possibly by telephone, or over the Internet. Now, relax, read a book and wait. You’ll find out if you’ve been offered a place by mid-January. OK, now here’s the hard bit. It’s all down to you: complete your qualifications, and get your results. If you’ve achieved the grades you needed, your place will be confirmed. Congratulations! We knew you could do it! Pack your bags, put out the cat, kiss your mum goodbye, and get ready to start your course here at Oxford. We look forward to seeing you!

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  1. I have a question my grades were very poor last year, and average this year. I have noticed my ways of thinking is different than others, and that I've been thinking more life a scholar. I plan to apply to Oxford, I have done over 200 hours of community service during my 9th grade year, and have been very involved in my school and community. Do you think I still have a chance to make it? I plan on getting all A's in my classes for the rest of high school, and doing well on my SAT's.

  2. Hi @Jason Lin, we can't comment on individual applications here in YouTube but search for "international qualifications" to see the sorts of grades required on Oxford courses form where you are. Your SATs will certainly be very important. If you'd like to speak to someone at Oxford in person there are contact details on our website.

  3. Hi I live in the republic of Ireland and I'm currently in my second year. I wanted to ask that if I apply in my fifth year would that be okay?

  4. Hi @Milyk101 – the most important thing in admissions is that we can judge your academic potential: usually that's not possible if you're earlier in your studies, and applications that early are rare; but if you're planning to take qualifications early, do get in touch with undergraduate admissions to see about applying earlier in your school career.

  5. I'm applying as an international applicant and I was just wondering if my 9th and 10th grade marks will be looked at as well (will it strongly affect my application) or will the admissions committee just look at my IB grades (11th-12th grade)? How different is the application process from the American one; does it follow the "holistic" approach too?

  6. Hi @itziirapiidzz – do you mean, is it OK to put that you're learning arabic outside of school? Yes absolutely. We are looking for signs of your academic potential and passion for your chosen discipline, and that's one sign! Don't forget to search for "entrance requirements" (or "international qualifications" outside the UK) to check that you're working towards the right qualifications and grades at school as well.

  7. Hi @Kyna Cortes, as for your first question, it's best to contact undergraduate admissions directly via our website, but in answer to your second question, the emphasis is strongly on academic potential; it's great to be a well-rounded candidate (and whatever you love doing outside of school, you'll find a chance to do it at Oxford): but in making decisions about admissions our tutors are very much focused on your academics. Hope that helps– good luck!

  8. Hi @itziirapiidzz, yes, if it shows signs of your overall intellectual ability – if you'd like more specific advice about your personal statement, or what other extra study might be helpful in preparing you to apply, it's best to contact undergraduate admissions directly, or search "oxford engineering science" to get in contact with the faculty itself.

  9. Hey, Im from Israel im thinking in studying at Oxford , next years im finishing high school .
    im just planning my life from now , im thinking in studying Pha-chemestiry or archeology , what Do I need to be accepted At Oxford??! Should I come to the open day?

  10. Hi @Ali Hijazi, search for "international qualifications" on our website to find out about our entrance requirements. Oxford open days are a great experience but we know it's harder to attend if you're coming from outside the UK– that's why we try and put as much information on our website as well.

  11. I am from Greece and I'm 16 years old. I'm highly interested in your english degree course, since studying english literature is my passion. Despite the fact that in my country, we are not given the opportunity to study english literature in depth at school, I have devoted plenty of my free time to this purpose. Therefore, I would like to inquire, how feasible it is for an international student to get accepted for this course.

  12. Hi @WhiteSorcerer97, it is entirely feasible for international students to do the course, but we do require evidence of academic ability in the form of English Literature qualifications. Also at the moment the Apolytirion is not sufficient on its own as an entry requirement. So further study in accepted qualifications would be necessary for you. Take a look at the 'international qualifications' section of our website or get in touch with the faculty to learn more.

  13. Hi @Henk B, any academic qualifications can potentially be used to demonstrate interest and aptitude, but your first priority is to make sure you get the relevant qualifications from your country to meet our entrance requirements. Check the international qualifications page on our website to learn more, or get in touch with your chosen department.

  14. Hi @prerna bhalla, yes, Oxford accepts the Indian Year XII qualification, studied with either the CBSE or ISC examination boards, with an achievement of 90% in each of the five subjects studied. Science subjects may also require that candidates take the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) entrance examinations. A step-by-step guide of how to apply to all our subjects is available on the website: search for 'how to apply to oxford' and you'll see a link to the relevant page on our site.

  15. How relevant are GCSEs, do you look at the A levels more? I'm not an all rounded student. I'm great in literature, history, philosophy, all the arts, but not so great in the sciences. Thanks, really appreciate your help.

  16. Hi, my name is Emma and I am 13 years old. I have been dreaming of going to Oxford University, and now I have started looking into it and deciding what course I want to do. (I know that this may seem absurd because I am only in Shells, but I would rather be prepared than decide at the last minute!) Is it possible to do more than just one course? For example if I choose PPE, then can I also do Classics and Modern Languages? And to get into Oxford University, do I have to know Latin fluently?

  17. Hi @James Dunning, most successful candidates have a high percentage of A* and A grades at GCSE (across all subjects) but those grades are not the only indicator of academic potential, so if your application is very strong in other areas that will be taken into account. If you'd like to know more, or want to discuss your specific situation, get in touch with undergraduate admissions directly.

  18. Thanks for your message @Emma R – an Oxford degree is a big work commitment so I'm afraid you'll have to choose just the one. The good news is that you've got some time left to make up your mind! Some courses (like Classics and Modern Languages) are so-called 'joint honours' subjects which partially combine two courses though. Do get in touch with undergraduate admissions if you'd like to know more.

    As for Latin? No, definitely not. You can even apply for Classics without knowing Latin.

  19. Hello, my name is Victoria and I'm 16, I live in France, I returned to first class in school. My dream is to study at Oxford for English literature section. I hope to start in Oxford two years, the year following the last year of high school. Knowing that registrations are one year in advance, I would register when I did not have my diploma.
    I would like to know how it's going?
    Is it harder to be accepted being an international student?

    Thank you in advance.

  20. I would love to apply to Oxford University. My problem is- I'm out of the country. Currently, I live in the US, born and raised right here. Is there anything different I need to do to apply? If so, where exactly do I go to find it?

  21. What is Oxford's view on taking a gap year in between graduating form High School and beginning to study at the university? I'm considering going to Paris to perfect my French.

  22. Hi @TheV1CT0R1A23, we have no quotas for different types of student, so competitive applicants from any country have the same chance of getting in. (The only exception to this is for medicine, where the government restricts us to a maximum of 14 places for students from outside the EU.) Most students apply to us before they've completed their final year at school, so it’s fine to apply before you have finished your diploma as well. Take a look at our website to learn more.

  23. Hi @wafa Mribah, we welcome applications from international students. For details of all our courses (including their research component), the entrance requirements, and how to apply, take a look at our admissions website. Search for 'international qualifications' to see the current minimum requirements for the Tunisian Baccalauréat.

  24. Hi @ListenWriteRead, we welcome applications from international students, so it’s no problem at all that you are out of the country. For details of all our courses, the entrance requirements and how to apply, take a look at the undergraduate admissions section of our website. There's a section there on international applications which will give you the next steps.

  25. Hi @fruitbowlificationer, it’s absolutely fine to take a gap year before studying at Oxford University. Our tutors would be interested to see what your plans are for the year, and how plan to spend your time, so it would be a good idea to explain this when you write your personal statement. If you wish to apply to Oxford to study French, then taking some time out to develop your language skills would be an ideal way to spend the year.

  26. Hello, my name is Irene and I am from India.
    I wish to take up the English Language and Literature course at Oxford.
    The requirements section of your website states that I need at least 90% in all 5 subjects to apply. While I have scored only 88 in English, I have scored above 90 in the other subjects and have a percentage of 93%.
    Should I still consider applying?

  27. Hi @Irene Shamrock, for advice on individual applications, it's best to contact undergraduate admissions directly; using the contact details on the main oxford website.

  28. Hi @wafa Mribah, for advice on individual applications you should contact undergraduate admissions directly, using the details on the main Oxford site.

  29. Hi, I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. If you get the entry requirements for a course, or above them, what chance do you have of getting an interview?

  30. Im an indian and I wanted to apply for a medical course… i will be giving my 12 examination next year in march and so i wanted to know if i should apply this year or wait until after my exam to apply.. thank you

  31. Hi Bradley Stanford, roughly 70% of applicants get an interview but that varies a great deal by subject. Take a look at the undergraduate admissions section of the site for the percentages for each course.

  32. They make it seem so nice and easy, to be given the chance to study at Oxford would be a dream come true, but honestly I am so scared of everything. Bring on Results day ha

  33. Hello, would you please tell me how relevant school grades are to someone applying for Literae Humaniores as a second undergraduate degree, having done engineering previously? Also, will written works from the engineering degree be more relevant than say literature ones from school days (only the former being in English)?

  34. Hello, I'm a current high school sophomore, I was wondering of the requirements of qualification for a full scholarship in the English department. I would also like to know; what are the chances of getting a second scholarship for a second undergraduate degree? Thanks.

  35. Hi
    Im a student from the middle east our grading system is by percentage Ive got a 90% in each of (physics , english, biology, chemestry and math) but my overall is 87% due to literature subjucts ( 64% in Arabic) do I have a chance in oxford

  36. Hi +Smriti Shrestha , of course, we welcome to students from all countries of the world. Good luck pursuing your dream of study here (and search for 'international qualifications' on our website to understand how to make that dream come true…)

  37. is it still possible if i am a 20 year old, doesn't have an IB and want to study in oxford next year for an undergraduate course?

  38. Hi Oxford,
    I live in New Zealand and am just about to finish my first level of NCEA. I was born in England and am a citizen but I would like to come back to England for further education. I have been seriously considering Oxford and was wondering if I would count as an international student. Obviously, my grades would be in NCEA credits but technically I am not international. It is mainly because of course costs. It would be extremely helpful for an answer. Thank you!

  39. Hi I'm an Australian year nine student, I was wondering exactly (I have reviewed your website) exactly how the applications would work especially since I will complete my VCE exams in November/December would this impact my application? I'm also looking at medicine…….So how exactly will the application process work in my case.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  40. The exams that you refer in the video are after the offer? If yes, what are the exams designated? One more thing, I'm from Portugal so I'm not doing A-Levels, do I have the same possibility to be accepted or taking the A-Levels gives you a certain advantage? Thanks for the video

  41. hi my name is aishwarya I am studying in india and I finished my undergraduate degree in biotechnology .what are the requirements to apply to oxford for postgraduate courses? ?I want to take up biomedical sciences

  42. Hi +Ricardo Lima, yes, ordinarily students will apply before they take their final exams in school. Search for 'international qualifications' on our website to learn about grade requirements from Portugal (and so long as your qualifications are accepted there is no advantage to one system over another, so it's not an issue that you're not taking A-levels). Good luck!

  43. Hi, I'm currently finishing my first year of university at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, and I was just wondering, what are the qualifications needed in order to pursue post-graduate study at Oxford if I wished? The thing is is that I did not endorse NCEA level 3 with excellence which is the entrance requirement for undergraduate study at Oxford and I was wondering do Oxford look at your high school grades or your university grades if you're wishing to pursue post graduate study? It would be an absolute dream to study at Oxford.

  44. hi, I'm currently doing FSc pre medical in Pakistan and want to have admission in MBBS at Oxford. What do I require for this?

  45. Hi Aisha almeida (cupcakejelly). There's no specific lower age limit for applications, you just have to meet the entrance criteria. See: http://www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/undergraduate/courses/entrance-requirements

  46. Hi Oxford.
    I am 15 years old and live in Denmark. I have thoughts about studying chemistry at Oxford.
    In generel, I consider meself as a very intelligent guy, especially when it comes to science (and chemistry), so that won't be a problem. The thing I wanna know is how high English standards you are expecting from us.

  47. Are there any study abroad opportunities at Oxford? I ask because I want to study maths at university but I would really like to become fluent in French after I finish my A levels (I took French at A level).

  48. hi I am dibyanshu garg from India. I want a study undergraduate law at Oxford but don't have any guidance,links. any guidance please??.also di Oxford interview on skype

  49. hii I am an Indian. . could u plz tell me which all general tests need to be given …so that I can start preparing for d 2018 test

  50. I'm studying Pharmacy in Iraq and I really wish to study at Oxford but I just want to know that if I applied will I be tested in only pharmaceutical subjects or other subjects? like I'm not sure how the studying goes in the UK , also what if someone got a B will they get rejected??

  51. I'm an American but I want to go to Oxford, it is years away but I still want to know, would I go about applying with the same process as this video?

  52. Hello
    I live in India. I wish to pursue law in oxford.I am currently in the last year of my school (12 grade) and wanted to know what are the requirements for me to study law in oxford.Also do i have to give exams such as TOEFL,IELTs etc
    Thank you

  53. Hello Oxford University I live in Dallas and I am 15 years old and looking for a college out of the country so I can apply or not?p.s sorry for this account picture .

  54. hello oxford!
    i just want to be extra sure, on the international qualifications page on your official website states that in malaysia i am required to have an STP certificate with AAA. if i don't choose to go for STP/Malaysia Higher School Certificate, i'd still be able to apply with my A-Levels, correct?

    on top of that, when is it recommended for me to apply? i'm in my last year of high school!

  55. wait… so we're supposed to apply before actually getting our a level results? so basically if im the class of 2017 and i want to study at oxford i should apply right now?

  56. Hello, I am currently a grade 11 student studying HSEB physics while looking forward to a future course abroad in computer science. I wasn't able to pick A-levels this year, but I have another year to make decisions. Just to be sure though, does Oxford recognize HSEB students with good result?

  57. hello,
    i want to attend fine art undergraduate course in oxford but my grade is just passing grades. because i had all engineering subjects well i can't blame he subjects just i didn't give my best. i am able to create my portfolio according to your requirement its just i am worried my grade won't effect the path i want to choose.
    but while i was in high school i was doing 2year diploma in multimedia (which i was interested and had good marks) from private institute.
    so i have this issue can you solve it? please.

  58. I'm 15 from india…
    I have plans to study engineering at Oxford…
    … do anyone here have any experience studying engineering there? …

  59. I want to go to Oxford sooo bad but i am from Morocco and we are ranked 73 in education so i don't know how would that be

  60. Hi I am from India.
    I am in my second year in bachelor of arts in geography …
    Can I study in abroad as a transfer student to complete my bachelor degree

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