packing at 2am to move home from college: an all-nighter vlog

packing at 2am to move home from college: an all-nighter vlog

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel, you know I don’t know what to say the world that feels completely surreal right now and before I even start this video I hope that everyone is being safe staying home staying like isolated from everyone today, March 13th Friday the 13th all or pretty much all of the Canadian universities got cancelled including mine and basically what’s happening is For one week. So starting Friday 13th until Friday, March 20th. All classes are suspended There’s no in-class lectures all assignments that are due in that time are getting delayed after March 20th, like everything’s gonna be online So I’m going home now for summer pretty much I’m probably gonna leave with most of my stuff here because like it’s not like read last year where I couldn’t keep my stuff over The summer but now I’m in my own apartment so I can just keep my stuff here I don’t really know what’s gonna happen it is 12:43 and my dad is coming to pick me up in less than 12 hours and I’m gonna start packing I don’t know why I’ve left it to literally 1 a.m So usually when I pack I make like a huge checklist, but since I’m basically packing everything I think I’m just gonna go from room to room and just like look through my drawers and closets and stuff and decide what I Need to pack. I may have a carry-on suitcase here I don’t like have any duffel bags or anything to pack my stuff Into so I’m literally gonna just make piles all over my living room And then when my dad comes tomorrow, he’s gonna bring the bags from home to here whenever I do anything like schoolwork included I always want to get these small things out of the way before I do the big things if that makes sense Like if I have an essay, do I have to get like all my small? Readings and small assignments due or done before I do the essay. I’m gonna leave my bedroom for last first thing I’m gonna do right now is my little closet Okay, so these are boxes and they’re cleaning supplies, which I’m not gonna take home Okay I’m gonna take home these boots because I like my going out you do you sound if I should take home my rain boots? I’ll just put them and then if you don’t have room in the car, it’s not the biggest deal These are my heels. I do not think any events are happening Honestly, I probably won’t wear my bands because I always wear my feelers. I’m gonna keep those here This is the only suitcase I have that I said, it’s like really small like a carry-on nothing really up here I mean, yes, I’ll bring my gloves and my hat and my umbrella now I’m gonna go through on my jacket. So I’m gonna bring home my rain jacket. I like teddy bear jacket classic this new jacket I got it’s like reversible like one sides fluffy and then one sides just kind of normal then I’m gonna bring home a leather jacket For what? It starts getting a little warmer. I don’t know if I should bring home my scarf Okay, maybe I will cuz it’s Canada and you never know what is gonna turn into a snowstorm So I’m gonna make a pile of jackets like right here, I guess I’m gonna go to the kitchen But I’m pretty sure I’m not Bringing anything from the kitchen or I am like I will bring all the food I had right now on my fridge in my freezer Because obviously I don’t wanna waste that my dad’s bringing eggs for that tomorrow Yeah, this is all food And I’m not gonna bring any of my like plates or utensils or kitchen stuff home because like I’m going home my parents home Though all that in their kitchen. I have thirsty though It’s like selenium my clock here isn’t adjusted to like daylight saving so it says it was 58 Which can you just pop the gate which seems almost 1:00 a.m. Which means it’s really late and I’m tired Maybe I should make the paint off. I have not actually learned the renegade but like a pinky will do it So I’m going to attend to it right now Wait Engage So the living room, I think I’m just gonna like leave my blanket on my pillow here because it just belongs at the apartment I’m gonna take home my books. I don’t wanna put my books on the floor So I’m gonna start like the book pile here. Next thing to tackle is my hallway full of closets So this first one is kind of random It’s kind of like just a storage closet with like medicine products and like extra towels and stuff So I kind of just piled all that stuff onto the lakebed table kind of thing It’s honestly not very good like organization, but it works for now that first closet is done now on to the second one I don’t know if anything’s really in here and my laundry, which I guess I’m bringing I’ll put that like right here So second closet done, you know their deposit. It’s all this stuff up here Like I’m just gonna leave but like this stuff. I have to go through decide what I want to bring This is a really weird angle, but there’s no word for the camera So It’s done now. I’m gonna move on to the bathroom So first off I’m gonna take my shampoo and conditioner because like I have at home Well, my mom has at home But this is like special for my dyed hair and now I have to open this thingy because like all my products aren’t here I’m not sweating but I feel like I’m on the brink of sweating because I’m just like I’m gonna see if I’m doing this really Fast I’m like powering through it’s like so late. I’m so tired that I have so much energy. I’m gonna get my toiletry bag I Literally just tripped over this shampoo I’m gonna show you I walked out of the bathroom to go get my toiletry kit and I tripped over the shampoo and I like Literally kicked it So that is it from the bathroom actually let me show you my secret to the apocalypse how I’m gonna survive this whole situation Wow Bathroom done now, we’re doing the second bedroom high key Wish I could take home my bike because like I want to exercise but will take home my shoes I guess these pillows I’m gonna keep here because they go with my bed here. I don’t need that home mattress Obviously, I don’t need at home this I cannot bring home printer don’t need everything’s online Now this I need to go through and my desk I Already use this just like I don’t like wearing a concealer, but I guess it’s good to bring weight It’s broken like this wispy twist thing. Look, I’ll just go see none it hate you not right not anymore Clear one this This is like my calendar It’s a little mini calendar and every month has a different image and it’s so pretty I never live look at the dates at the bottom So I’m gonna be using this every year even if it’s not 2020 march advance. I’m gonna be missing out April I’ve been to London. I’m sympathetic to May is Mexico City in June is Bangkok, July? August Cindy, I never got to September. I’ll be back in September ever darjeeling It’s gonna be so weird when I learn and come back in September and if the calendar was last on March I need my hairbrush. Hi stick wait Look good. I just found I’m surviving with my knowledge of April with my secret stash of Purell literally hand sanitizer shortage Whoo-hoo paper shortage – not me. This is my nail kit hair straightener and the ring hairdryer Guys wait, I need to stop recording. I need to like check to make sure nothing happened to my camera Okay, I think everything’s fine. It’s just that In this closet like before I’m going to do clothes last but in this closet not only do I have clothes But I have my camera stuff up here. I have my like big camera My charger kind of thing for this vlog camera is charging right now because I actually just ran on my first battery This is like the case that it goes in and then I also have my second lens case I’m gonna bring all of this to the new pile. There we go. And then also where this thing is So heavy, it has two box lights and tripod time check 155 Now I’m gonna go through my second closet and I probably won’t take that much stuff But I still want to look kind of rip. No, I’ll bring this this matches the sweatpants that I’m packin. So yes Oh, yes. I need another tank top. So these are the last things that I need to go put away Okay, this feels really weird, I think I’m done what time to 27 I don’t think it’s actually hit me until just now that I’m like going home for the whole semester I’m the type of person that like when it’s the last week of school I’m like, oh my gosh, like it’s my last film history lecture and then like, oh my gosh, it’s my last advertising lecture Like I didn’t get to have those feelings of it being my last time what my living room looks like at the moment My dad’s gonna be so overwhelmed and I have my books on here and make these towels So I hope you guys enjoyed the video. I mean, it was super spontaneous. Obviously. I did not plant ready Stop it. Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and subscribe down below. Stay safe. Stay healthy. I love you all. Bye

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  1. Hi Zoe Today in regular time in your new YouTube video show how to do crunches when working out. Message me. Thanks.

  2. Hi Zoe Today in your new YouTube video show how to do crunches when working out in regular time. Message me. Thanks.

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