Parent Portal and Setting Up Your Student – Monarch Frequently Asked Questions Video 2

Parents can log into their own Monarch
account at The user-friendly dashboard is your portal
to an amazing homeschool environment that can be adapted to meet the learning
needs of any child. The dashboard gives you quick access to
your students, their calendar, their work, their reports and other settings that
allow you to customize and manage their homeschool experience. On the menu,
you’ll see Lesson Plan, Messages, Setup, Reports, and Help.
Once your student has completed a placement test or if you choose not to
complete the test, you can set up an account. To do this, go to Setup>Student Setup.
Fill in the necessary information including the name and login info that
will be used to access each unique account. Once you’ve setup your students
make sure they’re set as active then you can begin assigning their curriculum. To
do this, click on Curriculum Setup and go to Subscriptions. You’ll find your
student’s name and a button on the right labeled “Assign Courses”. This is one of
the things parents love about Monarch. Here you can assign your student courses
across grade levels. So let’s say your placement test indicates your student is
at a 7th grade English level but excels at math. You can assign
7th grade English and then go to 9th grade and assign 9th grade math.
On the right you’ll be able to assign start and end dates to the course and
customize your students schedule. For additional help on this topic view our
“Customizing the Calendar” video. Once you’ve assigned your students’ courses
you can go to calendar. Here you can see that all of these classes have been
scheduled and your student is ready to get started.

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