Pauline Hanson Disgusted with $320 million dollar African scholarship program to Australia

Pauline Hanson Disgusted with $320 million dollar African scholarship program to Australia

Well, I came across this social tweet today
from Lucy Gichui. She’s the Senator for South Australia who’s
now with the Liberal Party, and what it says is. Australia awards scholarships will enable
up to 10,000 African students the opportunity to study in Australia. How much is this going to cost? $320 million dollars! $320 Million! This is what they’re actually giving for it. Full tuition fees. Return air travel. Once only payment of $5000 towards accommodation,
expenses, text books, study materials. Living expenses of $30,000 per year. Health Cover. Pre-course English fees and supplementary
academic support. $320 million dollars for foreign students. What do our kids get? $24 million a year and it works out to around
about $18,500 per student over 4 years. Now I know farmers on the bones of their backside
going through drought who would dearly love to see this scholarship for their kids, but
they can’t afford it. Why on earth are we giving this? I like Lucy, she’s a nice lady. But this sort of money and for African students. She represents the Australian people, not
foreign students coming here. We are not wallowing in money in this country. We are borrowing the money to spend on foreign
students. I’m not happy about this. I’d be interested in your comments. Oh, last thing I want to say is. Julie Bishop, because this is through the
Foreign Affairs Department and the Department of Education. Take the cheque book off Julie Bishop. You can’t handle it.

100 thoughts on “Pauline Hanson Disgusted with $320 million dollar African scholarship program to Australia

  1. It never stops. when is enough going to be enough?
    Please keep up the great work Pauline. Australia needs another 1000 Pauline's.

  2. Obviously sections of the Australian government are hell bent on destroying Australia any way they can.
    If the Australian people do nothing about it this will continue and get worse until Australia is turned in to South Africa, Brasil or a Chinese province.

  3. Another kick in the guts for our Farmers. They get offered small interest loans but the government finds it okay to throw our tax payers money overseas. It's time this government, no all politicians who have no clue about farmers, drought, hardships, the homeless etc and think everything comes from a store or online got their hands dirty and did some real work. Stop thinking people only live in the cities and vote from the cities. Everything they eat, use and wear will have started from a farmer. One by one they are killing our farm land and farmers. Bit by bit they are selling off Australia. I didn't give them permission to do this. Start listening to the people who are trying to keep this country together. Thank you Pauline for sticking up and going to bat for those who really need it. Cheryl

  4. I can see Senator Hanson and 1 Nation winning big in the suburbs of NSW and Vic.
    There is youth unemployment crisis here.

  5. An Advisor for Senator Gichuhi now claiming the post was fake. The figure is around 1000 scholarships – (SBS News).
    Smells like bull shit to me. Even if Senator Gichuhi is proposing 1000 places on tax payer dollars, that is 1000 places too many.
    The whole overseas scholarship program needs to be totally scrapped.

  6. Gamechanger: Chinese Crypto Miners can get 8c cheap electricity in Australia using our coal power.
    Chinese Bitcoin miners are reopening the Hunter Valley coal power station called Redbank in NSW. They have a deal that gets around our gargantuan, mismanaged grid by buying coal power direct for 8c/kWh, while Australians in the same place pay 28c/kWh.

  7. All these cultural crimes we have today can all be blamed on THE BABY BOOMERS!
    They've pissed away our future just so they can selfishly live it up in retirement. Our cities are crowded, our houses are overpriced & our taxes are un-affordable. Millennials are living in debt so the Baby Boomers don't have to.

  8. Australia government earns 2nd most from international student. So obviously it not a huge amount of scholarship. Also Australia is having so much racism issues, unlike USA. If you don't want to give scholarships, stop coming to our nationals to give us education.

  9. It's so easy to give other people (Australian people's) money away – Bishop &Turnbull you give your own money!
    If Shorten's mob get in it will be worse!

  10. From reading the comments I'm amazed at how fuxking stupid bogan Hansonuts are. The scholarships have been around for years and the number is no where near a thousand yet alone 10000. You're all as dumb as shit.

  11. Pauline I voted for you in the last election and will again at every election! Malcolm Turnbull was not voted in, he stole the PMship from Tony Abbott. I'm wondering what Turnbull's tete tate with Merkel was about. Take in more 3rd world country refugees? Keep fighting for our citizens rights Pauline, real Australians are behind you! Have you seen the YouTube video by Anonymous Australia which shows how corrupt Turnbull is? He needs to be thrown into prison for treason!


  13. We have a fish and chip shop, 6 years ago we spent our life savings buying it, There is no gas available in our area , All our fryers , grill and appliances are electricity, every time we get the electricity bill we cry, its killing us. All I have ever done is to work hard, my children are in high school, I would like a dollar for every time the school has said "sorry we don't have the funding for that" I had a life insurance policy but had to let it go as couldn't afford it any more. That was with the commonwealth bank, at least I could have driven into a tree to help the family, but it turns out they don't pay out on legit claims any how with government legislated assistance to dodge their commitments,
    Ive been getting chest pains so went to the hospital they told me to go and see my gp. he told me to go to a specialist at 300 dollars plus the cost of tests (estimate 3000) I simply cant afford that. please Pauline make the government have mercy on us

  14. $320 million + charity money = more than Australia's national debt per year. Yes take the check book off Julie Bishop. Hang on isn't One Nation now the Liberal parties bitch.

  15. Thats it. Im going to paint myself black and demand a stack of free shit from welfare agaencies.

  16. There must be so many hard working Australians that know nothing about this, because they are too busy working. I didn't know until Pauline started talking about it. More people need to see this channel.

  17. Its my dream to engineer a magnetic self power generator for my country I don't have the money for University so I feel like I have failed us all

  18. Has anybody ever inquired into The Smith Family charity? Give them a call one day and ask who they help? They always advertise on tv and radio. The tv ads and the.billboards always portray down and out white kids. However, that is not their priority. Tell them you know a poor white kid so how can they help? They won't be interested!

  19. Why don't you give the political correctness bullshit a rest, Pauline? Next time you're in the Senate chamber, stand up and say,
    "Rightoh, who's the fucken asshole that's spending taxpayer's money on African kids while Australian kids cook in summer classrooms and freeze in winter?"

  20. wow, just wow!
    Instead of pushing jobseekers into work for the dole rubbish, offer those willing and suitable a scholarship!

  21. Iโ€™m from indonesia, i start following this lady cause she really hate indonesia ๐Ÿ˜‚
    But i agree with her in 2 topic cause our country have the same problem..,
    China investment and african scholarship, also university in our country start filled by african student., totally fine, we have no problem with it, we welcoming them but unfortunately they came here cause of scholarship from our gov,
    We just a low develop country, many of indonesian canโ€™t reach universities cause they canโ€™t pay for it, be kind is good, but over kind is disaster.., ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•
    Big company owned by chinese mainland, workers come from china land, universities full fill by african, soon we will be kicked out of our own country

  22. Wow, and My daughter gets a $35, 000 debt for going to collage. I regret so much encouraging her to do that…

  23. Thank you for caring for our own people in this great nation Pauline. Thank you for speaking out what no other politician has the nerve to do. Thank you for ignoring your detractors and enemies, You are doing a great job.

  24. 5K should be all our youth should pay for a scholarship , not these ridiculous sums of debt they put them in., but hay thats the name of the game isn't it ,debt, debt and more debt you cant even own your own house in this country , or any other country for that matter because they just keep making you pay for it , council rates water rates land rates , don't pay they take your house, whats say i have and organic toilet system and my own water supply , power supply , they will still find a way to make me pay , this is the Judaism system we all live in they are shitting on us left right and center and we are letting them , this political system needs to be burnt to the ground and from the ashes rise a new system that servers everyones needs not just those sitting high on the hog , the whole thing is a big joke their are not enough jobs to go around anyway, technology has seen to that, Not to Mention our industries have been shut down left right and center , but Adanti can come here and take a big slice of the pie and mine our coal and keep the profits while he gives out all the kickbacks to those that supported him and you know this is True ,and how it all operates , is it good for the environment ,Who Cares I here the bigwig investors shouting where making money hand over fist so shut the fuk up and go back down your conspiracy theory hole, thats how this country works and many others just like it…………….

  25. Start in your own backyard first..(pay attention to DETAILS.. and get it Right the first time!… NAVY Seals)…..

  26. In the mid 1990's the Australian government funded Indian students to be trained in the IT industry. Those Indian kids now work for what use to be Australian companies and ph me weekly to sell electricity, insurance, telstra ph plans and alot of other stuff i can't mention because I can't understand their accents.
    I remember this because my family of 5 children, all of which were above the average academically and in sport at school, could not afford a computer at home and our parents could not afford university. Our schools budget couldn't afford enough computers for the students future needs because that generation suffered from the resession Paul Keating said we had to have and never ended….
    Does this mean that in the next 30 years lucys African scholar students will be in jobs working for the tax dodging multi national leeches like those Indian IT and tele marketers are now?
    Don't forget the reasons why Australia is stuffed financially today. People who forget their history always repeat it. Wake up Australia.

  27. NO more โ–  POLITICAL ๐Ÿ˜ˆ B.S. โ–  MUMBO JUMBO ๐Ÿ˜ˆ VOTE "ONE " FOR โ˜† HANSON PAULINE ' s โ˜† โ˜† โ˜† โ˜† โ˜† >>> STRAIGHT โ™ก TALK >>>> COMMON SENCE โ™ก

  28. Malcolm Turnbull has 320m, if he thinks throwing money at Africans is a good idea then let HIM do it. Our political class are absolute traitors, constantly undermining their constituency by stealing from us and giving it to FOREIGNERS so they feel a little bit righteous.

    The dissonance is painfully real with these traitors, they will join wars and frame it as saving brown babies from evil demons but their own children are never the ones that see combat, just as they will give our money away to fund their pet projects, when they are free to donate as much of their income as they see fit.

    If one were to line up collection boxes for various charitable causes, including 'paying school fees for foreign nationals' (let alone Africans, whom we are having a tremendous amount of law and order issues with), that particular box I guarantee will be completely empty. Nobody would voluntarily give money to that rubbish.

    Even if this program is designed to enhance the prospects of less developed countries by providing some of their citizens with a higher quality education than would otherwise be available to them, in reality these people will never leave Australia once they are here. Once again, the net result to the underdeveloped country is an outflow of potential talent (brain drain) and a state of perpetual failure as the cycle repeats.

  29. I hope some people get to read this as itโ€™s a late comment. I see the problems going on around the world and itโ€™s just chaos. Its common sense to love and fix your own country and make it strong as an example to these corrupt leaders in other countries. It is not the answer to bring in citizens from these places because their own governments are corrupt. If you donโ€™t stand up to these criminals in governments then they will continue to commit genocides and crimes to their own people. Thatโ€™s why USA has President Trump and hopefully Australia will have Pauline Hanson. But I fear Australia is too far gone in brainwashing. They have pushed God out and are now suffering the consequences.

  30. I would say unbelievable but of course more of the same program.. It's more cultural dilution by stealth.. Like any one I feel sorry for all people not doing so well but perhaps lets start by withdrawing support for the criminal poisonous vaccinations of poor babies in Africa by Gates & Co first..

  31. So Australia is in debt to around $550 billion and we pay around $15 billion in interest each year on that debt, so lets just borrow another $320 million each year to educate some other countries people so they can take our childrens jobs! Yes, I am also disgusted.

  32. I second that as many would. What about scholarship for our citizens here!? Like Pauline i'd be asking PLEASE EXPLAIN! Keep them honest Pauline, if possible. Legal Mafia lot they are. Take our money and waste it on forraigners? Pathetic. Yet we have so many under privileged people for such a large amount to be better utilised.

  33. discrace. keep going pauline. we only have you. I'm in melbourne. you must run to become prime minister. go go go pauline.aussies are very slow……to understand the NWO overtake of our country. but the rest of the world does….COMPULSORY VACCINES….CLIMATE AGENDA LIES…UNITED NATION ATROCITIES…EUROPE CRUSHED BY ISLAM AND AFRICAN EU IS COMMUNISM….ALL THE WEST LMOWS. IT ABOUT TIME AUSSIES GET THEIR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND. BAN THE QURAN ITS A POLITICAL TAKEDOWN

  34. Stop giving OUR money AWAY. Malcolm Turnbull Attempting to buy friends, stop agreeing with Malcolm Turnbull.

  35. Pauline i wish you were our prime minister. I used to vot labour bloody not next time good on you pauline you speak for us. God bless you

  36. This is a sick joke ,there must be someone pulling the strings here ,they couldn't just think this up themselves surely , there must be someone or something behind this agenda ,either that or the government is insane ,but then again they've been donating money to oversees countries for decades , and we go into debt . I am a self employed person supporting my wife ,now near retirement age and lost our family home ,had to sell it and been living off the proceeds ,that tells me i'm going broke ,there doesn't seem to be any reason to work anymore ,with so many government handouts , so many bludgers on the dole , and all these fake disability pensions ,I see them all around my neighbourhood while I go off to work to make a non living ,we can't afford to live anymore , i'm terrified when the money runs out . I was considered middle class once being a tradesmen ,but over the last 12 years or so the successive governments have wiped us out ,ohh well not long before I die .

  37. Foreign Ministry gave a way millions of dollars to Maute-ISIS Terrorist in the Philippines! Keep the money here in Australia and help first Australian Citizens!!!

  38. I think that this is a shameful thing to even consider! We have kids in our own country who are dropping out and losing so much potential because parents canโ€™t afford the education but we want to spend more on foreigners, Australia needs to be more concerned with Australia and not other countries or one day we wonโ€™t be Australia. Very disappointing.

  39. Why are Australians being dicrimnated agianst with instituionalised racism from the poloticians they elect
    How about helping Australians that cant afford Universty don't they count or the poor homless that are forced to sleep in the public parks because they are to old to work

  40. OMG what's happening with Australians government? Are the Australians Student worthless? Shame on you! How allowed that massive amounts for South African Students? Please stop it now that would be a much better investment for your children (students) and much more sustainable for the future of Australia. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿจ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ
    Please Pauline never give up and fight for Australians! Wish you from my heart good luck๐Ÿž๐Ÿ€๐Ÿจ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ช

  41. If Hanson doesn't like African scholarships and multi cultural Australia, she should piss off and go and live somewhere else. Hanson is not welcome in Australia nor are others who refuse to integrate.

  42. Don't get why so many are against Pauline…..she actually cares about the future of Australia….can't say the same thing about most of the other poli's unfortunately

  43. what I am against is universities giving foreign students more marks for work just because English is not their first language and that gives them more marks then Australian students and its not good enough! it is going on and has been for years and years at QUT! They are pushing Australian students out of university places and then out of the Australian job market, and Australian land and home owning market and overseas students get their parents to buy them houses here and don't go back. This is wrong when Australians are not getting a fair chance to educate, work and buy homes! We are being sold out to foreigners and they are the only people having weddings and babies. I dropped out of university til these rules change to make it fair for us and not foreigners. The rule should be if the foreign students are allowed here to study and study only and take that knowledge back home to their countries of origin to use or at least a large percentage of them so us Australians can get work, or it means we have to go overseas and study oversea , work overseas and live overseas? Australia just can't cater to them all! We will have situation like NZ where they will have to bring in legislation about land ownership because most Australians will not have half the education foreigners do and will not be able to own a home ever! ever! ever! is that fair for most aussies to be renting to overseas land lords? we already have too many overseas doctors and lawyers here and Australian legislators and govt only have themselves to blame for this.

  44. Wtf is wrong with the majority of Australian politicians, they seem absolutely delusional, why is Pauline in the minority instead of the majority. We have to STOP these pollies, get them out NOW. We must stand together as one and look after our own people first. We have a wonderful leader who can guide us. Pauline has the patience of a saint to keep plugging away at what looks like a neverending losing battle, while being ridiculed by many others who are delusional or selfish. Thank you Pauline for battling through this crap for many years and continuing to care about us & our country BRAVO!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  45. Yep and thanks you fools , now I'm staying here , I want more free money, Julie WHO , that lemon faced bag , our government no wonder we give Muslims and Africans everything they demand , it's because gutless parliament don't want to work , it's easier to give them things , then it's straight to the canteen or bar, with old ugly red face BARNABY bolting down the corridor so he doesn't miss out , and back for seconds of course

  46. Do they think they will learn anything, probably not, the Australian people should demand this doesn't go ahead, Julie Bishop, you are a traitor.

  47. What a waste of money. Why don't our politicians just clime into bed piss themselves and enjoy that nice warm feeling in private

  48. On 18 December 2018 Tanya Plibersek said in an outdoor speech in Canberra (I think around 8 & 9 AM on ABC or SBS TV),

    Labour will bring 800,000 rohingya FAKE REFUGEES to Australia and use Qantas to do it.

    I saw this, but sadly, the presentation was over before I could record it – I am so sorry about that.

    Every Political contender: make sure that your campaign highlights that THE FLOODGATES WILL OPEN.

  49. The only thing Australians should give Africans is a good swift kick off our welfare and through the door of a plane headed back to Africa!

  50. Too right Pauline , as usual can't deny the logic you speak , shame other pollies aren't as honest as you , keep up the fight for the majority of Australians , shame on the corrupt media for not reporting this .

  51. Thats insane ? Why do people think supporting another countries people with tax payers money is ok…. Its fucking treason. We in the UK give away 400 millon pounds of tax payers money every WEEK to the E.U (700 million dollars ish)) and most of it we never see again. If we do get some back we are told what to spend it on which is normally worthless pro E.U propaganda ??? And yet me have a massive homeless problem with native white Brits. Its total madness that I dont understand. And people want to stay in the E.U ?

  52. Pauline NEEDS ~ a MUCH *BETTER ~ *COMMON SENCE *ADVISER …. After the ใ€‹Latest ใ€‹MASSIVE BLUNDER of " ENDORSING " a ใ€‹TICKING TIME BOMBใ€‹ใ€‹ใ€‹ใ€‹ใ€‹ใ€‹ = a MUSLIM .. W.t.F. ๐Ÿ˜ญ ? ? ? ! ….

  53. What a joke in our taxes system, where is this country going to in worrying about our own backs prior to others.
    Pauline honestly if you became our PM next, this country will be a better and fair country however with these other useless politicians dum is getting way dummer to dummest !
    That is why no offence everyone see this western country as a easy money earning freebies to come thanks to this government !
    Come come, roll out the carpet and give you everything on a silver platter like these terrorist over taking the Aussies soon in the coming future !
    No more Australia ( Terrorist Land Down Under )

  54. Shoot this filth as it comes across the borders. You have been betrayed by your government. Haven't you had enough yet????

  55. Pauline your worth your weight in gold
    What else is there that the public don't know about ?
    God help us if these morons (labor and liberal) don't start yo think of us here !!
    Power prices up
    Fuel up
    Food up
    Water up day to day cost of living is all going up yet I have not had a 1percent wage rise in the last 4 years where are we headed ??
    We need major change and we need it NOW !!!!

  56. This sort of stuff happens all the time and we never get to hear, let alone see the real truth what happens behind closed doors, I wish I was Pauline's number 2 as I would not let her down EVER. She is just trying to do the best for the people of Australia and she needs our vote. Changes in this Country we urgently need will happen if she has your vote. It has always been a Labour or Liberal Government or should I say, Lairs & Losers Circus. We need to reset our mind set and remember there are other Parties out there that deserve a chance to show what they are made of. I believe Pauline's One Nation is that Party to bring us forward, to lead us directly into helping Fair Dinkum Aussie's in their daily struggle to stay afloat. She has the will & guts but without your vote we will never see these changes. Vote One Nation

  57. Invest in our Struggling Aussies first, support our Abo's give them ago.
    Before helping any foreigners, particular the African Islamic Kind, the ones that bash there wives, and rape, and FGM in there society.. don't bring them here under any circumstances.
    Good on Ya Pauline, ya got my vote next election

  58. Thank you for the heads up Pauline. Great to know you are out there exposing this outrageous mismanagement of government funding.

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