Peace Scholarship at Sault College Announcement (CTV News)

in complex studies is in its third year at sue college currently 20 students are enrolled in the two-year diploma program we take an interdisciplinary approach to handling many different challenges in the world both locally and globally we learn and study human rights more concerned about the environment or learn about that social justice gender equality all the things that is easy to overlook the program and its focus grab the attention of the Rotary Club and a local doctor each donated 25 thousand dollars towards a scholarship program for the class these are these are the people whose go who are going to be peace brokers talking the two parties you know to understand each other even if you go to a walk at the end the war ends with the negotiation and will be compromised so what we need is both more people more train people and educated people who can be brokers in the discussions our negotiation of the peace the donations will be used to set up to one thousand dollar scholarships they will be handed out each year to a first and second year student it’s nice to see that people are believing in our causes believing in our message or philosophy because it is valid and is important the college says a donation of this size guarantees that a program will be around for the long haul and this fifty thousand dollar donation will be spread out over a minimum of 25 years Jairus Patterson CTV News sue sainte-marie you

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