Portalul The Portal sa Prevodom

Portalul The Portal sa Prevodom

The Portal An extraordinary diary of the
journey in the area of this Portal, which was revealed by
Beneficial Extraterrestrials. Megalithic monuments, erected
thousands of years ago by so-called primitive populations of the Earth. Strange objects and representations,
which have no correspondance to those times. History written in stone,
in honor of their leaders, the gods. Ancient buildings and pyramids,
precisely aligned to certain astrological events. An exact calendar, which shows the
change of the Earth’s axis every 26,000 years. Among the multitude of ancient
civilizations who offered proof about extraterrestrial visitors to Earth,
we chose the Mayan civilization. The original Mayans in
Central America represented one of the most advanced
civilizations in antiquity. How did they achieve this? Most researchers agree that,
between the years 250 and 900 AD, the Mayans were the most advanced
astronomers of those times. But why did they study the
cosmos with such an interest? What could they be
seeking in outer space? The Mayan calendars are sophisticated and the records kept
by them are very strict. They mastered astronomy to an
incredible level and were convinced that their gods will return. In the same way, tens of
millions of people around the world, representing only a small
percentage, believe that Earth was visited in the past
by extraterrestrial beings. An endless sequence of conclusive
evidence demonstrates this. Unfortunately, both modern
science, as well as a large part of humanity remains
deaf and blind to it. Ignorance, immense stupidity and
a lack of spiritual maturity make many human beings to not be
interested in this aspect, or to consider it as belonging
to the domain of science-fiction. Even so, the evidence cannot be
challenged, but simply ignored. The Mayan people were an
ancient civilization who invented exponential functions in mathematics. By using them, the Mayans could
calculate very large numbers. The question is: did they
achieve this mastery in astronomy and mathematics on their own? Or did they receive the help of
beings from outer space? For example, the Mayans calculated
the revolution of planet Venus so accurately that every
6,000 years the error is only a few hours. However, the Mayan civilization
did not exist for 6,000 years, or at least not that Mayan
civilization to which we refer. This leads us to the conclusion
that the Mayans did not have the time to observe whether what they calculated
in connection with the orbit of planet Venus was correct
or not, as their existence as a civilization was much
shorter than 6,000 years. Furthermore, they also calculated
very accurately the movements of the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter, Mars,
Saturn and some of the heavenly constellations in the sky,
for very long periods of time. How can the existence of such
precise and evolved Mayan calendars be explained? Their tradition affirms unequivocally:
because they had information from their gods. By themselves, they could not
develop these calculations, for they would need either a sophisticated
technology, or thousands or even tens of thousands of years
of astronomical observations. It is clear that this data was
offered by someone who knew it and those beings could not come
from the so-called ‘primitive’ civilizations on Earth. The most interesting realisation
of Mayan astronomy refers to the understanding of the cycle
of the slow change of the position of the Earth’s rotational axis,
which is called precession. This lasts almost 26,000 years. How could the Mayans have followed
this phenomenon, if it covers such a large period of time? Their advanced knowledge had,
without doubt, other origins. Hieroglyphs of the Mayan civilization
tell us in particular that the Mayans were absolutely convinced
of the existence of beings from other worlds in the cosmos. Also, their texts claim that these
beings came on a regular basis to our planet, at pre-set times. But why did the Mayans believe
themselves to be blood relatives with beings from outer space? The myths of their tradition
gives us the answer, such as the Mayan epic Popol Vuh
or The Book of the People, which is currently located in
Newberry library in Chicago. It is very clear in this respect. There is also a series of Mayan
Codices that have been discovered in recent times and which
talk about “the great passing” on the Winter solstice of 2012,
and of beings from the cosmos who are outer space relatives
of the Mayans. However, the most powerful and
irrefutable evidence will be presented shortly before the month
of December 2012, in a documentary made by
Raul Julia-Levy, entitled Revelations of the Mayans:
2012 and Beyond. In making this documentary he
obtained the precious help of the Mexican government, who allowed
access to some state secrets over 80 years old in
connection with this subject. The main Mayan god is Kukulkan
or the Feathered-Snake God; it is said that he could fly. But the Mayans lived in the jungle
and they knew that a snake cannot fly. However, the God flew and he
could appear either as a snake, or as a man. It is thus clear that here we
are dealing with a defective transposition into reality of
the perception of technology. The snake which flew was a ship,
about which it was said that sometimes it would come out of the
ocean, other times it was coming from the sky, and out of the
snake would appear the man-god. Later, Kukulkan left, with the
promise that he would return in the distant future. Strangely, representations of
a snake-god which is winged, can also be found all over the
world, in other ancient civilizations. In the Hindu Mahabharata, written
approximately 4,500 years ago, one speaks of celestial beings known
as Naga, and in Chinese mythology from the 5th millennium BC
one describes flying dragons, similar to the
snake-god of the Mayans. How it is therefore possible that
all these civilizations “invented” not similar, but identical stories? They were speaking of flying
snakes, or gods which were snakes? Most probably the people of those
times misunderstood the technology they saw. Many testimonies remained, which
speak about the fact that from some celestial vehicles (flying-snakes)
human beings descended, who then instructed the population of various
cultures in some scientific disciplines. To this are added many sculpted
inscriptions and representations in stone, which leave no trace
of doubt on their significance. This cannot be a coincidence,
but it is proof of meetings with extraterrestrial beings
in the distant past of humanity. Our days are not at all different
from what the Mayans experienced in their time. It can even be said that
present time is the most intense from the point of view of
extraterrestrial activity. Tens of thousands of UFO sightings
and encounters were reported, both in Earth’s
atmosphere and in outer space in the immediate vicinity of the Earth,
or the Moon and the Moon’s surface. Non-governmental, ultra-secret
projects, complete official denials, campaigns of denigration of
the UFO topic and of manipulation of public opinion. All of this for the purpose of
hiding the presence or existence of extraterrestrial beings on Earth. Due to the abysmal stupidity and
ignorance of most human beings, the plan of the Masonic “elite”
almost succeeded to conceal the presence of extraterrestrials
on Earth or in the Cosmos. For most people, disbelief in
the existence of extraterrestrials or of their connections
with humanity has its origins in the identification with physical
form and with the so-called reality of the physical plane. To those who say:
“It’s impossible” or “How could something
like that be true?” or “I don’t understand… religion and
everything else teaches us otherwise”, we respond that human
beings were “programmed” even since they were born, by modern
society, by television, by school, by parents and teachers, to believe
that most things that they could possibly want are impossible. In other words, they are
driven to firmly believe that they are deeply limited and have no possibility of
ever being truly free. Many people, unfortunately
even among those who are part of our yoga school, are still
subjected to this terrible ignorance, which in the first place
suppresses their common sense and superior judgment. It seems impossible to them
that the myths of humanity are proved to be, in fact, real;
it seems impossible that time is not linear, but has
countless possibilities or “timelines” of manifestation, whose
source is precisely the free will of the human being. It seems impossible that other
alternative universes can exist in Creation. Time travel, telepathy,
the existence of UFOs, of beings from other worlds,
all seem impossible to them. These people are simply
locked in an inferior reality and they do not even realize it. It’s natural that in the superior
dimensions of Creation, physical laws differ very much from
those that exist in our world. How could our body, which is based
on an organic structure of carbon, exist in the high dimensions of
the astral or even causal plane? In those places, there is no
oxygen, no food, and movement is done through a simple
manifestation of thought. Everything in manifestation is
organized by its frequency of vibration and the phenomenon of resonance
plays a fundamental role. Those who still refuse the truth,
and prefer to remain limited to the physical dimension, will have
to spend a long time in this plane suffering and experiencing
its shortcomings, until they become gradually conscious of
the reality of superior dimensions and beings. Are we really destined to
remain immersed in ignorance? Certainly not. The human structure contains
everything that is necessary to be freed from the inherent
limitations of duality. Its resonators, materialized in
the seven main chakras, provide access to any dimension of the
gigantic creation of God the Father. Of these resonators, which have an
equivalent in the physical plane, one in particular has been
obscured and ignored up until now by censorship imposed by modern
society, among other things; it is the pineal gland or epiphysis,
which in the yoga spiritual tradition is correlated with the activity of
the lotus with a thousand petals or Sahasrara. It is an endocrine gland of a small
size, the shape of a pine cone, which exists somewhere in the
middle of the brain, between the two hemispheres. Its activity opens our being to an
endless palette of frequencies of vibration in manifestation, putting
us in resonance with the most elevated worlds of the Manifestation. It offers us the sense of
self-knowledge, of unity in Creation. It puts us in connection with
the energy of endless, divine bliss. Once it has been activated correctly
through meditation and other yoga methods, the pineal gland
makes it possible for the human being to journey to other
dimensions of Creation and also makes time travel possible. Scientific research confirms that
there are certain periods during the night, especially between the
hours of 1 am and 4 am, in which the pineal gland releases certain
hormones into the brain, which create in the consciousness of the
human being a feeling of unity with a superior source. The activation of the pineal gland
firstly leads to freedom from the mirage of the “reality”
of the physical dimension, or of other dimensions in duality. But how is it possible for
humanity to be so “asleep” and manipulated, if it has
extraordinary possibilities of manifestation and expansion? From the viewpoint of
the global Masonic “elite”, such a thing must not occur. If people were truly free in thought
and action, it would have meant failure for all the plans of
control and subjugation of humanity, which were conceived by the
masonry a long time ago. One of the quickest solutions
for this was the blocking of the activation of the pineal gland. If its functioning had been harmonious,
it would have allowed people to greatly develop their
extra-sensory perceptions and communion with other superior beings; the
domination and control exerted by “elite” masonry on humanity
would then become impossible. Thus, various seemingly innocent
“methods” were introduced, in order to inhibit as much as possible
the activation of this gland in humans. One of them is based on the fact
that the pineal gland is the organ which absorbs the largest
quantities of fluorine and fluorides, even more so than bones. For example, the pineal gland is
like a magnet for sodium fluoride. The effect is that the pineal
gland calcifies in this way and it is no longer effective in
balancing the hormonal processes in all the other glands
which it controls. We thus explain why sodium
fluoride is so present in food, in toothpaste, in drinking
water and other products which we use daily. In fact, this substance has been
introduced into drinking water since the time of the Second World
War by the Russians and Nazis, in order to make the prisoners
in the concentration camps docile. Activation of the pineal gland is
important because it greatly helps us to perceive what
others usually do not feel. For instance, the majority of
beneficial extraterrestrial beings belong to dimensions superior to
the physical dimension in which we find ourselves. To interact with humanity, they have
to lower their vibration frequency, “condensing” themselves and
thus becoming “visible”. This is valid both for their
bodies, as well as for the ships or UFOs which they pilot. It is known, however, that there
are some areas where UFOs are observed more often than in other
areas and in which they often use to land. Scientists have discovered
that UFOs seem to have an “appetite” for energetic
nodes on our planet, which, in particular, are electromagnetic
in nature and occur at intersections of the lines of force of
the Earth’s magnetic field, which has a grid structure. Paradoxically, in many of these
electromagnetic grid nodes, the field does not necessarily
increase in intensity, but on the contrary, it
has a tendency to decrease, sometimes down to a
value very close to zero. What is occurring in
those places on Earth? From the physical point of
view and at first sight, apparently nothing unusual. However, these are very
“privileged” areas for achieving inter-dimensional contact with
beings or entities from other planes of Creation. In specialized literature
they are called portals. A portal is, in a way, exactly what
its name says: a gateway, a place where someone can enter and
then arrive in some other place. From an esoteric point of view,
the portal allows passage between two worlds and it is therefore
a spatial distortion and, in some rare cases, a time distortion. From the physical viewpoint, most
of the time they are invisible but they can be identified
by the specific effects they generate in the area
where they are located. However, we should not create
a confusion between a portal and what is called a Stargate. A portal always creates a
connection between two points: that of departure and the point of
arrival, which are clearly established. We cannot arrive in multiple
destinations through the same portal, but only to a particular destination
it resonates with. A Stargate however is
something much more grandiose. It can exist at the surface or
inside of planets, as well as in cosmic space, especially around
stars, which due their colossal size and mass create very large
anomalies or space-time distortions. In the case of Stargates,
the polarization of the electromagnetic fields is virtually
zero and the scalar energy pulses become dominant. They open in this way a
partial zero point field, in all electromagnetic systems
which are located in the path generated by the Stargate. The action of this field is what
is known as a wormhole, allowing energy to
flow easier than before. The spatial and temporal
limitations that existed until then are removed in the case of Stargates
and even in the case of a portal, although on a smaller scale. An essential difference between
a Stargate and a portal is that, while through a Stargate we can arrive
in multiple destinations in time and space, by means of a portal
we are able to reach only a single destination, the one
with which the portal resonates. Additionally, portals are
usually limited to the area of the planet where they exist,
while Stargates may make connections to very distant areas of the Universe. Advanced extraterrestrial cultures
regularly use Stargates as a mode of travel in the Macrocosm, thus
forming various connections between the dimensions of Creation. In this life I had the opportunity
to physically experience two important energetic portals. The first experience took place
18 years ago in an area located between Bac�u and Piatra Neam�,
and I was projected for about half an hour into another space
and another dimension, which belonged to the etheric plane. The experience I had with the second
portal is more special, because it was connected to a far superior
dimension and also involves a certain alien civilization. This portal facilitates a
connection to the realm of Shambala. In fact, it is about the portal
which was mentioned in one of the conferences held in the
International Spiritual Camp of our Yoga school,
in Herculane, in 2012. It all started because of the
extraordinary experiences of a woman, which involved ships and
extraterrestrial beings. Due to her purity and unshakeable
faith, many years ago she was led telepathically to a specific
region in the distant country where she lives, being inspired
to buy a certain piece of land. Exactly on the land is the
energetic portal of communion with a particular race of
beneficial extraterrestrial beings and with the realm of Shambala. Then, it was transmitted to
her that at a specified moment in the future she will
recognize a certain person as the genuine spiritual guide who
will know how to best use the land. Not at all by chance, this occurred
this year [in 2011], correlated with an extraordinary series of
events that were triggered globally and which will amplify in the months
that remain to the end of the year. This lady got in touch with a
branch of our school in that country and talked to the
instructor there, recounting the experiences she had at the portal. After buying the land many years
ago, she and her husband built a beautiful house on the land,
quite close to the portal, which was donated, with that
piece of land, to our Yoga school. Some time ago I had the
opportunity to visit this place and to experience its authenticity as
an inter-dimensional energetic portal. Many people believe that the
dimensional portal means passing through it physically with the body
and teleporting it to another region, to another location. This is sometimes true, even
though the phenomenon is relatively unstable. For example, in the Bermuda Triangle
or in some areas of dimensional splitting in the Grand Canyon
in Colorado, USA, generated by accentuated magnetic
anomalies of the planet. However, this effect is not
constant, but it appears sporadically. For now, our Portal does not
involve passing the body through it and projecting the body into a
different location or dimension. This is a characteristic
of Stargates especially. I can confirm however that the
place, whose energetic effects are felt over an area of approximately
2500-3000 square meters, is an intense source of beneficial
energy that acts very quickly on the being’s subtle structure, after
we enter a state of meditation. The path to the portal, starting
from the house, first passes through the margin of a forest and
then narrows, passing for a few meters under the foliage
of rich and wild vegetation. Thus one arrives at the outer
edge of the energetic portal. The centre (focal point) of the portal
is a circular place, with a diameter of approximately 30 meters,
in which grass is growing. Due to the dry weather, the
vegetation on its surface is mostly dry but has a peculiarity that is
missing on the adjoining land: here grass is flattened
and “wrapped” in a spiral form in certain small, circular
areas, having a diameter of no more than half a meter. At first, I thought it was a certain
pattern of these spiral areas, like in the case of mysterious
circles of extraterrestrial origins appearing in crops, but soon I
realized that the theory was not valid. It was not a crop circle,
although there were elements related to this, such as bending
the grass in a spiral shape. However, we could not identify
a clearly defined pattern on the surface of the place. I suspected that it might just be
trampled grass, but trying to create this effect by trampling the
vegetation myself, I realized that it could not be done so that
the resulting areas of grass would be twisted into a spiral. In addition, there was no trace
specific to such a “treatment” applied to the grass; thick and
dry blades of grass were complete and there was no trace of touch,
only that they were flattened on the ground
in a Yang rotation. It is known, however, that this is a
distinctive sign of magnetic anomalies that exist in the places
that are considered to be “vortices”. I then spent time talking with
people who have been involved in the “history of the portal” and I
gathered their important testimonies, which will be presented further on. However, due to certain elements
of an administrative nature that still need to be resolved, and
to prevent the manifestation of negative and opposing forces,
we reserve the right not to offer the names of these
people and not even the name of this portal’s location. After I gained a general idea of the
surroundings and of the particularities of the portal, I decided to experience
for myself the energetic value of the place. Taking advantage of a nice and quiet
day, I sat in a meditation posture and, closing the eyes, I interiorized. Only personal experience can
confirm what happened then. The resorbtion was very fast. In less than half a minute I was
“extracted” into a kind of space in which a perfect silence reigned. Sight was combined with feeling
and what I immediately perceived was that I had been
“isolated” from the environment in a kind of cylinder or tube, whose
top end I could not distinguish. The walls were translucent,
very fine and white in color. The space created by this cylinder
around me was quite generous; I approximated its
diameter as 3.5-4 meters. It was interesting that
with this resorbtion, the awareness of the physical
plane did not disappear completely. I could vaguely perceive what
was around me, I could see through the walls of the luminous cylinder
around me, although in a somewhat blurred way. Then I felt “the presence”. Initially, only as a
clear inner perception; then I saw the silhouettes. They were obviously beings
from another world, which were extraterrestrial: tall, with slim
bodies, without prominent forms, with large, almond-eyes,
and with dark-colored pupils. I noticed three such beings outside
of the cylinder, looking at me. At the same time, I also felt
that in that space there were more such beings. I could perceive even a
certain “movement” in that area, a kind of travelling. I did not ask any questions. I was not asked anything. For a certain period of time
everything appeared to be a kind of mutual “study”. Then suddenly there appeared
in my mind a “bulk” knowledge about the portal and its significance;
I knew that it was transmitted to me by these extraterrestrial beings. A synthetic knowledge, clear, simple, and yet difficult to express
by words in our world. One of ideas was that the
energy of the place will increase in the near future, it will have
nuances and, at a given time, it will even allow inter-dimensional
travel with the body. The bodies of those who will achieve
this will have other consistency, much more refined than
that of physical matter. Then another “package” of
information arrived, by which I was informed that I will be
contacted again very soon, but in a different way, which will
develop into a very important project. This happened just a few
days after I returned home. However, I am not allowed to
talk here about the causal chain of those events, and not even
what the project in question is. It will be evident later, when the
time is suitable for revealing it. Then, the extraterrestrial
figures disappeared, and the cylinder of white light
began to dissipate gradually. With that I felt how
the awareness also returned to the firm perception
of the physical plane. I realized that, for a time, I
remained suspended between two planes or dimensions and that this
experience was without a doubt facilitated by the energetic
impact of the portal. Obviously, the area of the portal
had attracted the attention of extraterrestrial civilizations,
so that it was often visited by numerous UFOs. In one of the cases, an alien vessel
even landed in the center of the portal that I mentioned,
called the “sanctuary” by the woman who was the
guiding thread for these events. Although the UFO was not seen
at the time, the woman’s husband described to us what he observed
the following day on the land. I want to give some insights
on my conversation with him, for a better understanding
of the subject. What was your understanding
about UFOs and extraterrestrials before meeting your future wife? At the age of 13, when
I was in high school, I started to read about
UFOs and to document connections with some
archaeological mysteries. I already knew about
UFOs for several years, I had started to read about
them since high school. I was never surprised by the
existence of extraterrestrials. It seemed to me a normal
thing for them to exist. I had no problem in this regard. That is why, long before I
knew my wife, I can say that I was already initiated
in the subject of UFOs. What was your first
experience with this portal? I met a friend who wanted
to buy a plot of land here in this area. I came along with her to
see it, because she said it was a beautiful place. So in this way I arrived for the
first time in this very special area, from an energetic point of
view, and I saw the land. We liked it and then we
bought it, in particular due to the insistence of my wife,
who was enchanted by this place. The UFO phenomena that I
have seen here occurred especially during the night, when UFOs often appear in the sky; there are many lights
that appear in the sky… Please describe for us
exactly, if you remember, markings and other signs that you
noticed on the ground after the UFO had landed. One day, many years ago,
when I went to that land I saw some markings on the ground. They looked pretty much like this. So they were not very deep. However, the grass was burnt. I do not remember if
the vegetation was burnt nearby the signs or more
in the middle of them. I saw all this in daytime. Have you perceived any other unusual
things in this area over the years? Have you noticed UFOs in
flight or on the ground? The only manifestations I have seen, other than the traces left
on the ground by landing UFOs, are lights in the sky, which can be seen very
clearly on many nights and which are not aircraft. No doubt they are UFOs in flight. What made you believe in the
unusual properties of this place? I often feel in my being
when things are true. If I do not actually see a UFO, but I feel however that they are there, I accept this inner response
and I have no doubt about it. The palette of the energetic
frequencies of this portal seems to be complex, modulating
according to the structure of the person who interacts with it. In a great part, portals
operate by focusing only in a specific direction;
here, however, it seems that we discover a wide range
of resonant effects. Perhaps that’s why
this portal is considered so important. One of our yoga students
had the opportunity to experience the beautiful effects of the
influences of this energetic portal. In his case, they were reflected in
particular in a superior understanding, in a clarification
of inner perceptions, in expanding his world view. How did you find out about this
portal and about the specific energy in this place? A few months ago, a good friend
of mine invited me here. On that occasion I got in touch
with the energy of the portal. This was how I got into contact
with the subtle energy from this place, to understand
what this portal actually is. However, before arriving here,
I had two significant dreams, in connection with the
events that followed. Shortly after that I was
invited to this place. You did many meditations, right
inside the perimeter of the portal. Please describe the nature
of the sensations that you perceived in those moments. The nature of the experiences and
transformations that I experienced inside the perimeter of the portal, what I felt mostly, was an ascent of the energy
from Muladhara to Sahasrara which occurred in a very
clear and special way. I had the sensation that I dissolve,
I reabsorb myself into a sort of space that was different
from physical space. This state of dissolution that I felt was much more elevated than
any other spiritual experience I had had until then. Every time I enter the
perimeter of the portal and start to meditate, I have the clear feeling that
everything that has to occur is already well-defined
in a much higher plane than the physical one. When I arrive in that space I
feel that the energy around me is clearly perceptible and that it
forms a huge sphere around the portal. I perceive that the structure
of events is already there, and this appears to me
with a great clarity. We are all looking for something
in life, in whatever field interests us. Yet here, in this very special subtle
space, what you immediately perceive is that you no longer have to seek, because whatever it is that you
are searching for, is already there. If you have the capacity to perceive
the extraordinary subtlety of the space, then certainly
you will feel this unmistakable characteristic of it. I feel this portal will be very
useful for those who will wish to come to this place
to directly experience the influence of its
very special energy. I feel all of this beyond any doubt. You let us understand that the
energy specific to this place caused profound
transformations in your being. What are the extraordinary
effects that you felt while remaining longer
in the area of the portal? The effects I felt
around this portal… In the beginning, after the
first revelation, I perceived a profound state of innocence. A very profound state of innocence, which made me aware of the purity
of the divine essence in my being. Of course, this essence is not only
mine, it is the Self of everyone, but this was the way in
which I could connect to it… with the simplicity and
naivety of a child… Because of this I feel myself
more and more like a child. As a result, I see
myself as a reflection, as a contemplation of
this state every day… I have noticed that, as time
passes by, this innocence, this purity becomes
more and more clear. Another effect is the perception
of the feeling of dissolution and at the same time of “presence”. I dissolve into everything that
surrounds me and I feel a state of profound contemplation
of this space. A profound contemplation of the
people whom I love very much… Sometimes, I manifest even a
certain naivety in connection with all things… Which, however, is
aware of its own essence. But, of course, all these are part
of an evolutionary process. It does not represent
something permanent. Another effect which I felt is
a better understanding of meditation and prayer. Also, the intuition of the divine
spark in me has become much more profound
than it was previously. Even in more difficult moments
I had, from the perspective of my vital, mental or psychic state,
I experienced the strong inner feeling that I am identified with the
male universal archetype: Shiva. The easiest way I could express
this state is that I feel that I am truly an authentic relay
of the manifestation of Shiva. This is why I can tell you with
great faith that the energy specific to this portal brings you
very close to yourself, to your universal presence. I also spoke with my
yoga teacher about this. I told him: it is like a state of
agony and at the same time of ecstasy. The inferior “I” dies, the Self glows. I almost couldn’t believe that
it is possible to feel this way when I am in this place. More than that, I have noticed that
the centre of the portal gives a better understanding of the
phenomenal reality and even a certain control of the raising of Kundalini. This was one of the most obvious
and most practical effects that appeared following
my presence inside this portal. In your opinion, what is the
dominant energy of this place? What specific energetic frequency
of the being is activated inside the portal? The specific energy of this place… I feel that it varies very much. Often, in the experiences
that I had, I perceived a profound activation at
the level of Anahata and Sahasrara. But also a profound “touching”
at the level of Vishuddha. These are, in the main, the experiences
of a subtle nature that I had in connection with this portal. It is as if everything inside
yourself and around you becomes pure, it is like this portal charges
you with a state of purity which you can then bring into
your life, in everything that surrounds you. This is the nature of the energy
I feel inside the portal. It relates mainly to
Anahata and Sahasrara. What do you think this portal
actually is, and what is its purpose? From the subtle experiences I have
had in the past few days, I can say that when an important
decision for our school was taken I clearly felt a particular
type of energy that filled me with a huge compassion. It spontaneously flooded my being,
but obviously it was generated by a certain resonance that I created
with the specific energy of the portal. I might even say that it was
like a super-human influence, or even like a lovely and profoundly
beneficial influence of another civilization
on this decision. I strongly feel that this portal
is a gateway to other realms, to other civilizations, that it
is a focal point and a celestial connection for a superior
knowledge that will arrive soon. But how can we go deeper into
the secrets of this portal and of the beings
that are related to it? In this respect, the one who
can offer us valuable information is the woman through whom
the Divine Will manifested, in connection with this portal. She was the relay of manifestation
of the entire plan meticulously woven over the years. Her amazing testimonies are
convincing through the evocative force, faith and devotion which she
manifested in order to fulfill the mission that has
been entrusted to her. In what year did you
first experience UFOs? Please describe to us the
circumstances in which this took place. 30 years ago, while I was
taking a trip with the car with my ex-husband and my son, Marco. Then I saw a UFO and that was
my first experience of this kind. What actually happened then?
What did you see? At what time of the day
did the event take place? It was night and we
were going for dinner. I saw for the first time a UFO,
which seemed to follow our car. As my husband was a ship commander,
he had the inspiration to calculate the co-ordinates of the ship with
a compass and with another tool he had with him. Then we stopped and we
entered the restaurant. After we finished dinner,
we returned to the car, we checked again the
co-ordinates, because the UFO seemed to remain
stationary in the same position, at a height, somehow above our car. We left and the ship
began to follow us again. When we arrived at a specific point
where we had to cross the river, we saw a huge shadow, reflecting on the surface of the
water, which was moving downstream. Then it disappeared and
we continued our journey. We did not see the UFO after that, but I was sure that
I had had a contact. What size was the extraterrestrial
ship? What shape, what color? In addition to these luminous
signs, were there any other lights or sounds?
At what height was it flying? The huge shadow which was
reflected in the river almost covered the entire river bed
from one shore to the other. It was something circular, but
I could not see this very clearly. I estimate the diameter of
the UFO to be about 100 meters, because in that area
the river is very wide. After a winding of the river
over a hill, we turned the car and returned
to the original road. In that moment I saw it in front
of our car, at a certain distance and height. It was vast and dark, without lights; outside it was almost night already. Probably the ship did not want to
attract the attention of someone else. The UFO continued to
follow us and after a while Marco’s father, very nervously said: “What do they want? If they want to speak
with us, then let’s talk.” Using the headlights of the
car, he asked in Morse code, which he knew, being a sailor, directing the headlights of
the car towards the UFO: “Do you want to contact us?” and then, to our surprise, they
immediately answered with lights, also in Morse code: “Yes, we do”. My husband responded
with the headlights: “Then come to talk. Land”. And they seemed to be waiting for
this, because immediately the ship started to descend,
coming toward our car. I began to cry, because Marco’s
father had suddenly begun to behave very strangely, giving the
impression that he had lost his mind. He started to threaten to kill
me if the extraterrestrials kidnap our child. Then I started to pray with
all my heart, I prayed a lot to Jesus: “Protect me, defend me, and if all of these things are
good, Heavenly Father, then so be it, but not now, because
I am not ready for it.” At that time they were descending
slowly, coming toward the car and all at once, as soon as I
said that prayer, they stopped. Remaining still, in the air at
a low altitude, balancing the ship vertically, up and down,
but they did not come closer. After a while the ship
ascended into the sky. Then it began to
glow very brightly and it looked like a large moving star. Its lights were white
and golden yellow. It seemed to have a
set of projectors below, which emitted these lights. As for sound, I did not hear
any noise coming from the ship. Unfortunately, I did not have
the slightest idea of how high the ship was above the ground, but
I know it was at a small distance in front of our car, a bit over
the trees on the side of the road. Did you perceive any
beings in the ship? If the answer is yes,
what did they look like? I would like you to give a
detailed description of them. At the first experience I did not
see any extraterrestrial beings. However, more than 3 years after that, beings that were not from our
planet frequently appeared. I was very often followed by a small
UFO, which exited from a bigger ship. With this small UFO there
were always two beings who protected and defended me in
that period, in all situations when it was necessary. I do not know how they managed to
find out when I was in difficulty, but for sure for several
years they protected me and defended me from
a lot of bad things. I do not know their names
because they never told me. One of them wore a sky colored
tunic and the other one wore a pink-purple tunic, very shiny. Their skin was in the color of
peaches, their heads very large, with the rear part very
elongated, pointing upwards. These beings had large, blue eyes. They had no eyebrows
or anything similar. Their nose was very small; very,
very small, almost nonexistent. The mouth was also very small. Their ears seemed to be
practically leveled to the skull, they almost did not look like ears. And their hands were very
long, with very long arms, slim palms and the feet were
the same, very long and slim. Always, when I was in danger,
they appeared and protected me. Yes, sometimes they appeared
even in their physical form, where I was and protected me from
the threat in question, but most times those around me could not see
anybody; but I could see them. Once, while we were in Emanuel’s
store, my husband tried to strike me. He raised his hand to hit me and
then the being with the blue tunic appeared and caught him by the wrist
of the hand he had raised to hit me. He could not understand what
was happening; he was very angry and he did not realize
he could not do anything, because he was practically
held by the hand. Emanuel did not see the
extraterrestrial being, but he saw how my husband’s hand
was blocked in the air and he could not move it. After he calmed down, the
extraterrestrial released his hand, which fell with a force onto the
counter and broke it into pieces. Then he signaled me to go
into the cabinet where I work. He remained at the door, outside,
and the other came with me into the cabinet and remained there until I concluded
all the consultations. My patients did not see the
extraterrestrials, nor did any of the other people who
were there at that time. They were shopping, there was
a shopping centre, and I noticed that those who passed by my cabinet
and were having heated conversations did not enter the shop, but had the tendency
to move away from it. Things carried on like this for
three years, and in all this time I had this wonderful
extraterrestrial protection. Have you received any other message
of an extraterrestrial nature after the passing of those three
years that you talked about? I have not received any
message, but one time one of my friends told me that
he was selling a plot of land exactly where I wanted
to buy a plot of land. I arranged to go and see the land. We went together with some
acquaintances of mine that came to help me to pull out the weeds, so that we could see all
the surface of the plot. When they left to inspect
the land, I sat down on a rock waiting for them. But before they could start to
look for the edges of the plot and measure it, I asked the
owner if the land had water, and he told me that, many years
ago, in this place there was a river which even had a watermill
for the running water, but that the river had dried
up and now even its riverbed could no longer be recognized. Now there is no water on the land. While those people who had come
with me were gone to measure and inspect the plot of land, I talked with my
masters and protectors, asking them to help me,
because I had no water there. About two hours my friends
were working at cutting down the weeds, time in which I prayed. “Father” I asked, “Why?
Why do You want me to buy this land?” Then suddenly from under the
stone on which I was sitting began to flow a trickle of water. It wet my feet. I was very happy. “Water! Water! The land has water!” Then the water withdrew,
as if it had never appeared. And I asked myself: “Did I see well? You want to tell me something?” Immediately, the flow of
water appeared again, and then it disappeared completely,
as the first time. Again I asked the same
question and the response came in the same way, the water
disappearing as the first time. When those who were gone to cut
the grass came back, my son Marco, who had been
with them, said to me: “Mother, do not buy this land. Here there is nothing
but rocks and wild weeds. You cannot avoid stepping on them. Only a fool would buy such a land.” Even Emanuel said to me:
“This earth is not good. You will pay a lot of money
to do something with it.” Then I replied, calmly, because I
already had the answer: “Buy it!” I informed the owner of my
decision on the same day, so that by the following week
everything was already arranged. This is how it happened. Initially there were some
complications with the land, because it was in fact an inheritance, but in the end everything went
well and things were arranged as they should be. I understand that at one time
you began to have certain visions with extraterrestrial ships and
beings that were inside them. You yourself were taken
aboard such a UFO. Please provide a detailed
description of this experience. Many years ago I had a vision: I was in a pine forest and I was at one end,
and at the other end there was an enormous platform.
Suddenly I started to hear the sound of hooves of a horse
galloping at high speed. I saw a rider with a silver helmet with
the symbol of the iris flower on it. He also had irises on the armor. He was armed, and in
the helmet was a feather. He dismounted his very
beautiful white horse, tied it to a nearby tree
and entered into a cave. I did not see his face. When he entered the cave he
strained a little for entering. The cave was formed somehow
in the grass, as if it had been “dug” into the vegetation. I heard him talking with someone,
but I could not understand what they were saying, I could not hear very well. In fact I could hear,
but not understand. After a while, the rider came
out from there backwards, and put the helmet on his head. He mounted the horse and
headed off toward the plateau. I decided to follow him
to see where he was going. When I reached the end of the
plateau I saw a thick white cloud. The rider entered into the
cloud and I did the same, following him. Then, suddenly I found myself
in a transparent tube; I did not know of what
material it was made. I was completely absorbed inside it. I could see things
passing alongside the tube, but they did not touch it. I was therefore safe,
I was not afraid. I started then to hear a name,
as I was absorbed upwards in that tube, very fast. The name was: Sanat Kumara,
Sanat Kumara, Sanat Kumara… The words soon became very
fast, powerful and vibrant, and when the ascension stopped,
I found that I was on a spaceship. I was in a room that
gave me the impression of a main control room or flight deck. Almost in the middle were 3-4 steps
that made the rest of the room a kind of podium. On the floor I saw almost
everywhere red carpets. There were things that I did
not know what they were, even on the walls, something
that gave me the impression of very complicated devices… I had seen a spaceship before on
the inside, but it was not like this. In the big room where
I had been transported I saw Sanat Kumara, who I immediately
believed to be Jesus, as the resemblance was striking. He turned towards me and I knelt down,
because that is what I felt to do in that moment. He came to me, blessed me,
made this sign… Then he smiled, stood me up,
took my hands in his and said to me:
“Yes, the time has come.” Immediately after this I
started to descend again. He let go of my hands and I started
to descend the same way. He was a being with light
brown eyes with yellow flecks, like the color of honey;
and his hair was golden brown, this is what he looked like.
He wore a long tunic. Not like the Franciscans’,
as it had no belt or something else,
but it was very sober. This was my contact with Sanat Kumara. We know that you have also had
some experiences with UFOs in other parts of the world. I would like you to tell
us briefly about them. Myself and four friends decided
one time to go to Brazil to Minas Gerais, to the
Trigueirinho spiritual community. We found out what we needed
for the journey and we filled in the application forms to be
accepted in this community and then we waited for the answer. We bought the plane tickets, and everything we
needed for the journey. When we arrived there,
we were split apart. Some of us were sent in an area, others in another area. I remained with my friend. She is the one that helped
me take care of this place. One day we were on the balcony
of the room offered to us and suddenly I saw
four UFOs approaching. I told my friend to
look in that direction. She also saw them.
There were four. From where we were, they
appeared to be this size, of a golden brown color. At one point the UFOs
gathered together, almost as if they were
stuck one to another. I was very happy to see them and I went inside the house
to tell the others about them. I did not go to tell them
that they had come for me, no. I went to inform them
with joy of their arrival. But they responded meanly, I was told that I dream, that I
see things that do not exist. I called them to come and see
for themselves, because the UFOs were right there. I pointed in the direction
where I had seen them. There were four,
switching their positions. They had blue lights, many
shades of blue and bright white. The ships had projectors and
they changed depending on what had to be done. After that� I had a little
altercation with one of the girls in the community and I said to
her, “Look at me, I have white hair. I am not here only to see UFOs. That is not what I am looking for; however, I had the
privilege to see them. I deserve a little respect, because I am old enough
to be your mother.” The girl was disturbed and
went inside to tell the monks what had happened,
and they came to me. They did not care about my
friend, they came directly to me. They communicated by radio
with Trigueirinho, who was the head of the
community, and he said, “Allow her to receive the mantras.
She deserves to be there with you. She can receive
the secret mantras.” After this, for as long
as I remained there, I was treated like a little queen… This portal refers only
to the so called Sanctuary? It does not refer specifically
to area of “The Sanctuary”, but the entire area is a portal. But the main vortex, the great
energy vortex, is located here. What was the chain of significant
synchronicities that made you feel that our Spiritual Guide,
Grieg, and our Yoga school are the answer to the
vision you had 15 years ago? When there are meditations
at the ashram, I attend them. I have participated
in every event, at the Christmas party
where I heard Grieg speaking. And then I saw the plays,
all the symbolic representations and I thought that we are
on the same wavelength, because most of those in your Yoga
school believe in the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial civilizations. I then felt a strong impulse, like
a significant necessity to share this joy with the
instructor from there. So I invited him to dine with us, at my home, so we could
talk about all of these things. He came and it was very
good, because I found out that we had the same views
and concepts about God, extraterrestrial life,
UFOs and other things. With the donation of the land
containing the portal and the house that you built there, to our yoga
school, did you have the feeling that you have fulfilled the mission
you received many years ago? What is your opinion regarding
the future of this place? From my point of view,
I have fulfilled my mission. In a certain way, one can say
that I have passed the torch. However, this place needs a
mature mother, with experience, with wisdom, with her life and love. Everything will go well.
And all things will appear at the right time and right place. In my opinion, the events
to come are predestined and they will occur
precisely like that. In time there were
many people who wanted to do me harm in various ways,
but I am convinced in my heart that the justice of God always wins! Now I have found those
in whom I can trust. I feel satisfied and
my heart is at peace. Where does the energy of
this portal actually lead us? On this subject, the testimony of
another colleague of ours is relevant. Shambala seems to be the destination
of the dimensional translation made by the portal, but additionally
there are other interesting items we will discover
in the next interview… When did you learn about the existence
of this portal for the first time? What transformations were caused
in your life by the contact with the energy of this place? The first time I found out
that this place is a portal was at the end of March or
beginning of April 2012. The significance of the place,
synchronous events that occurred and the way in which things ensued
afterwards clarified my general idea about this portal. During a series of meditations
which I did here I understood with great amazement and also complete
inner conviction what this place actually represents
and what its purpose is. I clearly understood what my subtle
connection with this place is. How did you find out about the
woman who is the owner of land, which includes the portal? I would like you to
present the context. She started to come to our yoga
school and insisted to talk to me, because she wanted, she said,
to talk to me about certain things. At that time it was unclear to
me what she wanted to share. I did not yet know what she
wanted to talk to me about. Then, both she and Emanuel started
to be more nad more interested in the teachings of our school
and its mission in the world. This year they came
during the invocations which we did on the New Year’s Eve and to my great surprise they
managed to stay until the end. From then on, they
started to come more often at various times and events
taking place in our school, and finally they told me
the reason for their visits. You came here, you saw
this place and house. What was your first
impression of them? When I first came here I had a
plan in mind, because we had been looking for a place located in
a more withdrawn and quiet area to keep courses, do retreats, etc. However, until that moment I had
not succeeded to find something suitable for the goal
which we had proposed. When I saw this place
for the first time, I thought it was not what I
wanted and I was looking for. The land was a mess and did
not appear to be well cared for. The house was wonderful, but the
place did not fulfill my requirements. This was my first impression. Obviously, you wanted to feel
the subtle characteristics of the place, because you knew
already that it was a portal. How did you do this? During my first visits to
this place, she brought me to the area of the
portal, to the “Sanctuary”. At first I stayed
somewhat at the edges, just to feel the energy
field which it generates. I then felt very energized;
my clear perception was that everything seemed to be covered
by an immense energetic cupola or dome, that protected
the entire field. I felt with clarity that
the portal is protected, that it is sheltered, as if
it were covered in a way. After this first impression
I went right into its centre and I did a brief meditation there, during which I felt a
powerful state of “ascension” and something very special
in connection with the place. After this I invited her to
stay with me in the centre and we held hands,
doing a brief meditation, to feel together that
special place where we were. At the end of the meditation, she looked me in the eye and said
that she had received a message in which she was told that
the Master has arrived, that the Master which she had
been waiting for a long time had arrived. In that moment I knew immediately that she was referring to our
spiritual guide, Grieg. He was the Master and the spiritual
community which she had been told that would appear
sometime in the future. She just had to wait for this time to give as donation the
land containing the portal, together with the
construction on its surface. After several weeks I
returned to this place to do a longer meditation, that actually lasted 3 days,
but it had a different purpose. However, I had, I could say, the true revelation about the
true meaning of the portal and what its purpose was. I would like you to describe the
most intense subtle experience connected to this place, whose
features are those of a portal. Among the most significant spiritual
experiences I had in connection with the portal, two now come to mind. The first of them took place when I came here for reasons
other than to meditate. Without knowing why, I felt
the need to spend 3 days in a profoundly meditative retreat. Very soon after entering the
state of meditation I felt an extraordinary ascension
of my subtle being and then I made an
amazing spiritual contact with the subtle realm of Shambala. While I was meditating two beings
appeared, who invited me to enter in Shambala. Not with the physical body,
but with the subtle body… I entered Shambala in this subtle way, remaining in contact
with the beings there for 3 days, during which I was
offered extraordinary spiritual states and much information
related to the future, about this place, about its
significance and function. A significant aspect of the experience which I had in the realm of Shambala is that those entities from Shambala, as a general perception, are constantly bathed in divine grace. During the experiences I had
in Shambala it was revealed that the portal has a great importance and that our yoga school
must take care of it. A bit later I returned here
and I had again a profound absorption in
meditation, through which I was again taken in Shambala, to a specific place to
receive a special initiation. This was one of the most
beautiful spiritual experiences I have ever had. You also had physical experiences
related to the place of the portal? We are referring to teleportation,
or if not, other physical sensations that were
triggered by this place. Many people believe that
the portal is a place where you simply go and
disappear, just as you see in science-fiction movies, but from what I have
experienced up until now it is actually a subtle teleportation, and not a physical one. However the message that I received during one of the spiritual
experiences I had here, was that such a portal, which will
facilitate even the teleportation of the physical body,
will exist in the future. You told us about some remarkable
visions that you had after you came into contact with the
energetic reality of the portal. Which of these do you think
is the most important and why? I would say that the most important of the visions that I have
had is that this portal, which in reality is a portal
for contacting Shambala and the Galactic Federation of Light is part of a planetary network
composed of many portals. Many things will be revealed
in connection with this, later on. Now I know and I am convinced that
this place, this energetic portal, is part of the great plan for the
spiritual awakening of the planet… a special mission which, we could
say, was entrusted, among others, also to our yoga school,
a mission that integrates the elevation of
planetary consciousness and the population of this planet. It is a very important aspect
of the planetary transition that is taking place in this
moment of which we are, I believe, all aware. Why do I consider this is important? Because it is about something
that is about to occur or we could say it
is already occurring. As I was shown, this network of portals extended
over the whole surface of the planet greatly contributes to
accelerating the process of elevating the human being. I could say even more than that,
namely that it contributes to raising the vibration
frequency of this planet and also to our planet’s interconnectivity
to the Universe around it. This process will be
part of the transition of the Earth’s global consciousness toward a superior level of vibration
of consciousness, as we all know. Most of the perceptions that
you had in this place refer to the “world” of extraterrestrial
beings about which this woman told you in detail. How would you describe this “world”? Physically speaking, there were
two occasions when I saw some lights which proved to be UFOs. Most often, however, I have
encountered extraterrestrial beings even in Shambala. In fact, among the members of
the Council of Sages in Shambala are also beings that represent some beneficial
extraterrestrial civilizations. I noted that all their
representatives give the impression of entities with a very
high level of consciousness. In fact, these meetings
with them always left me with beautiful inner states. They simply radiate serenity, beauty, love and an extraordinary
intelligence. In connection with the
Galactic Federation of Light, there were fewer contacts
with its representatives, because most of the time
I focused on the contact with the beings
who lived in Shambala. However, when I met them,
I noticed that they had an extraordinarily high
level of consciousness which, of course,
I could not measure in any way. But I want to make it clear that these contacts always make you
resonate with a very elevated state, due to the profoundly spiritualizing
presence of these beings from space, their
extraordinary goodwill, their beauty, calm and their wish
to help and support the process of energetic harmonizing in
this part of the Universe. Compared to them, we
are like spiritual children, who are only at the
beginning of the road. However, they very
much want to help us. Of course, they must especially
observe and take into account the Free Will of our being,
interfering only in accordance with what we ask them. And the more we ask them, the
more and more they can intervene. Because, when a small group
expresses the wish that they come, but the majority do not want this,
their capacity to intervene is reduced because they
respect our free will. A very clear revelation I had was that our school was chosen as connection between them as
beneficial extraterrestrial beings and our planet. We ask you to describe the appearance
of the extraterrestrial beings that you saw in Shambala and
how you communicated with them. The beings which I met
each time in Shambala are very tall, with narrow faces, in particular the lower
part, toward the chin. They are relatively tall, but I have not managed
to see their eyes, because every time they were closed. However, it seemed that
if they were opened, their eyes would
have been quite large. They communicate
especially through states, like a direct transfer of
a state of consciousness. The connection begins from
their state of stillness and absolute silence. No thought. Just like a pure state of being. Those beings sent me simply the
state of the existence of God, of being, of His Will. The directives I received
when I was in contact with the Council of Sages of Shambala
were formed in my mind as words, because this is the way I
understand things easier. These words were not given
to me like some orders, but only as pure statements. I think that this is the best
way to describe the process of communication with them: when
they give a directive, it is like a simple statement. It is never something that
can be interpreted incorrectly or in a certain way. But at the base of all these
experiences there is constantly, like a general state in Shambala,
only the simple feeling presence in this realm. This makes you feel the constant
state of being flooded by divine grace through these beings like some
perfect relays of the manifestation of the Will of God, or some
very elevated celestial entities. The pure existence of the grace
of God is therefore present in every aspect of Shambala. I can say without hesitation
that it immediately triggers an awakening of Kundalini, as well
as a clear awakening of some more elevated states of consciousness, a state of purity, as if the
body simply disappeared. The directives I received are clear and simple and
have an extreme clarity. I also noticed a certain note of
extraordinarily refined authority in the way in which
those beings addressed me. The landowner donated this house,
as well as the land with the portal to our yoga school. How do you see the development
of activities here in the future? She said to me that all
that is here now was sent by the Galactic Federation of Light in very simple and clear terms. That she was shown
this place to build here this house according to
some very clear instructions, which were also expressed
with clarity and simplicity. In connection with the future
development of this place, I have also received very clear
instructions when I was guided in the realm of Shambala. Here certain buildings
will have to be constructed and the place should be prepared
in an appropriate way to make it available in the future for all
those who wish to benefit from its extraordinary
spiritual virtues. It was also explained to me
very clearly the way in which the community around this place must
develop and I have been shown also the way in which special
teachings will be given here, because special teachings will
come from this place in the future. All these directions were given
to me in the smallest details. Almost daily they give me
details about how to build various assemblies of
future constructions. How to construct the
windows and other buildings, what are the dimensions to
which they should be made, what are the directions for
maintaining these dimensions. All these directions were given
to me in the smallest details, and they will be revealed
as the project progresses. What I can say with certainty
is that in the very near future the portal will be useful for those
who are eager to come to this place. From what has been
shown to me until now, I understand and I saw that
this portal will be available to human beings that are prepared to
come and benefit from this place, starting with a not
too distant future. Now there is only the
problem of the construction, because all these facilities
have to be built very quickly. Already there has been great
progress in this direction. Until recently, this energetic field
had been obscured for many years. Now the time has come
for this to be lifted, and thus, in a very short period
of time, this energetic portal will be integrated and explored by
those who are prepared to communicate with hidden dimensions through it
and to discover the elevated state of multi dimensionality. Revelations about this extraordinary
energetic portal will continue, and there will be great
surprises in store for us. With the elevation of our
vibration frequency, such hidden focuses of power
will represent wonderful means of complex communication
and journeys to other worlds, realms or even universes. This documentary was created
in the light of MISA yoga school, Romania Music by INDRA

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