Protect Equity in Education

Protect Equity in Education

Hi, I’m Nicole Dooley with the
NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. Diane: I’m Diane Smith Howard with the National Disability Rights Network. Nicole: And we’re here today to talk about an important problem affecting students with disabilities. So Diane
could you tell me what significant disproportionality is? Diane: Sure it’s a it’s a
complicated term for a very simple problem. It’s been around for a long time.
It represents the situation in which African American kids and kids of color
are provided fewer services, educational services and special ed services or
placed in self-contained classrooms or removed from school through suspension
and expulsion at higher rates than their white peers. Nicole: And how is the federal
government involved in addressing or looking at significant
disproportionality? Diane: Well, back in 2004 when they amended the
federal special ed law they added a requirement that states and school
districts evaluate their data and figure out if this is happening and if it is do
something about it. And by 2013 the problem still hadn’t been addressed. So a
government report showed that the problem is not getting fixed so the
federal government then created regulations to make it easier for states
and school districts to comply with the law. And now we are the federal
government is asking that there be a delay of two years on those regulations
and that the regulations may be gotten rid of altogether. Nicole: How would that affect
children? Diane: Well, for the children who are currently not receiving the services or
being suspended or expelled that problem will be delayed by two years at the very
least and then if we get rid of the regulations the problem will be just
thrown under the rug again altogether. Nicole: What can we do to help? Diane: Well the there is
a comment period we’re asking folks if they can to write a short comment and
the deadline is May 14th and there’ll be a link at the end of this video. All you
have to do is write a sentence or two explaining that you to oppose the delay
in the regulation and also that you think the regulation is important and
we’ll provide some background information at the link and also a
contact for people if you have questions you can contact me and I’d be happy to
explain what this is all about and even if the delay happens it’s really
important that people go on the record and show that they oppose the delay and
and the eventual rescission just so we so it’s on the record that it’s clear.

4 thoughts on “Protect Equity in Education

  1. Thanks for this video. It's important that the US does NOT delay regulation on racial disproportionality.

  2. TAKING MONEY from the disabled to correct proportionality is wrong. Take the money from somewhere else.

  3. I oppose the delay as would anyone working in this population. The regulation is very important. Eddie Tuduri, CEO, The Rhythmic Arts Project @

  4. Great work, thanx; also, please: Unreal Times Trois

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