Rabies Educational Video

Rabies Educational Video

English Captions by Zero Mella MD Get me out of here! [Screams, indistinct] [Gasps] Hay [Screams] You animals, free me! [Indistinct screaming] Rabies shows no mercy Once symptoms appear the infection cannot be stopped It’s not a joke that one Filipino die each day from
a rabid dog’s bite Many of them, especially in provinces approaches witch doctors and herbologists first who believe in garlic and live stones that are
ineffective against rabies Once they remember to go to the doctors It’s already too late Rabies is caused by a virus found in the saliva of a rabid dog and the pathophysiology is divided in three stages The first stage starts at the same time the virus enters the host through a bite of a rabid dog or probably from licking of exposed wounds The virus are bullet shaped and attacks this way The virus attaches to a healthy nerve cell that absorbs them Once inside, it replicates at the same time, destroying the cell Eventually, the new fleet of virus leaves the host cell At the rate of 3 millimeters per hour, the virus silently multiplies and travels to the brain of the unsuspecting victim In 90% of cases it lasts from 20 to 90 days From the brain The virus travels the spread is unstoppable And the damage it brings to other parts of the body, In the second stage the victim feels a sudden change like burning pain and numbness at the site of the bite even if it has already healed Headache and fever like a flu The victim will manifest depression or irritability Cases caught on camera in San Lazaro Hospital the patients are in the last stages of
the infection when brought to the hospital You can already observe the primary symptom of rabies The extreme fear of water This is the reason why, it was
previously named “hydrophobia” Once they see water their throats hurt even though they are very thirsty They have an extreme fear of wind that crawls on their faces The vitims of rabies need specialized care The patient should be separated to avoid danger brought by violence The room, whether at home or at the hospital should be dark and silent so they won’t feel any danger It would be best to hide water or any liquids [Indistinct dialect] The surfacing of emotions are made worse by the lack of sleep and trivial matters can cause exteme anger fear and violence Still, they have sense when they speak and they can be told and ordered by the doctor even though they already have a sense of impending doom It is better that a family member supports him at this time of need There are times that the patients will force eating due to extreme hunger but they cannot solve the extreme thirst because it is impossible to drink He will find it difficult to breathe
and swallow; he will feel strangled Phlegm forms at the mouth and throat
which he would cough out to clear his breathing Wipe excess phlegm with tissue paper
and carefully dispose of it Carefully dispose excess food of the patient and don’t let other animals eat it Everybody involved in the care of the patient
need proper protection like gloves, goggles, and mask Hand wash frequently The patient should be guarded frequently because he may try to escape He will be divided between anger and calm Lastly, his body will become paralyzed
until he feels numb and eventually die The room of the deceased must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected Remember, the virus spreads via saliva which is why kissing is dangerous; touching is not Those who handle meat of infected animals are also at greater risk especially those who eat half cooked meat or brain of a rabid dog For those bitten by dogs, the proper way
of preventing rabies is early intervention if possible, as early as the bite itself the wound should be cleaned with soap and running water for 5 to 10 minutes in order to get rid of infected saliva Afterwards, place tincture of iodine at the wound and bring the patient to the nearest hospital, health center, o animal bite treatment center The doctor decides on the proper vaccines
and the schedule to which they would be given to fight the infection Depending on the examination, the doctor may give tetanus toxoid meanwhile, the dog should be caught
tied, and observed for 14 days These are the signs of animals infected with rabies sudden change in behavior
like weakness or sudden violence. The dog can also be
noted to be easily irritable A straight stare can also be observed Sometimes they are numb to pain and extremely strong they will bite anything, including their cages
until their gums bleed In the following days, observe
extreme salivation due to paralysis of muscles
of the jaw and throat Lastly, the whole musculature is paralyzed until death A dog manifesting any of the symptoms
must be sacrificed early to biopsy its brain a puppy can easily fit a plastic bag but a bigger dog needs to be beheaded The one chosen to do this procedure
should wear gloves, a raincoat, mask and goggles as protection for blood and
saliva that could contain rabies Wrap the head in a plastic bag
and place it in a stypore chest filled with ice for travel to the proper laboratories Here is a list of laboratories that you can send the head of a suspected animal Rabies have long plagued man There is proof in Mesopotamia, 4000 years ago the owner of a dog will be punished if they bite Even then, it is clear that the best prevention
for this disease is the responsible care of dogs The first step towards
the best prevention towards rabies was done in 1885 when a French doctor named
Louis Pasteur developed a vaccine from weakened and inactivated virus to streghten the immune system of a patient towards the virus In this way, they were able to save a child from rabies,
and he was the very first person saved from it This method was then refined and was applied globally to treat and prevent rabies We vaccinate dogs in the hope of breaking
dog to man transmission Our target is to vaccinate 80% of the dog population We require all dogs to be vaccinated So if there becomes a problem, the owner and the victim will have lesser problems to deal with Now, the estimated cost of dealing with a dog bite is greater than 4000 pesos for a simple bite to 24,000 pesos if the bite is at the face neck or near the head Meanwhile, it takes 50 pesos for a dog to be vaccinated for its safety Usually the baranggay captains calls the community to action the people then bring their dogs to the vaccination site Usually, the vaccination site is near villages We have a municipal ordinance and we have BHWs
to conduct an information and education campaign
about anti-rabies and this is used to teach dog owners about their responsibilites We bring this dog yearly to the center just in case, he bites, I can say that I have safety The first step to proper dog care is to vaccinate your dog Second, give them a clean home and tie them up Treat them, feed them properly with food and water and wash them That is proper care The bureau of animal industry is ready to support community initiatives to eradicate rabies and the key is responsible pet ownership If they will not fulfill the roles of responsible pet owners then it is better that they don’t ever own pets Now, over 60 countries report they are rabies-free These include Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and Australia We can also achieve this through yearly vaccination of our pets and not let our dogs go astray In other words, we should be responsible pet owners Remember that rabies is not inherently from man if we can spread the information about rabies andcare for our pets and surroundings nobody should suffer the consequences brought by this disease.

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  1. Wow. Imagine how many times rabies was misdiagnosed as demon possession. Then when they try to sprinkle them with holy water they flip out even more. I'm glad science and medicine has advanced since then. But unfortunately there are still parts of the world stuck in the Stone Age

  2. tnong ko po pg un asong ulol kinagat ang kapwa aso mauulol din po b un kinagat n aso?kc po bndang 5am knina nag tahulan at nag iyakan un mga aso nmin pg labas ko ng pinto nkita ko po un isang aso kinakagat nya un mga alaga nmin aso binubugaw ko pra huminto at umalis pero ndi natakot tuloy lng s pg kagat s mga alaga nmin tpos un dlwang tuta nmin nkagat kc mdming dugo s mukha mauulol din po b un tuta nmin?at pno po malalaman pg ang aso ay ulol na?

  3. Why do people that are being infected with rabies dont get vaccinated before all this happens? Like you have enough time to vaccinate yourself why dont you do that and wait untill you get fucked up

  4. Not easy to watch this. Rabies is curable at it's early stages, but past a certain point there's no cure. Despite modern medicine, it can't fix you once you reach a certain stage. It's awful. So terrible. I can only imagine the agitation to your nervous system, how it makes you crazy and restless. Compassion should be in order to the doctors around such patients. Understanding… kindness. They're in agony…

  5. Hi po magtatanong lang kase nung saturday (oct13) nilapitan po ako ng aso at kagagatin na nila ako pero naiwasan ko pero ung ngipin ng aso na ano sa balat ko pero umuwi na po ako sa bahay hinugasan ko kaagad wala nman pong sugat at di po nagdugo pero namula lng ng konti possible po ba na mag ka rabies parin ako? Pls answer ASAP…. thanks

  6. Ganyan ang nangyari sa pinsan Ko na nakagat ng aso, una nangangati yung paa niya na nakagat ng aso pagkatapos namaga ito at sumasakit buti nalang naagapan.

  7. There is a fox and raccoon with rabies in Fairhope,Alabama. I’m scared to go outside sooo what do I do? And yes,the fox bit a man,now I feel bad for him…

  8. Why do the doctors allowed them to suffer all this? If there's nothing they can do, the patients should have been put to rest. Those poor souls

  9. Its almost 7 months and i still didnt recieve the rabies even i got bit by my dog
    That hasnt got anti-rabies

  10. i can understand the language because im from that country translate: kaya ko maintindihan and mga salita dahil jaan ako nakatira sa bansang yan

  11. It was chilling to remember that I first watched this way back in 2007, at RITM – research institute of tropical medicine. This gave me some restless nights.

  12. What's worse than having rabies? Having rabies in the Phillipines. How hard would it be to sedate these people, instead of tying them down and letting them die cold turkey?

  13. Nakakalungkot isipin na nakakaawa pala talagang makagat ng aso. Shit this is worse than horror films. Dang it.

  14. Nakagat po ako nung Friday night around 8:30pm. Tapos ngayon lang po ako nagpa vaccine monday morning. Magiging okay po ba ako

  15. All dogs and cats and mouse is kill all theme and no mercy kill all theme animals with rabies virus😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😤😤😤😤

  16. I wonder whats going through their minds during the last few stages if anything,do they have any memories or feelings that they just can't verbalize?

  17. Wag na kase mag alaga kung di naman kayang alagaan! Yung iba wala na ngang makain ang dami pang alaga! Dapat isa or kung may kaya ka naman sa buhay okay lang basta yung mga alaga hindi pagala gala! Lalo na kung di pa nabakunahan! Maging responsable naman yung iba sana! Kawawa yung mga nakakagat at namamatay sa rabies! Pet lover din ako at always ko pinapa check up yung 2 alaga ko at sure na di makakalabas ng bahay! Kaya sana yung iba wag maging pabaya! Tas pag nasisi sila pa galit! Maging responsable lang lahat aalagan ng mabuti ang mga ganyang aso lalo na yung mga gala! Mababawasan kahit kokonte ang poblema ng bansa!

  18. If I'm dying cause my cat infects me because no one in my family vaccinates her (mind you, we got her from a relative), then I don't need no emotional support.

  19. It hurts my heart everytime i see people in pain like this. I want to be a doctor and help people. My heart and service is for poor. Wait for me my country! 😭😭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  20. I wonder if they secured permission to air this video on YouTube. Won’t the relatives find this quite distressing.

  21. So, I've only supported euthanasia for animals, but after seeing this film….I have to say…there are just times when I think I could support it in humans, especially to prevent the torcher of end stages of diseases like rabies….though i know its a slippery slope……at least overdose them on pain killers….my gosh…this looks terrifying.

  22. There are dogs running wild in my university. And the university community, full of educated scholars, don't deem it necessary to cage those animals.

  23. Fucking euthanize them you monsters.

    Without a doubt, this is the scariest disease on earth, for its universal susceptibility and for its near universal post symptomatic fatality rate.

    The Hemorhagic fevers might match its horror, but even they are survivable with intensive care.

    Take no animal bite lightly. The only reason the actual disease is so rare in the west is precisely due to the strict post bite protocol.

    There's always the one or two cases a year where parents didn't realize a bat could spread rabies, or the child never told his parents about the bite. There was also a woman who was bitten by a rabid puppy in India, and returned to the US untreated.

    And if you're feeling particularly morbid, and want to understand that you can get this disease in a situation where you didn't even know you were bitten, here ya go: https://amp.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/48ujhq/whats_the_scariest_real_thing_on_our_earth/d0mz5uq/?context=3

  24. naalala qo nakagat aqo ng april 2019.TUTA rin ng bayaw qo.tapus pinsan at kapitbahay nila yung nagtatandok.kaya tinandok Agad aqo..then bumalik na aqo sa manila.nung kinagabihan pinanood qotong video na ito..di qo akalaing hindi aqo patutulugin sa sobrang nerbyos at kakaisip kung effective nga ba yung tandok.gusto qong mag umaga na hanggang talagang dina aqo nakatulog.
    at kinabukasan nagpunta agad aqo sa municipyo at sa awa ng diyos binigyan aqo ng unang libre bakuna.binigyan din aqo ng referral sa isang animal bite center para dun qo na maituloy ang pagpapaturok..mga 3 times din may bayad na 600+..ganun pa man kahit sino naman cguro di na pang hihinayangan yung 1800 na yun..kumpara sa kaligtasan..at ngayun kahit paano ay napanatag na aqo..yun namang tutang nakakagat sakin ei malaki na at masigla pa rin naman nung pumasyal ulit aqo..thnks lord at di niya aqo pinabayaan

  25. I watch that when I was 7 yrsold I really cried because it was scary im only a child back in there it was on school

  26. The Philippines looks like hell. Still hordes of rabid animals roaming and extremely sub par treatment. No wonder they have so many mail order brides … Id marry some old rich guy to get out of that hell hole.
    This is scary and sad.

  27. I wish i could do something more than just like, because I don't like it, but a dislike should not count as something negative in regards to bringing awareness to something so terrible. please accept my like, but not in the case that i like what youve shown me. i am aware.

  28. Why not put them out of their misery….you would give a dog relief from the pain yet you let people suffer….if you already know they will die put them down….have mercy on them

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